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Weird and Dead Stuff
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Contents:  Dinosaur embryo, 2 Carat cup, Mini Dominos, Penis gourds, Frog Nesting doll, Amethyst stalactite, Ammonite jewelry, scorpion,  Jade Pillowcases, Shark in a bottle, Giant shark tooth, Mystery ivory, snake bite boxes, shark skin, fossil turtle poop, Fossil hamburger,  fossil tree branches & a mystery rock, and more!

MVC-126S.jpg (37927 bytes)

(Above) Looks like the average "Levirite" rock (leave 'er right there), doesn't it?  WRONG!  You'll have to go to the "Fossils" pages to find the REST OF THE STORY!  Enjoy the treasure hunt!



mvc-585s.jpg (55997 bytes)

#W-200.  Dinosaur embryo in jar (71/2") (Latex, folks...fooled ya!)  Check out the alien embryo on the Aliens Page 3!  Wow!

$59  SOLD





Humorous white ceramic coffee cup/mug
Put your ring finger through the handle and it looks like a gold ring with diamond
Comes with original box and enclosed pamphlet




Miniature set of dominos
Carved in bone with decorative details; "MEXICO" on lid
Lid slides off, 3 rows of 7 less 1
Measures 2-1/8" long x 3/4" wide x 3/4" tall




MVC-847S.jpg (37779 bytes)

Yes, indeed.  This is "clothing" for the Papua New Guinea men from the Mumeri and Dani tribes, called "phallocrypts". 

 These hand-decorated gourds are  worn over these "sensitive" areas for everyday use, some for ceremonial dress.   

We like to say, "for the man that has everything, here's something to put it in!"

w-206-e.jpg (64008 bytes) #W-206-E

Small beaded Mumeri tribal penis gourd is 4-1/2" long x 1-1/2" wide (7/8" wide opening)

$60.00  SOLD
w-206-f.jpg (66109 bytes) #W-206-F

Small beaded Mumeri tribe penis gourd is 4" long x 1-1/2" wide (5/8" wide opening)

w-206-g.jpg (66376 bytes) #W-206-G

Rare Dani tribe penis gourd with woven top and string waistband; gourd is 11" long x 1-3/8" wide (1-1/8" wide opening)

$85.00  SOLD
Photos of how they're worn.  NO comment.

pgourd1.jpg (270047 bytes)  pgourd2.jpg (345877 bytes)  pgourd3.jpg (348569 bytes)





Any clue what this slice of ivory is from? ...

narwhalslice1.jpg (37676 bytes)

Walrus?  Nope.  Mammoth?  No again.  Give up?  See the bottom of the page.



mvc-575s.jpg (55416 bytes)

This is a scorpion done in a copper wire wrapping style.  1 1/4" long and high.  I assure you, he's SAFE!

DISPLAY ONLY, our last one has sold.



n15.jpg (37403 bytes)

#W-NEST-15  My favorite - called the Rain Forest Food Chain Nesting Doll set.  The frog eats the chick eats the beetle eats the bug eats the caterpillar.  Set of 5 that fit within another.  Sizes from 2 1/2" down to 3/8".  They all fit inside the frog.  A wonderful gift for young or old! 



MVC-749S.jpg (37165 bytes)  MVC-778S.jpg (38941 bytes)

LOOK at the color change!!  Three guesses what this is - opal? Nope.  Snake skin?  Nope.  It's a bit of fossilized shell from the Chambered Nautilus SHELL (fossil form called Ammonite) that is 65 million years old.  This color is found in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada in an open mine where titanium was naturally absorbed by the shell fossils to create this iridescence.  This color of fossil is called "Ammolite".  Our Las Vegas wire wrapper did a lovely job, as usual, making this into a pendant.   Find more on the "Pendants" page 4.



mvc-218s.jpg (65118 bytes)

#W-210.  This is a real Amethyst Stalactite section, from Brazil.  About a year ago, miners came across these formations - not cathedral amethyst with the gemstones inside, but actual stalactites with the crystals on the OUTside.  They are amazing!  Also see the stalactite slices made into jewelry, or sold unmounted in the "Pendants" and "Rocks & Minerals" pages.  Cool, isn't it?  



Jade Pillowcase
mvc-862s.jpg (65942 bytes) MVC-863S.jpg (37355 bytes) MVC-865S.jpg (37369 bytes) mvc-888s.jpg (70031 bytes) mvc-507s.jpg (52392 bytes) mvc-508s.jpg (52191 bytes) mvc-509s.jpg (66657 bytes) mvc-510s.jpg (59274 bytes)

#W-213.  What the heck is this? you may rightly say!  It's a BEADED JADE PILLOWCASE!  That's right!  Believe it or not, lying on a soft pillow with this pillowcase, the cool gemstone beads are very therapeutic.  You don't feel the beads at all, just as you don't feel the wooden beaded seat covers in your car!  

The Chinese were WAY ahead of us on this one, folks!  Closeup of beads in second picture, hand made box in the third.  These come as a SET of TWO!  

$299.00 SOLD



No sharks are purposely killed to create this collectible item, please read below.

s875.jpg (136486 bytes) #W-214.  REAL Dog Shark in a bottle!  Jar is 8" tall.  (Squalus acanthia, spiny dogshark/dogfish) NO LONGER SELLING THIS ITEM - SOLD
Bull shark-bottle.jpg (54512 bytes) #W-214-A  Large BULL SHARK EMBRYO BABY in a BOTTLE (jar is 13" tall x 4 1/4" wide).  DISPLAY ONLY, this is ours  CONSIDER SOLD
Hammerhead-bottle.jpg (55027 bytes) #W-214-B    Large HAMMERHEAD SHARK EMBRYO BABY in a BOTTLE (same size as the bull shark) DISPLAY ONLY, this is ours, CONSIDER SOLD
PLEASE NOTE:  It is our opinion that the bull shark and hammerhead shark catches were flukes (i.e. a one-time catch of a mother shark that expelled its embryos).  There are only a certain few, in private collections.  We have only come across two bull shark and two hammerhead sharks, and kept one of each and sold the other two.  We do not have any others for sale.



The SNAKE BITE BOX!  (also known as the "Snake in box").  You have a mean streak, this one's for you - hand it to a friend, they innocently slide the top open and voila!  The snake pops up and "bites" their finger with his wooden tongue!  Endless fun...I hate to admit it, but teachers have bought it to torture their poor students.  The mischievous look of glee on a child's face when they open it ONCE is enough for a lifetime - their first thought is who to fool next! 

w230-2.jpg (161272 bytes)



3" long x 2" tall x 5/8" deep

(7 available)


Check out our newset SNAKE BITE BOX



mvc-811s.jpg (61985 bytes)  

Here's the biggest Carcharodon megalodon (prehistoric great white) shark tooth we have - a whopping six and seven/eighth's inches long!  The record is 7 inches, latest count  (not for sale - sorry folks! but lots of large ones on the Shark pages 2 the biggest are at the bottom of that page.


Sharkskin photo.jpg (40049 bytes)

#S-899  WHAT IS THIS?  A skin with a hole in the middle - what kind of critter would this be?   Actually, if you fold this in half at the hole, you will see this is an entire shark skin.  The hole is where the jaw went.  This is a rare acquisition of a complete SHARK SKIN including the denticles (this is what makes the shark skin feel rough, these have not been buffed off).  Pieces of shark skin such as this were often used before sandpaper was made.  These come from the legal shark fishing industry, and are usually made into wallets, etc.  The meat is sold to restaurants and all other parts of the shark are used.  We are offering 4" x 4" squares from this skin as a collector's item.    SOLD

Link to other specimens at:  Sharks page 8



mvc-146s.jpg (64395 bytes)

Gee, how appropriate - we debuted our "Rat Mummy" at the same time as the new "Ben" sequel movie...scared yet?  What big teeth you have...the better to...YUM!  If you haven't figured it out yet, we're ALL ABOUT FUN and LEARNING while you're having fun without even knowing it.  If you don't have a sense of HUMOR and CURIOSITY, better not step through our door any further




MVC-145S.jpg (38756 bytes)

This is our WEIRD MUSEUM (only a small part of it, of course, there's LOTS more in the store) but this is the display that won the blue ribbon at a recent Shell Show for "Most Unusual Display", hands down.  Folks have to tour the store to find out what's real and what's not...have YOU toured the website enough to decide?


mvc-001s.jpg (62534 bytes)

Something you DON'T want to see in your rear view mirror!


YOU CAN SEE the sound barrier being BROKEN

MVC-002S.jpg (39059 bytes)

This is a real photo of what it looks like when the sound barrier is being broken!  July 7, 1999, on the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Japan, Ensign John Gay could see the fighter plane heading for the aircraft carrier Constellation.  At 1,000 feet, the pilot drops the F/A-18C Hornet to increase his speed to 750 mph, vapor flickering off the curved surfaces of the plane.  In the precise moment a cloud in the shape of an egg forms around the Hornet 200 yards from the carrier, Gay hears an explosion and snaps the camera shutter once.  At sea level, a plane must exceed 741 mph to break the sound barrier.  The pressure change condenses the water in the air as the jet passes these sound waves, creating this vapor oval to the point of the explosion.  Cool or what? (MORE on the Zany page!!)


MVC-134S.jpg (37444 bytes)  

We call this our "FOSSIL HAMBURGER".  Can you guess what it is?  You'll have to look in the Fossils Page 4 to find the rest of the story!!


mvc-143s.jpg (47644 bytes)

These are fossilized coral found off the coast of Alaska, we originally thought they were fossilized tree branches.  

Alert customer Hal gave us a heads up with the correct information on this coral - He says:

It is a form of coral that lives in fairly deep water. I was a Blackcod fisherman on the west coast of Canada and we use traps, occasionally we would set the traps in areas that when we brought them up would snag some of this coral and it would come to the surface alive. it is beautiful and i have had specimens several feet high. also they would sometimes have a species of barnacle on them with plates that look like fig leaves and are a stunning porcelain color and light shines through them. we always called the coral, "Red tree coral", because of the color that they are when the come up. we would dry them and then scrape the outside off and inside is the branch that you have there. hope this helps you.  Have a great day and have fun collecting weird and wonderful things."    Hal


Here's the poop!   (Petrified, that is)

mvc-113s.jpg (89106 bytes)

Have you ever seen so much poop?  This is fossilized turtle poop from a Shelton, Washington dinosaur dig. It is 67 million years old.   We recently purchased forty pounds!  Look for GREAT specimens on the Just Poop pages!  

And here's our King Poop...

mvc-116s.jpg (73204 bytes)

This 10-1/2" specimen is in our own bizarre personal collection...how twisted can we get?  If you share our interest, look on the Just Poop pages for lots more!



Here's a good clue, to solve the mystery from above:

narwhalslice2.jpg (36497 bytes)

Yes!  These are slices from a narwhal tusk, the 2nd is scrimshawed in Alaska by Inuit.  A great birthday present from Glenn to Heidi.


Speaking of the narwhal, here's an excellent scientific article on the narwhal tusk, finding that the narwhal can detect changes in the salinity of the sea water using their tusks:

Narwhal article.jpg (1553654 bytes)


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