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Page 1 - (You are on Page 1, scroll down to view) Area 51 car windshield & stickers, Key chains, Antenna ball; Area 51 necklace, Area 51/Roswell tag clip, Signs, Maps, Postcard, Newspapers, 1947 Roswell Incident booklet, Alien Embryo in Jar  (Internal #A-1 to A-56)

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Page 2 Coasters, mouse pads, screensaver floppy disks, playing cards  (Internal #A-251 to A-293)

Page 3 Alien seeds;  Virtual Tour of "Alien Fresh Jerky" store  (Internal #A-302)

Page 4 All alien driver's licenses; Alien roadkill sign  (Internal #A-400 to A-440)

Page 5 Area 51 greeting cards  (Internal #A-501)

Page 6 Alien Photo Gallery, experiences

Page 7 Roswell UFO Museum Virtual Tour

Page 8 Area 51 Virtual tour from Boulder City to security gates; blueprints & satellite photos of Area 51; experiences

Page 9 Photos of Alien activities, courtesy Larry Hunt



Area 51 Vehicle Pass Security vinyl decal, 4" x 3-1/2", peel off back to stick

(10 Available)


Oval green & white vinyl (peel off back to stick) ALIEN HEAD sticker for home or vehicle use, says ROSWELL NEW MEXICO; measures 4-1/2 x 3"
(10 available)

a10a.jpg (162631 bytes) #A-10-A

Alien antenna ball (2" long x 1-3/4" wide) with black elastic loop on top (3-1/2" long),  great for car antenna ball or pencil/pen toppers, (cut off loop), or use the loop to attach to backpacks, as a Christmas ornament, or a rear-view mirror hanger or a hundred different other creative places! 
(-0- available)



a20a-1.jpg (39877 bytes)

a20a2.jpg (135957 bytes)


Area 51 security pass necklace with FINGERPRINT on heavy plastic, 3-3/8" long x 2-1/8" wide, on shot chain necklace 26" long


a5.jpg (37211 bytes)


Area 51 Security Pass / Tag with Clip 4-1/8" x 3", heavy laminated pass.  Backside is warning for restricted area.



a21a-1.jpg (38806 bytes)

a21a2.jpg (135957 bytes)


Area 51 Security Pass tag on heavy plastic with clip is 3-3/8" long x 2-1/8" wide, on tag clip



A6.jpg (39278 bytes) #A-22

ROSWELL Crash Recovery Team security pass/tag with clip is 4-1/4 x 2-1/2", heavy laminated.  Backside is warning for restricted area that fills the back.

(10 available)

Pin is hard laminated cardstock #A-25

Pin is hard laminated cardstock, 1 1/4"x1 1/2"

(10 available)

Stamped metal sign


Awesome Stamped metal street sign, raised letters and numbers, RESTRICTED, AREA 51, KEEP OUT 18" x 12", four holes, one in each corner, for hanging on wall or door.


(8 available) 

(outside the U.S., inquire for shipping cost)

a42.jpg (140282 bytes)


Another metal street sign, imprinted letters DO NOT ENTER, USE OF DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED (white background, red lettering), AREA 51,18x12", four holes, one on each corner, for hanging on wall or door.


(9 available)
a43.jpg (135316 bytes) #A-43

Another metal sign "ALIEN X-ING", black background, gray stars, and big green ALIEN HEAD, square 12 x 12", holes top & bottom for hanging on wall or door.

a44.jpg (144447 bytes)


Metal street sign, imprinted letters "Notice, Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out, Area 51", measures 18x12", red letters on white background, four holes one on each corner, for hanging on wall or door.


(7 available)

Topographical Map to Area 51 #A-50

Topographical  Map to Area 51and detailed directions, plus other Area 51 background info, designed exclusive by and for us.

(10 available)

A21.jpg (39324 bytes) 


Guide to Roswell 1947 UFO Craft crash sites has a map & directions of the 6 original locations of crash debris, along with an excellent description of The Incident. Tri-fold 8 1/2 x 11" brochure designed EXCLUSIVELY by and for us, PACKED with researched information, a photo diorama of a crash site, photo of the Roswell Daily Record newspaper front pages, 3 photos of the alien autopsy and MORE.

(10 available)

A22.jpg (37322 bytes) #A-52

Buy BOTH the Area 51 Map and the Roswell Crash map brochures and SAVE.

(10 available)

Area 51 Postcard - "The Base That Doesn't Exist" #A-53

Area 51 Postcard - "The Base That Doesn't Exist".  Standard size 4" x 6" postcard with Groom Lake info on back. 

(9 available)

Genuine front pages of the Roswell Daily Record #A-54

Genuine front pages of the Roswell Daily Record, reprinted new on newsprint and dated July 8 and July 9, 1947 with articles on the Roswell crash.  Cool collectible!

 (10 available)



Single front page, blank on reverse, measures 22-3/4" tall x 17" wide, standard newspaper print paper quality, printed by the Roswell Daily News in Roswell New Mexico.  This is a REPRODUCTION.  No one knows where the original may be, it would be priceless.

Roswell Morning Dispatch newspaper
Dated: Wednesday July 9, 1947
Headline: "Army Debunks Roswell Flying Disk As World Simmers with Excitement".
Also subheadline article: Officers Say Disk is Weather Balloon,
Flying Disk Transforms Sheriff's Office to International Newsroom"
and Object Found on Foster Ranch Causes Excitement
and a small article lower left "Carrizozo Man Sees Flying Disk and
small article lower right: Joe Massey Spots Disk Over Roswell"

Add to your Roswell collectibles!  
We already offer the July 8-9 1947 Roswell Daily Record 2 page (#A-54)
Make sure to have BOTH in your collection!
(100 available)

187 Pages of Majestic Report declassified U.S. Government documents

187 Pages of Majestic Report declassified U.S. Government documents


MAJESTIC REPORT Bound BOOK is 187 Pages (standard 8-1/2x11") of Majestic Report declassified U.S. Government documents.  Packed with information about Roswell and Area 51. Sample page pictured.

(4 available)

Viewers Guide to Area 51, by Glenn Campbell

Viewers Guide to Area 51, by Glenn Campbell


Viewers Guide to Area 51, by Glenn Campbell. Comprehensive maps and info on the "cammo dudes", security technology, mile-by-mile descriptions, explanation of some of the lights you will see in the night sky over Area 51, a known experimental aircraft base.  Good reading and a bit of humor too.  Serious  115 page book.

(7 available)



1947 Roswell Incident booklet
By Glenn Dennis
(Funeral Director, Roswell New Mexico)
First hand experience from 1947 from the funeral director asked to handle the alien bodies from the crash.  Descriptions of the bodies from nurses & doctors including drawings.  Very worthwhile reading & owning this 8 page booklet measuring 8.5" tall x 5.5" wide.
(8 available)


7" Jar with an alien embryo A74-1.jpg (37448 bytes)A74-2.jpg (38988 bytes)A74-3.jpg (40061 bytes)


  GLOW IN THE DARK Alien (it's latex but I'm sure you'll think it's real...the liquid is tea. ) in a 7" lab specimen  jar.  Expose to daylight for a few minutes, glows a long time!

SOLD Out of production, sorry!

A real WOW!!! quality piece, solid resin, hand painted Realistic Alien head  A83-1.jpg (69045 bytes)  A83-2.jpg (58640 bytes) 


A real WOW quality piece, solid resin, hand painted Realistic Alien head mounted on a base, stands 13" high.  For SERIOUS alien collectors!  Once you own one, you no longer think of aliens as cartoons, I guarantee it.

Boxed item is 9 pounds 10 ounces,  56 total inches (15" x 9.25" x 11.25")

**LATEST UPDATE:  SOLD These are now OUT OF PRODUCTION, no new production scheduled. 

a62.jpg (145416 bytes)  a62-a.jpg (136979 bytes)  a62-b.jpg (131316 bytes) a62-c.jpg (135884 bytes)  a62-d.jpg (130537 bytes)

AREA 51 TOP SECRET SAFE with a working key, 

to which decals and lettering have been added to transform it into a fun UFO Project Area 51 Top Secret Clearance Safe.  Back in 1999 when we had a store in Boulder City, Nevada (2-1/2 hours from the security gates of Area 51) we purchased a hotel safe and added the lettering as you see.  Kids coming to the store were allowed to open the safe to view its contents.  It was a tremendous draw for the store, just for fun.  We used it again in our storefront in Myrtle Beach, now we have just the internet biz.  Rather than remove the decals and sell it as a safe, we're sure there is plenty of interest to own this safe with its used look that adds an air of authenticity to the decals. The safe itself measures 18" square, on bolted (non-removable) steel legs 18" tall, so the safe with legs is 36" tall.  It weighs 97 pounds.

There are 2 keys that come with it - 1 opens the safe (it is a working key, and the safe does lock securely), the other key opens the coin repository.  We have covered the coin slot with metal tape, it likely works but we have not removed the tape to test it.

BUT THERE'S MORE.  Inside the safe is the UFO FILE INCLUDED IN THIS AUCTION, with plenty of information that WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. Please do not expect valuable originals of anything regarding Roswell, X-Files or Area 51.  This will be a mystery file until you purchase the safe and receive it and the secret file. 

A GREAT ITEM for someone's bedroom to keep valuables safe, or in a store to draw folks in to be part of the fun, your imagination is the limit!

FREE FEDEX GROUND INSURED SHIPPING to 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii excluded (air freight is just too high, sorry). No international shipping due to the excessive weight of this item.

$299.00  SOLD



"One Big Family" flexible magnet


Weekly World News Tabloid, America's Extreme Newspaper

Article by Fred Kennedy "Aliens teach pilots to fly" hoax article, what a hoot!

Hoax alien news 1.jpg (59025 bytes)  Hoax alien news 2.jpg (61686 bytes)


A great optical illusion:

image007.jpg (85675 bytes)

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