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xmas08-19.jpg (129586 bytes)Dinos and us.jpg (160698 bytes)

Butterflies-Peru.jpg (84931 bytes) Moose poop grand poo-bah necklace.jpg (95620 bytes) great white shark head mount.jpg (131678 bytes) Whale-vertebrae-Alaska.jpg (80839 bytes) cave bear and glenn.jpg (152408 bytes)

Photos above are:  Glenn and Heidi Reed in front of their home; Framed butterflies from Peru (not for sale), Glenn's "Grand Poo-Bah necklace made of real Moose Poop, A Great White Shark head mount (sold), a fossil whale vertebra carved in Barrow, Alaska, Glenn with our 8.5 foot tall extinct Cave Bear Skeleton from Romania (bear for sale, you guess which one!), and Glenn and Heidi in the midst of their Dinosaur Family in their backyard.  Lastly, our "Alaska Room" wall displaying three mammoth tusks, walrus tusk head mounts and baleen all for sale on the Alaska and Mammoth Fossils pages.

Glenn Reed used to have a shop in Myrtle Beach of shark and marine related items.  He closed the shop in 1994 and "went walkabout" with Darel, his beloved wife, for the remaining years of her life with M.S., meeting Heidi Lee who had been doing arts & crafts shows with her line of jackets, scarves and jewelry.  Heidi joined the "family" with Glenn, Darel and their two cats, and for the next four years, they both cared for Darel.  They combined their businesses, traveling in a Class A motor home, touring the country while doing 40-50 arts & crafts shows per year, with the wire-wrapped shark's teeth and gemstone bead necklaces Glenn was now making and Heidi's work with something for everyone!

Prior travels of Glenn and Darel have included 54 countries covering all continents except South America.  This included 8 summers chaperoning high school students on a six-week educational tour of Europe.  Road trips of the new "family" resembled what they called the "poor Charles Kuralt tour-with-no-sponsor" as they found the back roads and small towns that ALWAYS hid fascinating people, stories and treasures just waiting to be discovered.  Darel enjoyed every bit of it - an ever-changing scenery of interesting things that kept her mind more active than most.

Glenn had already been "an avid collector with a short attention span", so when they all settled in Boulder City, Nevada (midway between Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam) there were oodles of weird things in the store right away.  They have since added considerably to the shop's inventory with things that "wowed" them.  Darel's condition merited staying put, hence the choice to open the store instead of traveling further.  Photos of the Boulder City NV store below:

shop-nv.jpg (95833 bytes) shop-nv2.jpg (92161 bytes)

The store was educational in nature, for all ages, with self-guided information cards throughout the store describing where things were made/obtained, and how they were made.  If they don't make it themselves, they either know the artist & technique or have dug the materials and met the miners themselves!  Their store was on the Approved List for educational sites for field trips in the Clark County School District.  During the school year, they gave weekly educational seminars on varieties of the way-too-cool stuff in the store.

The store theme was to display beautiful things from all eras and continents for others to see, learn from and perhaps purchase.  We hope you enjoy the "mentally nutritious journey" through the website in the same way.

Darel passed away in June of 2000 in Nevada.  She was a gentle soul with admirable stamina under the circumstances.  She is sorely missed.  For those of you that knew her and her struggle with M.S., she never allowed the disease to beat her, and fought right up to the very end.  She died with a sense of fulfillment - she knew that she had touched at least one child's life and made a difference.  It turns out that she did that many times over, as so many of you parents know from the experiences your children had in their contact with Darel.

Heidi comments that Glenn's faithful care of Darel kept her comfortable right to the last, keeping his promise that she never be put in a nursing home.  Not an easy promise to keep, especially those last few years.  Many never knew what an effort this took.  A quote from one of Glenn's friends was "what a statement that makes about the kind of persons we all can be".  How true.

Glenn and Heidi got married in June of 2001 (classic drive-up chapel, Las Vegas style wedding!!) and continued to run the store successfully.  After 9/11, which changed the Hoover Dam tourist traffic considerably, they decided by 2002, for several reasons, to relocate back to the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area.  The Nevada store had been open for 3 years by the time they packed it down and moved.  Photos of the Myrtle Beach SC store below:

shop-mb.jpg (72068 bytes) shop-mb1.jpg (57910 bytes) shop-mb2.jpg (38158 bytes)

They opened the store in Myrtle Beach in June of 2002 for 18 months, at which time the website and eBay business had grown phenomenally so they could not justify keeping the storefront open.

So they closed it down and have been running the net biz from their lovely country home, 20 minutes drive from the beach, since December of 2003.  They continue to travel and come home with new weird things every time, they can't seem to stop!

So now you know "the rest of the story".  We trust you will enjoy the growing inventory you see on the website, even the past photos of the 2 stores, and latest travels.  Welcome aboard!


MAY 2020
5/6/20  Yellow Adirondack composite umbrella chairs/table installed on upper and lower decks (lower deck stairs not quite finished).  Looks like a party waiting to happen!
And a pink rose that bloomed today.
Surviving Covid-19 on our own terms.


JUNE 2018
Flowers in our back flower bed.  It's a jungle out there!  The lilies are the size of dinner plates and about 5 feet high.   



The deer urn has sweet potato plants.

 Dahlias, calla lily with bonus spider, and another huge lily.  We are gratified at this beautiful garden this year.




It was  Heidi's 62nd birthday coming in October and I was trying to plan a trip to figure out just where I would take her for this special day.  This was my thinking in late September. 
Well, the last week in September we had an second request for information from a man in Australia, the first being a year ago, about the 40,000 year old Romanian Cave Bear skeleton pair,  https://tellmewhereonearth.com/Cave_Bear_Fossils.htm that we had for sale. The selling price was $98,000 plus another $10,000 to cover the shipping cost to Australia. When Heidi wrote him back she told him that if he made the purchase now, we would deliver the pair of bears to his home in Melbourne and put them back together for him at no additional cost, as we were going to be in Australia within the next three weeks.  So, he bought them, we built two special crates and shipped them to him within 8 days. They arrived within 5 days , and he confirmed that there was no damage to either, we flew down 10 days later.
He let us use his downtown Melbourne apartment for 10 days at no cost to us. Then when we were finished with the re-construction of the two bears he then flew us to Tasmania, and then a ferry ride to an Island called Bruny Island, where he has some 6,000 acres that he is developing with remote cottage to rent out. The daily fees are around $1,200 per day. We stayed at his private lodge for 5 days, meals were furnished by his staff, and were given a four wheel drive land rover to use so that we could enjoy the island. All of which was at not cost to us.

After 5 days we returned to Hobart, the capital of Tasmania for a 1 night stay at his penthouse apartment which is located in the middle of downtown overlooking the harbor, which was the best location in town. This place rents  out for $1,200 a night. It generally is always booked, but they had a cancellation so, instead of us staying in a hotel Michael offered us the nights lodging for free.  So, in the morning we checked out of his apartment , went to the famous Saturday Market, and were given another 4 -wheel drive vehicle to use for the next week that we would be in Tasmania.
If you have not figured it out by now, it seems that we had made a lifetime friendship with Michael, and this will not be the last business we do with him. He wants 3 more bears for 3 other possible lodge locations. We are working on that as we speak, with our collector that lives in Austria.  He has just what we need and now it's just a matter of the money he wants.
So, now we were on our own after being in Australia for 2 weeks. Tasmania is a beautiful place to visit, but not to live there. It was really remote to say the least. The people were very friendly and the foods were really good.  We ate a lot of "mixed grill" (mutton, beef and kangaroo meat) as this is pretty much their basic protein source, and plenty of meat pies and baked goods, better than Australia.  The seafood was the best you could ask for.  If you google Tasmania you will see how beautiful the countryside is.

Heidi and I took some 10,000 plus photos and she is working on putting a selection of them on our latest travels page on the web site.
After our week in Tasmania, we flew back to Melbourne and returned to stay a couple more days at Michael's apartment. From there we drove to Sydney for another weeks stay. While there I took Heidi to the Sydney Opera house to see " MY FAIR LADY " that was being performed by a British touring company. It was a wonderful evening.  We also visited the aquarium.  A lot of walking!  While in town we were introduced to a shark dealer friend of ours from Florida. While at his home we discovered 3 very rare shark jaws that he had purchased from a fisherman located in Taiwan  . https://tellmewhereonearth.com/Shark_Jaws_Page_9.htm . They are so rare that these 3 are the only to ever be offered for sale . This is a very special addition to our collection of rare and unusual items . 
After we left Sydney, we then flew to Brisbane (Heidi got to hold two different koala bears at a sanctuary near Brisbane, and we drove to the beach in Coolangatta, among other interesting experiences).  Then we flew to New Zealand for a week. While we were there we had driven the entire northern part of the island and were on our way to the southern tip to see the annual seal migration for the breeding season. The night before we were to take the ferry across to Christchurch , Heidi told me the next morning that she felt the bed move in the middle of the night. While we were having our breakfast, I turned on the local news and was shocked to hear about the earth quake on the southern tip of the island. There were some 1,00 tourist that were stranded as the road system had collapsed and the mountain had slid down covering the only road way out.  I am sure that you heard about this on your news as Christchurch has still not recovered from their earth quake that took place several years ago. About 60 % of the town has been destroyed and there are no plans to re-build it, as they sit right on top a a large quake zone. 

So, we spent another few days touring New Zealand (Kauri Museum, visited the largest tree in the country - named Tane Mahuta, in the forests north of Dargoville, visited two wood galleries;  and then flew back to Australia to Cairns, Australia to visit the Great Barrier Reef.  By now the weather was quite hot and tropical.  We spent 5 days there and had a great trip out to the reef. Heidi took a helicopter ride to see the reef from the air. When she came back, I then took her down in a glass bottom submarine to get a real close up view of the reef. This is the same thing I did with Darel when I took her to Australia in 1993.  The only difference between the two trips is the reef is now for all practical purposes DEAD. With global warming the coral cannot survive with this increased level of warm water, and the coral has now lost al it's color, and is just s dead looking gray color. There was no sea life to be seen any where on the reef, and not a single turtle has been seen in years.It was a real disappointment to see this terrible situation.

From Cairns we flew down to Adelaide which is on the southern tip of Australia. This is where my friend Rodney Fox lives and operates his Great White shark diving business. I wanted to take Heidi on a Shark Cage dive to see Great Whites. However before we got to that point we had to fly north of Adelaide to a small town called Coober Pedy , which is the Opal capital of the country. Due to a tight schedule we were only there for some 36 hours. In that time we were able to visit with all 8 of the Opal dealers that I know in town there that I have been buying opals from since 1993. We were able to buy some 30 pounds of great opal materials.  And a local miner took us on a private tour of a lifetime to the opal mines, their "golf course" where they even have night golf with glow-in-the-dark balls, and the only underground church in the world - a Greek Orthodox Church.  We ate in an underground restaurant as well.
If you look on the news letter that I sent you , you will see the mention of the addition of the latest opals that we have on the site that we bought in Coober Pedy.

From there we flew back to Adelaide and that afternoon caught another flight to Port Lincoln for 4 days to do the shark dive. The weather was just perfect for the dive, and Heidi saw two great whites. This was a once in a life time experience for her, or for the fact for anyone.

From Port Lincoln, we flew back to Adelaide and caught another flight to Perth, which is as far west as you can travel in Australia. Here we spent another week before we left for Bali. We both agreed that we could live in Perth. It really is the end of the earth compared to the rest of Australia. It was so fresh and unspoiled, and very under developed . It's as if time stood still in their part of the country. Yet, they have everything there that the rest of the country has, only in smaller portions. It was a wonderful week and this was the first time during the 6 weeks in Australia that we were sad to be leaving a particular town.  I am sure that we will one day return to spend more time there.  Note: Must see:  King's Park.

Next we took a flight to Bali, which took us some 4 hours.  It was a nice short flight.  Now we have traveled back in time as this is really a third world country to say the least. A friend of ours that lives in Los Angeles, and does business in Bali, set us up with his contacts there to take us around and introduce us to some of the best bone carvers that live in a community up in the mountains of a town called Ubud. Here is a wonderful link telling about Ubud.  https://www.bali-indonesia.com/ubud/it is really as good as they describe it.
The morning after we arrived in Bali our new friend Wayan arrived at our hotel and off we went for a 2 hour drive to his home/shop to see his carvings and other items that he makes and sells. He was/is such a wonderful young man, that by the end of our 5 days stay there we have adopted he and his family. We have started a wonderful working relationship with him that will continue to grow over the years. We actually got the first shipment of our carvings from him about a week ago. Those too are in the newsletter. He is now working on another group of animal carvings for us.  He is also a silver smith by trade and has made sterling silver caps that I use for the large gator teeth necklaces. His work is outstanding to say the least. I no longer need to wait for months to get my work done in Thailand and his price is about 1/3 less. There are so many stories that I would love to share with you about this part of the trip, but it would take me hours to type.  Heidi bought me a new speak and type program for my computer that is really the best that there is. 
Wayan took us to several other carvers' places of business and we bought many different carvings from them. We went to a huge silver show room where they had over 200 silver smiths doing all sorts of silver works that you could possible think of.  The food in Bali is very spicy and hot. Most of which neither of us could eat. Yet, there were many meals that we enjoyed , and already miss. 

Next we took a flight from Bali to Bangkok which was only about 2 1/2 hours long.We flew on the Thai Airways Boeing 787 Dream-liner, which is being built right here in Charleston, South Carolina.Every seat was like first class.Of all the planes we had flown on up to this point,this was the most fantastic flight ever.
We spent a week in Thailand. A friend of ours here in Spartanburg is from Thailand and owns a Thai restaurant here. He is a retired General in the Thai Army. Two days after we left the US on our trip to Australia, the King of Thailand died. The whole country was and will be in mourning for a full calendar year.  Everyone must wear black, and do nothing in the way of pleasurable things. No music, no dancing, no celebrating of special days,as any of these activities are a sign of disrespect to the memory of the King. There was a annual car show in Bangkok to introduce the new car models and it was a terrible show. They were only allowed to sell Black or White colored cars. 
This was actually the worst time to be a tourist in Thailand. However we made the most of it. So, one day our friend Rick took us to several temples and points of interest that most tourist never see. I had seen these attractions when I was stationed there in 1966-1967. Most of them I had taken a lot of pictures of and had shown them to Heidi over the years. So, when we got ready for the trip I got them all out and showed here things that I would take her to see that I had seen as as a young man in the Air Force.
So for the next 4 days we toured Bangkok, and saw more temples, and ate some great foods. I also took Heidi to the floating market place where I had visited some 50 years ago. It was really hard for me to keep things straight in my mind that it had actually been 50 years ago that I was young man living in Thailand.  When we rented a boat to drive the water ways of the market, it was as if time had stood still these past 50 years. Nothing had changed from when I was there. It was very strange to me.  At times, I really didn't know what was happening as I was traveling in the past.

From Bangkok, we flew north to the town of Udorn where I was actually stationed for over a year.This base was located very close to the Laos  border . I hired a taxi for the day to take me to my old neighborhood to see if there were still people there that I had known.  Within less than 30 minutes from the time I left the hotel, I actually met a lady that was a young girl when I lived on her street. The reason why she knew who I was is most interesting.
When I lived there, everyday when I returned to my house I was renting, because I didn't like living on the base with all the restriction that they had. I would see a man with a push cart selling Popsicles and ice cream. I would buy a few and sit on my porch and watch the world walk by.  One day when I was making my daily purchase a little boy was standing there watching me.  I offered him an ice cream bar.   He took it and ran off to his house.  For the next several days , he managed to always be in front of my house just as the ice cream man was there. I would always offer him something of his choice, and we would try to talk with each other. After several days, I noticed that he had a couple friends with him now, and I would offer them something also.  Before  long there were close to 20 kids everyday, and many days they actually got the ice cream man to drive right up to my house so that I wouldn't have to come into the street and wait in line to make my purchases.  Now keep in mind, that the price of these ice cream treats were just about 4 cents US. So, I could buy a treat for all the kids for less than 1 dollar.  This would continue for some 10 more months before i would leave for my next duty assignment which was in Spangdahlem, Germany.
So, back to this lady I met on my street. When I asked her about a retired Sargeant that also lived on this street she told me had died several years ago. She wanted to know how I knew him and I told her that I lived on this street and pointed to where my house was, and she asked me if I was Glenn,and I said yes.  I asked her how did she know my name ???  She then started to tell me about how she was one of the kids that would come to my house everyday when the ice cream man would come to sell his things. She then started screaming down the street toward another lady that was running a little food stand there.  She came running up to me and also explained that she too was one of the kids I had treated with the ice treats.  It was a very interesting visit to say the least.Many of the kids no longer live there, but from time to time they come for visits. So, I left several of my business cards for them to pass on to anyone that might have known me and we will see what happens from there.
The catholic orphanage that I used to help out at is no longer there. After we GI'S left they closed down and moved all the kids to another location closer to Bangkok where it was safer.  When I was stationed there the whole community was only about 4,500 people.  Now it's an international airport and the town has grown to well over 600,000 people.  So, when I told Heidi I was going to take her to a small remote village , never did I think it would turn out to be this large.

So, three days later we flew back to Bangkok and caught our next flight to Hawaii. This was a long 14 plus hour flight. It was a China Airways flight and the food was terrible. It was so bad we could not eat anything they offered. We arrive in Honolulu in the early morning, and the first thing we did after getting the rental car was find some food that we could eat. We spent a week here just relaxing and getting some much needed rest . We actually slept for two days before we started doing anything. The Island was ok, but I wouldn't waste my time ever going back there for a visit. After living in Myrtle Beach for some 20 plus years and having this wonderful beach that we have here, Hawaii had very little to offer.

We next flew to Los Angeles , where Darel's cousin Chris picked us up at the airport and took us to his home where we spent the weekend visiting with he and his wife. It was a nice visit and we had a great time. A lot of good food, conversation, and REST.  Next he took us back to the airport on Sunday. We then flew to a friend's home in San Antonio, Texas. He is a dealer in Woolly Mammoth bones and Ivory. There we purchased 100 pounds of material to send back to Bali for Wayan to carve for us. We spent two days here, and we really didn't need to do any touring of the area as we have been here before and saw about all there is of interest there.

Now this was our 22nd one-way flight for the entire trip so far to this point. I told Heidi as we were getting ready to return the rental van, that I really didn't want to get on another plane, and would just as soon keep the van and drive the last 1,500 plus miles home to Spartanburg.  On the way home we could visit friends of ours in Lake Charles, Louisiana where we buy all our alligator parts from.  So, that was the plan and off we went. We visited with him and his wife for the day and bought several alligator skulls for me to work with, as well as some 45 pounds of various size alligator teeth and other gator items. All in all it was a great visit. From his home we drove to Biloxi, Mississippi, where we spent Christmas eve and Christmas Day at the Hard Rock Cafe  Casino. https://www.hrhcbiloxi.com/ .
We then drove to another friend's home in Atlanta and spent the night near there. She is one of the team teachers from Auburn University that we spend a week in September with teaching Black children in the "Black Belt" schools of Alabama.  Heidi and I have been doing this for the past 10 years now. We bring a lot of our strange and weird things with us that under normal conditions these kids will never seen in their lives.  One year we actually dismantled one of the Cave Bears and took it there for them to see. 
We finally arrived home on New Years eve. The entire trip took us 11 weeks and 2 days to make.  We were home less than a week and drove down to our shark friend's home in Gainsville, Florida to show him the wonderful Megamouth shark jaw we had purchased from his friend in Sydney . Then we drove further south to Titusville, where the Space Center is located to see another friend of ours. Then on Monday we drove up to St . Augustine, Florida to buy some shark jaws from a dealer that we know there.  From there we drove to Charleston, South Carolina to deliver the two extra Megamouth shark jaws to our friend Rick that prepares our shark jaws as we need them.

From Rick's home to ours was a 4 hour drive and we were back home again. Then 10 days later we flew out to Tucson, Arizona for the annual Gem, Mineral, and Fossil show that we attend every year come the 1st of February were here for a week making contact with a lot of our friends that are dealers and suppliers to us.  It's always a great time out there as this is the one time a year where we all can get together and catch up on times and deals that we have made over the years past.
So, now we have been home for a month and have completed a lot of projects that needed to be done in order to list all the new things to the website, Ebay  and so  on.
It was the most spectacular experience that the two of us have shared in our 16 years together.  So, our next possible trip will be to Austria to work out the details of the three cave bears we need to buy. From there , we have no idea as to where we will go next. I am sure there are a lot more stories yet to come as I bring them to the surface, and these I will share them with you as they surface in my memory bank.
Enjoy the trip, link to the Newsletter page (bottom of the page) to view some of the photos and details from the trip until such time as we can post the entire virtual trip in photos:


JUNE 2014

Here's an amazing Totem made of a large whale rib, created by Alaskan artist Doug Smith.  We just received this a few weeks ago (June 2014).  It graces our living room to remind us of everything we miss in Alaska.

glenn-totem.jpg (164563 bytes)

Glenn's new "bear face gourd" T-shirt, thanks to friend Charlotte who sent us the photo of a sold gourd, and Heidi for creating a birthday T-shirt for Glenn.

glenn-beargourdshirt.jpg (176501 bytes)


A recent lunch (June 2014) at the Baguette & Co. Restaurant in Cowpens, SC, a French restaurant that will see our faces often.  Here's Heidi with her melted ham & cheese on croissant sandwich.  A happy camper

baguette-1.jpg (174960 bytes) baguette-2.jpg (171409 bytes)

The new calla lilies in our deer urn

lily-urn.jpg (133998 bytes) deer-urn.jpg (148529 bytes)

Glenn with our 13th wedding anniversary flowers, and Glenn with a new haircut

13-anniv.jpg (119450 bytes)


Sunset in Myrtle Beach, as seen from the Kroger store

sunset-myrtlebeach.jpg (166193 bytes)

Winter pansies just keep blooming

winter-pansies.jpg (173049 bytes)


Mr. Bear (smaller bear, healed front foot injury), 

August 17th

10bear6.jpg (127041 bytes) 10bear7.jpg (125365 bytes) 10bear8.jpg (118908 bytes)

Note the size of his claws!  His back is towards the Conservation Forest, he feels safe.


JULY 2010
With the weather here about 115 degrees, 74% humidity, we bought a Misting system around the perimeter of the front porch.  Turns out, our porch is a little narrow to fully appreciate it without getting wet, there needs to be more space away from the actual mist to be able to sit on a dry bench.  But we still turn it on now and then and it cools the porch about 20 degrees.  The cats don't like it much, but when they walk through it to get their dish of milk and get misted, which keeps them cool for quite awhile (like walking around in a wet bathing suit on a hot day), we glad we found a way to make them cooler.
Glenn stood in the mist and his beard got all "gray" with mist which looked hilarious, right down to the eyebrows that stuck out about an inch. 

mister1.jpg (155030 bytes) mister2.jpg (135489 bytes) mister3.jpg (162393 bytes) mister4.jpg (146182 bytes)

You wanna piece-a-me?

mister5.jpg (136622 bytes) 1-Lion-youwannapieceome.jpg (75779 bytes)

Mr. Bear (larger bear, healed back foot injury)

July 12th

You can see the distance from my office window. Gently scraping more corn towards him as he eats.

10bear9.jpg (162609 bytes)10bear10.jpg (167092 bytes) 10bear11.jpg (164322 bytes)

10bear13.jpg (167028 bytes) 10bear14.jpg (158680 bytes)

Sitting up for a scratch

10bear12.jpg (162900 bytes)

And checking out his underarm.  How comical.

 10bear15.jpg (165339 bytes) 10bear16.jpg (165567 bytes)

July 11th

It is not unusual to see the gray fox eating side by side with one of the cats.

10fox2.jpg (157445 bytes)

July 11th

A BLACK COYOTE - a rare sighting!

10coyote1.jpg (156081 bytes)

This morning a black coyote walked through our yard (likely a cross with a wild dog, but still!  rare).  A wondrous sight. At least that is our best guess.

July 13th

"The Beagle Boys", one of two raccoon families that eat at the cat food dish daily

10coon1.jpg (170774 bytes)

If you look closely on the left you can see the fox waiting his turn.

10coon2.jpg (149593 bytes)

July 19th

BOTH bears in the yard at the same time

10bear17.jpg (163772 bytes) 10bear18.jpg (164248 bytes)

We found the big bear would not let the smaller bear eat at the other dish.  So after they left, we relocated the 2nd dish nearer the ditch, which turned out to be a good idea.

Who says you can't have an animal paradise?


JUNE 2010
June 5 - 

Another new litter of 4 (here are 3), eyes just open (so we guess they're about 2 weeks old).  The black one resembles Tux, though it has an eye problem we can't fix.  It is a runty but feisty little thing.  The large tiger cat is a very contented, cuddly kitten.  Proud Papa Glenn does everything to make them comfortable.  (See March of 2010 for photos of mama Tux)

10cats30.jpg (146200 bytes) 10cats32.jpg (149607 bytes) 10cats31.jpg (153309 bytes) 10cats33.jpg (156278 bytes) 10cats35.jpg (158673 bytes) 10cats34.jpg (155941 bytes)


Here's an update on the blooming of the Rose Garden off the back porch.  A gift, every day

10flowers21.jpg (153196 bytes) 10flowers27.jpg (166255 bytes)

Roses - will I ever get tired of photographing them?  Nope!

10flowers19.jpg (132517 bytes) 10flowers25.jpg (136165 bytes) 10flowers23.jpg (139743 bytes) 10flowers26.jpg (159635 bytes) 10flowers22.jpg (153330 bytes)

 10flowers24.jpg (155298 bytes) 10flowers20.jpg (147970 bytes) 10flowers28.jpg (155509 bytes) 10flowers29.jpg (152744 bytes)

The Camellia Japonica bloomed next to the porch again, though we cut it back pretty far.  One bloom fills the whole front porch with the most beautiful scent.  A fragile yet powerful bloom.

10flowers30.jpg (170478 bytes)

June 15th

MIMOSA Blooms 

on a tree down the road; Heidi's favorite "Fireworks" flowers

10flowers31.jpg (162141 bytes) 10flowers32.jpg (156113 bytes) 10flowers33.jpg (157605 bytes) 10flowers34.jpg (160006 bytes) 10flowers35.jpg (150870 bytes)

10flowers36.jpg (155346 bytes) 10flowers37.jpg (162575 bytes)

June 12th - update on Snowball's kitty, now 13 days old

10cats36.jpg (149065 bytes) 10cats37.jpg (149517 bytes) 10cats38.jpg (149314 bytes) 10cats39.jpg (150696 bytes) 10cats40.jpg (151995 bytes)

June 9


You can see the distance from the office window.  One happy bear.

10bear1.jpg (126261 bytes) 10bear2.jpg (43722 bytes) 10bear3.jpg (162286 bytes) 10bear4.jpg (165706 bytes) 10bear5.jpg (158051 bytes)

June 9

FOX!  Called a "Gray Fox" though there is some red in his fur, he visits regularly to eat cat food.  Isn't he a beauty?

10fox1.jpg (152685 bytes)


MAY 2010
All one litter of four, spooning together on the porch.  Mama peering from the bushes, Miss Beauty Eyes (May 26)

10cats22.jpg (147577 bytes) 10cats23.jpg (155573 bytes)

One of the kitties with pretty eyes like its mama, the 2nd with the Elf ears and eyes.  We later named it Squirrel because of its habit of laying its tail along the top of its back when it is petted, like a squirrel tail.

10cats50.jpg (148618 bytes)

10cats24.jpg (156355 bytes) 10cats25.jpg (151702 bytes)

Mr. Male, he craves attention but does not know how to purr

10cats51.jpg (137789 bytes)

Tuxie has grown up to be a beautiful Tuxedo female

10cats52.jpg (157907 bytes)

3 of the kitties tormenting their indulgent Mama.  She is the only one that has all 4 of her kittens that have survived

10cats53.jpg (171029 bytes)

Gold Tuxie, brother to the black and white female.  He is alone at the back of the house (the other cats would not allow him at the front, a territorial thing apparently), he had one mean female with him for awhile but she is gone.

10cats54.jpg (151186 bytes)

May 31, Snowball's new kitty!

10cats26.jpg (148289 bytes) 10cats27.jpg (140683 bytes) 10cats28.jpg (158331 bytes) 10cats29.jpg (147641 bytes)

June 2nd, Glenn quite by chance saw Snowball coming out from under the porch steps (not a waterproof area).  He looked and found a WHITE (assume it will be Siamese marked) kitty...just one.  I do not know what may have happened to any others in the litter, but she clearly brought it from wherever she birthed the litter, to us.  The lone survivor, apparently.
So these photos are of her 2 day old baby, and mama.  We created a new box for her and her baby, she has nursed it in the box and is now very happy there.  Glenn, of course, acted the part of the proud Papa.
Amaryllis, a welcome flower each spring, and always a surprise

10flowers45.jpg (143845 bytes)

Yellow Roses

10flowers46.jpg (141532 bytes)

Orange Tiger Lily

10flowers47.jpg (133621 bytes)


APRIL 2010
Glenn, showing off his beautiful Lewis Byrnes didgeridoo made from the rootstock of a eucalyptus tree, woodburned design, signed by Lewis.  It was the premier piece at the Didg Fest in Joshua Tree, CA (I believe the year was 1999)

10didg1.jpg (148941 bytes) 10didg2.jpg (154520 bytes) 10didg3.jpg (147101 bytes) 10didg4.jpg (152924 bytes)

The first IRIS bloomed next to the back porch, a refreshing sight.

10iris1.jpg (135787 bytes) 10iris2.jpg (134150 bytes)


10-dahlias.jpg (138342 bytes) 10flowers15.jpg (150039 bytes)

Snowball the Siamese's only kitten, Glenn is smitten.  She is now 6 weeks old (4/9/10).  See Feb & March for other photos!

10kitty1.jpg (152396 bytes)

Update, 4/20, a cozy spot, sleepy happy kitty, 

10tick1.jpg (145212 bytes) 10tick2.jpg (144014 bytes)

And a smitten admirer

10tick3.jpg (132485 bytes)


The bushes were so full of blooms, we've never seen them look so beautiful

10flowers16.jpg (141524 bytes) 10flowers18.jpg (171587 bytes)


A plain Jane compared to the lilies, but this little wildflower growing in the yard was a pleasant surprise

10flowers14.jpg (152708 bytes)


The white are "Free Choice Oriental Lily".  The red and whites are "Maru Lilies"

10flowers11.jpg (145916 bytes)10flowers13.jpg (161275 bytes)

We call the red one the Man-eater, it is so HUGE.  It is a "Love Story Oriental Lily".  Wow.

10flowers12.jpg (163189 bytes)


25 bushes of them, thanks to Glenn's hard work.

10roses1.jpg (135459 bytes) 10roses2.jpg (137455 bytes) 10roses4.jpg (140895 bytes) 10roses6.jpg (141196 bytes)

10roses3.jpg (132754 bytes) 10roses5.jpg (130629 bytes) 10flowers4.jpg (138029 bytes) 10flowers5.jpg (153665 bytes) 10flowers6.jpg (134150 bytes)

10flowers7.jpg (143991 bytes) 10flowers8.jpg (138670 bytes) 10flowers9.jpg (123696 bytes) 10flowers10.jpg (137242 bytes)

10flowers17.jpg (133675 bytes) 10flowers43.jpg (150687 bytes) 10flowers44.jpg (142471 bytes)

BEACH!  April 22

Part of the new boardwalk was finished, from 1st Avenue South, up to Pier 14 Restaurant.  A lovely walk on the beach, and the boardwalk and back

Notice the flags at one entry to the boardwalk, near Ripley's Museum

10beach7.jpg (154015 bytes) 10beach10.jpg (155913 bytes)

10beach11.jpg (152084 bytes)

Heidi, on the boardwalk, and views up & down.  Nice tent shading.

10beach12.jpg (157195 bytes) 10beach13.jpg (131864 bytes)

10beach14.jpg (149928 bytes) 10beach15.jpg (152603 bytes)

10beach16.jpg (149698 bytes) 10beach17.jpg (138838 bytes)

Pier 14 Restaurant, and the walkway up to the pier, and on the pier, and the walk back to our car

10beach18.jpg (150684 bytes) 10beach19.jpg (147753 bytes) 10beach20.jpg (136994 bytes) 10beach21.jpg (148243 bytes)

10beach22.jpg (150594 bytes) 10beach23.jpg (150586 bytes) 10beach24.jpg (167587 bytes) 10beach28.jpg (153144 bytes)

Sandcastle near the Pier

10beach25.jpg (160292 bytes)

 Another sand castle, with a great trough going back to the ocean. Once the tide comes in, the trough will fill up, and fill the moat inside the castle.  Well done!

10beach27.jpg (146574 bytes) 10beach26.jpg (142456 bytes)

Black-headed Seagulls (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) on the beach

10beach9.jpg (155658 bytes)


Glenn, in the surf looking, of course, for sharks teeth

10beach8.jpg (148691 bytes)

And today's "catch" by Heidi and Glenn includes plenty of shark teeth, a piece of agate, even a dolphin ear bone

10beach29.jpg (151320 bytes)

CATS, April 27th
3 cat friends, enjoying the new sidewalk.  Goldie looks so content

10cats17.jpg (147138 bytes) 10cats18.jpg (127714 bytes)

This mama cat has perfectly camouflaged fur

10cats19.jpg (158634 bytes)

Tick tick, being pampered when she got wet in the rain

10cats20.jpg (145607 bytes) 10cats21.jpg (142726 bytes)

One small gold kitty, the feistiest thing you've ever seen, eats ferociously.  And no doubt because it has a mama that doesn't take care of it.  So we taught him to eat food and drink milk early, for his own survival, which he understood very well.  We were sure rooting for the little guy.  In spite of inhaling milk, and stepping into it, he did learn quickly.  And since Mama didn't clean him up after his messy eating, we did that too.

10cats44.jpg (135740 bytes)10cats45.jpg (149619 bytes) 10cats46.jpg (150827 bytes) 10cats47.jpg (172770 bytes)

10cats48.jpg (161401 bytes) 10cats49.jpg (152919 bytes)

Unfortunately, within a few weeks he had disappeared.  We apparently can't take the place of a mama, but we sure tried our best and we'd do it again.


MARCH 2010
Close up of the cypress stump

10-yard1.jpg (181717 bytes)

10-yard3.jpg (155356 bytes)

Grape hyacinth, in front of the swing

10-yard2.jpg (116635 bytes)

Jessamine bloom, against our split rail fence

10-yard4.jpg (150515 bytes)

Mini daffodil

10-yard5.jpg (141438 bytes)

Cleveland Pear tree blossoms, outside the kitchen window

10-yard6.jpg (152138 bytes)

10-yard7.jpg (147523 bytes)

Cleveland Pear tree, outside our bedroom window

10-yard11.jpg (137831 bytes)

A violet hiding in the leaves

10-yard9.jpg (142672 bytes)

A form of lily of the valley, but larger, has re-bloomed this year

10-yard10.jpg (124331 bytes)

The flag is smartly flying today in the wind

10-yard8.jpg (151100 bytes)

One of the "Boots" family

10cats3.jpg (156009 bytes)


10cats4.jpg (131047 bytes)

Update, Tux-April.  What a beauty:

10cats16.jpg (146770 bytes)

Snowball the Siamese

10cats5.jpg (156774 bytes)

10cats11.jpg (139808 bytes)

Three tiger cats and Snowball

10cats6.jpg (164448 bytes)

Our Black cat on the swing

10cats7.jpg (133322 bytes)

Goldie and a Boots kitty

10cats8.jpg (158958 bytes) 10cats12.jpg (130925 bytes)

Lily and the Wolf
Visiting little friend Lily enjoys one of our Wolf capes we pose on the floor

10wolf1.jpg (162236 bytes) 10wolf2.jpg (144413 bytes)

Tripp and the Cookies, Dad in Tree
Our own little two-fisted neighborhood Cookie Monster comes to visit

10cookies.jpg (128824 bytes)

While his brave dad cuts down a pine tree in our yard

10-tree1.jpg (155520 bytes) 10-tree2.jpg (137915 bytes) 10-tree3.jpg (158708 bytes) 10-tree4.jpg (164487 bytes) 10-tree5.jpg (164577 bytes)

Glenn thrives walking on the beach

10beach1.jpg (151206 bytes)

10beach5.jpg (133778 bytes)

The only find today was the bottom of a fossil sandshark tooth.

10beach2.jpg (158625 bytes)

Clam shells cruelly pretend to be shark's teeth just long enough for you to bend down and pick it up

10beach3.jpg (164626 bytes)

Under the Second Avenue South Pier

10beach4.jpg (146414 bytes)

Patterns in the wet sand

10beach6.jpg (158105 bytes)

Snowball's surviving tiger baby, born 2/26, here 4 days old

10cats9.jpg (143617 bytes)

3/26, 1 month old

10cats10.jpg (90393 bytes)

1 month old, Glenn's little friend

10cats15.jpg (133024 bytes)

Friends Harry & Linda, family & friends made their annual visit to Myrtle Beach.  A photo op in front of the TWO cave bear skeletons this time:

10harry1.jpg (156084 bytes) 10harry2.jpg (155724 bytes)



Glenn found this gorgeous yellow orchid plant (Cymbidium, King of Orchids) as a Valentine's Day gift.  Update: It continues to bloom through mid April!

10orchid1.jpg (146989 bytes) 10orchid2.jpg (134233 bytes) 10orchid3.jpg (128902 bytes) 10orchid4.jpg (132650 bytes)

Update March, high resolution photos

 10orchid6a.jpg (95441 bytes) 10orchid7a.jpg (86022 bytes)


snow22.jpg (149828 bytes)

(February 12-13, 2010)  Only the 2nd time in 21 years in South Carolina (the last time was Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009).  A winter wonderland for 24 hours!  So of course Glenn made a ghoulish Snow Dude.

snow9.jpg (132414 bytes) snow10.jpg (131236 bytes) snow18.jpg (138649 bytes)

Over the next few days, Glenn re-shaped the melting snow person to a mini-dude or girl with Spanish Moss hair...next to a cat in one photo, for comparison size.  Hilarious. That's my guy.

snow33.jpg (143040 bytes) snow34.jpg (144365 bytes) snow35.jpg (170333 bytes) snow36.jpg (163020 bytes)

Our house, with a new White look, and the driveway

snow12.jpg (144962 bytes) snow26.jpg (150728 bytes) snow23.jpg (145681 bytes) snow31.jpg (146681 bytes)

Glenn getting the morning paper, pretending he's in Margaritaville ... not!

snow4.jpg (127814 bytes)

snow5.jpg (143605 bytes)

snow27.jpg (130831 bytes)

Next to the Bear Crossing sign

snow6.jpg (134897 bytes)

A view of the flower bed and storage building

snow7.jpg (134496 bytes)

A small tree outside our bedroom window

snow8.jpg (130882 bytes)

  The dinosaurs are cloaked in white

snow15.jpg (143310 bytes) snow16.jpg (144441 bytes)

snow17.jpg (145954 bytes)

Golden eagles overhead

snow20.jpg (155119 bytes)

snow21.jpg (143317 bytes)

Interesting pattern on the paving stones in front of the front steps

snow1.jpg (128622 bytes)

First time this spring litter of kitties has ever seen snow!  One we call boots, another called Tux, and Snowball the Siamese

snow2.jpg (179959 bytes)snow3.jpg (136806 bytes)

snow13.jpg (143802 bytes) snow14.jpg (146733 bytes)

The palm tree out front is not used to this color

snow24.jpg (146130 bytes)

Glenn, in the wig, playing Snow Scarecrow?  I'm scared!

snow32.jpg (128567 bytes)

Our American flag, three views

snow11.jpg (157084 bytes)snow19.jpg (141039 bytes)

snow25.jpg (146759 bytes)

The neighbor's SEVEN FOOT TALL snowman

snow29.jpg (124492 bytes)

snow30.jpg (142511 bytes)

The red camillia bush cloaked in snow now, that gave such beautiful blooms just 24 hours ago, along with a pink bush on the other side of the front steps (not shown)

snow28.jpg (129452 bytes) 10-camillia2.jpg (127733 bytes) 10-camillia1.jpg (137411 bytes)


Snowball our Siamese had two kitties 2/26.  The black kitty did not survive beyond 4 days, Snowball brought her to the carpet for us to care for when it had passed away.

10cats13.jpg (157552 bytes) 10cats14.jpg (152633 bytes)

CAMELLIAS continue to bloom, the best year yet

10flowers1.jpg (158651 bytes) 10flowers2.jpg (147736 bytes)



At least 9 cats snuggling on our porch, and one photo of Mr. Goldie; 10 cats on the rug

10-cats2.jpg (124804 bytes) 10-cats1.jpg (122717 bytes) 10cats41.jpg (139202 bytes)

An idyllic moment in the sun, Tuxie (black & white female) with her two gold Tuxie brothers

10cats55.jpg (120911 bytes) 10cats56.jpg (124212 bytes)


Camellias and huge Lilies graced our table

10flowers38.jpg (127119 bytes)10flowers40.jpg (121824 bytes) 10flowers41.jpg (146926 bytes) 10flowers42.jpg (132837 bytes)

10flowers39.jpg (130540 bytes)

Friend & Neighbor Craig's birthday 
We'd given his kids bright red Wax Lips as a funny gift the week before.  They greeted us wearing the lips, which turned out to be the hit of the party

09bday1a.jpg (148864 bytes)

09bday3a.jpg (135312 bytes)

Young Tripp looks on, waiting for Cake Time!


09bday4a.jpg (122167 bytes)

It's Cake Time with Grandma


Craig, wearing the family's traditional Birthday Cake Hat

09bday5a.jpg (123825 bytes)

Sister Rebecca, managing the food

09bday2a.jpg (138002 bytes)

Theme of the party was TOOLS, to replace the hand tools stolen recently out of his garage.  Glenn spoofed him with a bucket full of broken tools, then a nice Lowe's Gift Card at the bottom of the bucket.

09bday26.jpg (92794 bytes)09bday9.jpg (84238 bytes)09bday7.jpg (76297 bytes)

09bday10.jpg (74553 bytes) 09bday12.jpg (76988 bytes) 09bday14.jpg (94384 bytes)

09bday16.jpg (99898 bytes)

The funniest part was how little Tripp would put his hand over his mouth anytime anyone suggested HE wear the wax lips

09bday11.jpg (60636 bytes)

09bday8.jpg (55686 bytes)

09bday13.jpg (61323 bytes)

09bday15.jpg (59247 bytes)



Thanks to Carla and daughter Lily, I attended this well performed show and dinner

09dixie2.jpg (140416 bytes)

A beautiful Christmas decorated plantation with themed costuming and dancing, and horses

09dixie1.jpg (133642 bytes)

09dixie3.jpg (160891 bytes)

Santa's Toy Shop, complete with glow-in-the-dark toys and dolls & horses that came to life

09dixie4.jpg (148627 bytes) 09dixie5.jpg (123001 bytes)

09dixie6.jpg (128372 bytes) 09dixie7.jpg (155359 bytes)

A Peter Pan like fairy flew through the air

09dixie8.jpg (120396 bytes)

Horses turned streamers in a delightful dance

09dixie9.jpg (155072 bytes)

A solitary white horse in the midst of the "storm"

09dixie10.jpg (151097 bytes)

A Christmas scene with the camels, 3 wise men and an angel flying overhead

09dixie11.jpg (162343 bytes)

09dixie12.jpg (141304 bytes)

A Pig Race!

09dixie13.jpg (148058 bytes)

A Reindeer Man riding a Chicken, a constant bit of  hilarity throughout the show

09dixie14.jpg (141699 bytes)

Horse Parade with snowflake lights

09dixie15.jpg (155723 bytes)

The Ringmaster on his gorgeous black stallion

09dixie16.jpg (143604 bytes)


Two gold brothers and their black & white "tux" sister

09cat13.jpg (145771 bytes)09cat14.jpg (156909 bytes)

09cat15.jpg (176765 bytes) 09cat16.jpg (175053 bytes)

Glenn lavishing love and milk on them all

09cat17.jpg (147055 bytes)

09cat18.jpg (154325 bytes)

They couldn't resist sitting on the moving polar bear Christmas statues in the yard, even crawling INSIDE of them

09cat19.jpg (164675 bytes) 09cat20.jpg (163816 bytes) 09cat22.jpg (162168 bytes) 10cats42.jpg (164024 bytes) 10cats43.jpg (160620 bytes)

Snuggling to stay warm in the winter rain, on the porch rug

09cat21.jpg (153782 bytes)


Near Office Depot at the beach, gorgeous fall colors in January

10-tree6.jpg (166651 bytes) 10-tree7.jpg (175775 bytes) 10-tree8.jpg (134791 bytes)

Neighborly help, Big Machine!

Neighbor Craig and son Tripp are leveling our driveway with his dad's equipment, pounding the road flat.  We could feel this even 2 blocks away.

10craig1.jpg (158070 bytes) 10craig2.jpg (165203 bytes)


Drive to Shallotte NC, 11/20/09
We made a beautiful drive to Shallotte (North Carolina) this afternoon, ate at the Inlet Grill (scallops, shrimp & clams), a great view of the inlet & marsh near the ocean (though I failed to take photos of that). 
These photos are of the hibiscus bushes blooming outside the restaurant, and a green striped plant a customer kindly identified for us as "Acuba" also known as Japanese laurel.
We drove back south to our favorite ice cream place in Calabash NC where I got a sweet potato souffle ice cream (yum!).  Brought 3 pints of other flavors home too.

shal-1.jpg (148702 bytes) shal-2.jpg (142981 bytes) shal-3.jpg (151684 bytes) shal-4.jpg (358522 bytes)


Heidi's 55th birthday

Glenn took Heidi to the Atlanta Aquarium on the way back from the Wehle Nature Center in Alabama.

Carla made a beautiful STEGOSAUR Chocolate DINOSAUR birthday cake for Heidi, how memorable is that?  You can even see a huge order of tagua nut in the background, waiting to be sorted, numbered, priced & photographed.

09bday5.jpg (135340 bytes) 09bday4.jpg (135674 bytes)

09bday1.jpg (149316 bytes) 09bday2.jpg (139635 bytes) 09bday3.jpg (139524 bytes) 09bday6.jpg (133100 bytes)


Our helper Carla and her daughter Lily, posing with our scary Alien Mannequin Dude (with Mardi Gras hat and boars tooth necklace).  Glenn is wearing his awful wig.

09hallow1.jpg (118378 bytes) 09hallow2.jpg (141617 bytes) 09hallow5.jpg (136280 bytes)

On a whim, when the doorbell rang and we knew it was our neighbors, Glenn opened the door on his hands and knees, wearing the Wolf Headdress, scaring the kids half to death.  He then stood up and removed all doubt of his dastardliness.

"Age and treachery will always overcome youth and skill."

09hallow3.jpg (135903 bytes)

A family of pirates and 1 princess, our neighbors' costumes.  Darn good too!

09hallow4.jpg (137614 bytes) 09hallow6.jpg (135246 bytes) 09hallow7.jpg (133670 bytes) 09hallow8.jpg (141921 bytes) 09hallow9.jpg (128003 bytes)

A few of the better photos I took of our road and yard, a break in the cloudy/rainy weather with a bit of sunshine.
Sumac on neighbor's fence, and fence line

autumn1.jpg (149621 bytes) autumn2.jpg (149848 bytes)

autumn13.jpg (173198 bytes)

Spanish moss on the neighbor's tree

autumn3.jpg (170252 bytes)autumn9.jpg (165969 bytes)

yellow autumn leaves in our yard

autumn4.jpg (151134 bytes) autumn5.jpg (135188 bytes)

2 decorative pepper plants

autumn6.jpg (129040 bytes) autumn7.jpg (127154 bytes)

Acorns on our oak tree

autumn8.jpg (137227 bytes)

A white bell type flower/weed that proliferates on the side of our private road

autumn10.jpg (126812 bytes)

Poisonous mushroom

Amanita muscaria

autumn11.jpg (137261 bytes)

A picturesque vine over our road

autumn12.jpg (154261 bytes)

New Cat Plantings!  Wonder how big they'll grow?

09cat1.jpg (143774 bytes) 09cat2.jpg (158034 bytes) 09cat3.jpg (142876 bytes)

Snowball and her baby Tick-tick

09cat4.jpg (157831 bytes)

09cat11.jpg (139795 bytes)

09cat12.jpg (138946 bytes)

Mr. Goldie, and black Mr. Deefie

09cat5.jpg (144651 bytes)

09cat9.jpg (164015 bytes)

09cat10.jpg (165127 bytes)

Tar baby

09cat6.jpg (137632 bytes)

Bootsie boy, next to gator partial skeleton on the porch

09cat7.jpg (120457 bytes)

09cat8.jpg (134461 bytes)

Yellow Bellied Sapsucker 

We used to just call these Red headed woodpeckers.  From living here in the woods, we have identified many bird species.

`09bird1.jpg (164645 bytes) 09bird2.jpg (161208 bytes)



A beautiful water hyacinth in our friend Dale's Florida pond.  Photo credit to Dale and Kathy.

waterhyacinth.jpg (77926 bytes)


Documenting some of the semi-wild cats we enjoy here

Gold & white cat  09kitty16.jpg (123673 bytes)09kitty24.jpg (162979 bytes)

Our surprise Siamese Snowball 09kitty20.jpg (139431 bytes)

Her brother (neurological problem, holds his head to the side)

09kitty21.jpg (149056 bytes)

New litter of 4 kitties

09kitty17.jpg (146551 bytes)09kitty26.jpg (137965 bytes)09kitty22.jpg (143401 bytes) 09kitty23.jpg (148646 bytes)

A tiger with white boots & nose from another litter 

09kitty18.jpg (148970 bytes) 09kitty19.jpg (153847 bytes)

Gold male cat, he is panting from the heat, as the cats have gotten their winter coats from a few cool nights, and now are too warm.  Weather is still in the high 80's during the day.

09kitty25.jpg (144332 bytes)


Believe it or not, Sept. 25th Glenn found berry bear puke with a baby bear footprint right in the middle of it, over near the deer corn.

09bear33.jpg (181799 bytes)

A mama black bear and twin cubs visited the yard Sept. 26th.  (We had to deal with reflection on the sunny window, apologies).

09bear17.jpg (114715 bytes) 09bear18.jpg (117498 bytes) 09bear19.jpg (130015 bytes) 09bear20.jpg (125863 bytes)

Some sound caused one cub to go up on his hind legs for a few moments.  False alarm.

09bear34.jpg (157223 bytes)09bear21.jpg (114429 bytes)

Mom and cubs decided to take a tour of part of the yard to be sure there was no danger.

09bear22.jpg (119383 bytes) 09bear35.jpg (159343 bytes) 09bear36.jpg (166959 bytes) 09bear23.jpg (126387 bytes) 

You can see where mom's front left foot has been broken, and healed crooked.  A permanent limp that does not look comfortable, also causing her to slow down.  A detriment if she needs to get away from danger with her cubs.

 09bear24.jpg (120718 bytes)

Mom tipped some of the corn out of the deer dish so all 3 could feed at the same time

09bear25.jpg (129550 bytes) 09bear37.jpg (156101 bytes) 09bear26.jpg (130567 bytes) 09bear27.jpg (130881 bytes)

09bear28.jpg (125641 bytes) 09bear29.jpg (130383 bytes) 09bear30.jpg (124315 bytes) 09bear38.jpg (157305 bytes)

09bear39.jpg (145940 bytes)

This twin scooped corn between his paws and was NOT going to share

09bear31.jpg (115333 bytes) 09bear32.jpg (116368 bytes)


Another stroll on Myrtle Beach Sept. 21.  The weather is still in the 80's.

09beach7.jpg (139715 bytes) 09beach8.jpg (144827 bytes) 09beach9.jpg (132412 bytes)

Heidi found a great Squalicorax tooth, they both found lots of sand shark points, and a few whole small teeth.

09beach4.jpg (151005 bytes) 09beach5.jpg (154962 bytes) 09beach6.jpg (150599 bytes)


This wayward little turtle was tootling across our driveway towards the conservation forest, a LONG ways from water, when we spotted the cats looking at something in the yard and we discovered it - an Eastern Box turtle (Terrapene carolina carolina), also called Common Box Turtle.  The hinged plastron (lower shell) that he is able to move up against the upper shell to protect his head is a marvelous ability.

tort2.jpg (137324 bytes) tort1.jpg (137483 bytes) tort3.jpg (142564 bytes)

In reading about it, I found that the male has a concave (lower shell) plastron to facilitate breeding on top of the female, which has a flat plastron.  So this is probably a female.  We took her down the road the other way to a small stream so she could have more of a chance of a good turtle life:

tort4.jpg (136447 bytes) tort5.jpg (170662 bytes)



A pink flowering Fasciata Bromeliad on our porch we enjoy every day.

pinkcactus.jpg (148761 bytes)

Near Titusville, FREE ICE CREAM, can it be?

icecream1.jpg (136963 bytes) icecream2.jpg (138580 bytes) icecream3.jpg (144307 bytes)


A hummingbird outside my home office window.  Through August we have hundreds of sipping visits a day outside Heidi's office window to the 2 feeders there.  Ruby throated males, females and juveniles visiting constantly. 

humbird.jpg (113964 bytes)


Glenn found a tiny red mushroom in our yard.  We can only identify it as a new mushroom of the Amanita muscaria species that turns into the red mushroom with white spots that we also find in the yard (other photos amongst the About Us photos).  YES, it is poisonous.

09mush1.jpg (161775 bytes) 09mush2.jpg (147643 bytes) 09mush3.jpg (148414 bytes)

09mush4.jpg (162355 bytes) 09mush5.jpg (166730 bytes)


JULY 2009

Two bears have been coming nightly up until the fire April 22; there has also been considerable construction going on nearby.  Since then we have not seen the bears, and worried they were either dead or had relocated to another area.  The bears usually start coming during the day starting in late May/early June.  They had not done so.

Friday July 17th one bear finally came during the day, we were so glad to see him!  It is the bear with the injured back leg, the skin & muscle had been stripped from the right rear leg back in March (we don't know what did it), we did not know if he could survive.  He did!  We estimate he is a 2 year old around 300 pounds

09bear10.jpg (157054 bytes) 09bear11.jpg (119378 bytes) 09bear5.jpg (127860 bytes)

He ate well, took a bath

09bear6.jpg (114449 bytes) 09bear2.jpg (128917 bytes) 09bear3.jpg (125409 bytes) 09bear4.jpg (114252 bytes)

He's had his bath (you can see how wet he is), now it's a mouthful of cat food for dessert, going down on his elbow to do so:

 09bear15.jpg (151928 bytes)

he explored the latticework where the cats are, though they are not prey to him..

09bear12.jpg (120077 bytes) 09bear13.jpg (130413 bytes)

The damaged leg joint is stiff & fixed, and he swings the leg in an outward arc to walk.  You can see it is healed but thinner from lost muscle, skin & fur, and weaker. 

09bear7.jpg (130789 bytes) 09bear1.jpg (124137 bytes) 09bear8.jpg (122850 bytes) 09bear9.jpg (129941 bytes)

He looked up this tree several times on his hind legs at his full height.  He must have seen something we did not, then went on his way.

09bear14.jpg (114567 bytes)

Current photos of the surprise Siamese kitten we call Snowball (born of a black cat mother, and black/white long-haired father, apparently a throwback).  You just never know.  She's Glenn's favorite, the only one allowing herself to be touched.  She has wandered into the house and two other buildings when the door is open.  A curious cat indeed, and a welcome fuzzy presence.  Taken July 18th.  Typical cross-eyed, inscrutable expression.

09kitty6.jpg (126887 bytes)

Nine cats showing in the 1st photo (the 3 mothers are off to the left), and six kitties at the milk dish in both photos.

09kitty8.jpg (157842 bytes) 09kitty9.jpg (148551 bytes)

DEER!  Though the deer come to our yard more than once a day, today (July 20) the doe & two aunties had a baby fawn with them, what a treat.  You can see them here between our house and the neighbor's.

09deer1.jpg (160642 bytes) 09deer2.jpg (160148 bytes) 09deer3.jpg (160622 bytes) 09deer4.jpg (158559 bytes)

09deer5.jpg (121125 bytes) 09deer6.jpg (119589 bytes) 09deer7.jpg (126370 bytes) 09deer8.jpg (124931 bytes)


JUNE 2009
Annual visit by Frank and his family, a photo op by the two dinosaurs this year

frank-dinos.jpg (168480 bytes)

Frank, normally a cautious, serious sort of guy (but really a kid inside) shows his other side when he comes to Myrtle Beach

frank-mask.jpg (150900 bytes)

One of 22+ cats currently in our yard, this one is gold & white

09kitty7.jpg (119906 bytes)


MAY 2009

May 1, it was a beautiful day to walk on the beach.  A little windy, about 75 degrees at the beach (closer to 82 inland), 

09mb1.jpg (115919 bytes) 09mb2.jpg (129425 bytes) 09mb3.jpg (125353 bytes)

but the tide was out and there were numerous hermit crabs to watch skittering through the tidal pools.  What fun!

09mb4.jpg (125521 bytes) 09mb5.jpg (121324 bytes) 09mb6.jpg (121879 bytes)

Glenn even found a nice fossil great white shark tooth, and a large megalodon shark tooth on the beach that day

Mid May, our first glimpse at our surprise Siamese kitten from a totally black colored mother, black/white long-haired father.  Isn't genetics great?

09kitty12.jpg (117290 bytes) 09kitty13.jpg (116923 bytes) 09kitty14.jpg (124154 bytes) 09kitty15.jpg (118737 bytes)

My annual photos of the beautiful Amaryllis flower beside our back steps:

09-amar1.jpg (132070 bytes) 09amar2.jpg (129082 bytes)


APRIL 22-MAY 2,, 2009


fire-18.jpg (23752 bytes) 

(photo credit to Tom Murray, Sun News, of a Loris firefighter at Nehemiah Green's home on  Willard Road, 12 miles from our home)

Many of you may have seen the national news about the huge fire in the Myrtle Beach/Conway area of our state over the last few days.  It started Wednesday the 22nd in the Barefoot Resort area behind Barefoot Landing mall in North Myrtle Beach, and spread rapidly due to the wind.  No one quite knew how far it would reach.
It is South Carolina's biggest wildfire in more than three decades - a blaze 4 miles wide, covering 23 square miles over the past two days - destroyed 70 homes and causing the evacuation of 5500 people Thursday. 
It came within three miles of our own home & business, closed the main road near our home, caused power outages, the smoke plume could even be seen from space.  Our good neighbor Don cut a firebreak between the conservation forest and our property with his grader as a precaution.

fire-20.jpg (125231 bytes) fire-21.jpg (124260 bytes) fire-22.jpg (116573 bytes)

Even by May 2, Blackhawk helicopters are still taking water from a neighbor's pond several hundred yards from our home, as some of the fire is still in a peat bog type of ground which is difficult to put out.  A smoke smell permeates the yard some days due to the direction of the wind, causing us to have to wear masks.

BUT WE ARE SAFE, and our hearts go to those who have lost possessions in this wildfire.  The efforts of the firefighters has been very much appreciated!

fire10.jpg (127504 bytes) fire8.jpg (123705 bytes) fire9.jpg (168459 bytes) fire11.jpg (118335 bytes)

fire14.jpg (100429 bytes) fire16.jpg (122504 bytes) fire17.jpg (119590 bytes) fire13.jpg (109978 bytes)

Helicopter photos, courtesy of neighbor and professional photographer  Lisa Young



Azalea, myrtle blossom and yellow jessamine vine, early April, in our yard, a welcome sight:

09-azalea.jpg (234145 bytes) 09bloom.jpg (170313 bytes) 09jessamine.jpg (127472 bytes)

Friends Harry and Linda visited again from Canada, a warm change from the record snowfall where they live

09harry.jpg (144062 bytes)

Raccoon eating happily from the cat food

09coon1.jpg (115797 bytes)

Two of our "wild" cats have had kittens, they are old enough to explore through the lattice work and are now drinking milk from the dish.  Their antics are always entertaining.

09kitty1.jpg (115636 bytes) 09kitty2.jpg (121965 bytes)

They look like whack-a-moles poking their heads out of the lattice work.  Total of 6 showing in the last photo

09kitty3.jpg (125826 bytes) 09kitty4.jpg (129165 bytes) 09kitty5.jpg (129787 bytes)


January 15th

Another wonderful walk on the beach with my Curmudgeon Glenn, one of me at the 2nd Avenue South Pier, and a wicked shell that just MIMICS a shark tooth, cruel:

09beach1.jpg (150469 bytes) 09beach2.jpg (122185 bytes) 09beach3.jpg (125786 bytes)

The bush had the most blooms we have ever seen, though a freeze a week later killed them off, we thoroughly enjoyed them while we could:

09bloom4.jpg (192068 bytes) 09bloom2.jpg (142987 bytes) 09bloom3.jpg (141037 bytes)

One of the first azaleas, a double color:

09bloom5.jpg (152181 bytes)

Life's simplest pleasures, a Rainbow Foam car wash with a cotton candy smell (the color changes as it comes out of the nozzle), it is more than just a car wash to us.  A kid's delight, I hope I never grow up:

09wash1.jpg (158216 bytes) 09wash3.jpg (154762 bytes) 09wash4.jpg (153722 bytes) 09wash2.jpg (143156 bytes)

09wash5.jpg (161199 bytes) 09wash6.jpg (152148 bytes) 09wash7.jpg (159284 bytes) 09wash8.jpg (162539 bytes)

A visit to the Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach was a blast, to see the sawfish, moray eels, and the sand tiger sharks:

09ripley1.jpg (172754 bytes) 09ripley5.jpg (160344 bytes) 09ripley6.jpg (139774 bytes)

09ripley2.jpg (151168 bytes) 09ripley3.jpg (141174 bytes) 09ripley4.jpg (143679 bytes)

An orange sea anemone as seen on a mirror, a jellyfish, and a pink anemone (these 3 photos compliments of Carla Ellenbecker):

Inauguration Day (January 20) we had a freak snowstorm here in South Carolina (first time in 20 years), about an inch accumulated with slushy roads.  An inexperienced driver went off the road near our house, hit a telephone pole at 10:15 a.m., causing a complete blackout of electric, T.V. and internet at the same time, while we were watching the pre-Inaugural activity in Washington  D.C. leading up to the swearing in of Barack Obama as our new President.  What incredibly bad timing!  So we hopped in the car and headed down the road to a restaurant with a TV, immediately seeing the flatbed tow truck taking away one of the two cars involved in the crash, and the numerous bucket trucks busily replacing the pole.

inaug1.jpg (154788 bytes) inaug2.jpg (151594 bytes) inaug3.jpg (161219 bytes)

A random photo of a housing development on Highway 90 showing some of the snowfall

inaug4.jpg (150273 bytes)

Here's Glenn at the Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant, where we ended up watching the inauguration till 12:15 p.m., heading home to find the power on again and watching the rest of the festivities on our familiar large screen TV.  A memorable inauguration, but not in the way we planned!

inaug5.jpg (135666 bytes) inaug6.jpg (156660 bytes)

Lily, daughter of friend and indispensable helper Carla, they made a special visit to our home Jan. 24th at little Lily's request to see us.  Her last request before they left was to rock in the big chair in Heidi's office, where I told her that her hair matched that of the fox fur hanging on the back of the chair.  The other fur is otter, both furs from Barrow, Alaska from our 3 trips there

lily1.jpg (295495 bytes)


A tree in our front yard has turned a beautiful red, we couldn't resist showing it off.  This is our "autumn" in December:

tree3.jpg (117188 bytes) tree1.jpg (141793 bytes) tree2.jpg (156221 bytes)


autumn leaves.jpg (114430 bytes)

The camellias began blooming around December 20th:

Dec-camellia.jpg (153328 bytes)

Around Christmas, a flock of seagulls settled on the parking lot at Walmart in Conway

seagull2.jpg (152518 bytes) seagull3.jpg (141727 bytes) seagull4.jpg (148359 bytes) seagull1.jpg (144153 bytes)

One of our "stray" cats decided to take a stroll across the storage building roof.  A strange sight:

cat-on-roof1.jpg (159059 bytes) cat-on-roof2.jpg (165542 bytes)

Beavers gnawed a huge tree next to a creek near our house

beaver-tree.jpg (308274 bytes)

And one tree stump gnawed by the beavers looks like an elephant!

elephant-tree.jpg (141221 bytes)


Taken 12/15/08

Two years in the making, Heidi's arctic purple velvet coat trimmed in Eskimo worked polar bear fur is a real heirloom piece

xmas08-1.jpg (162686 bytes) xmas08-16.jpg (122205 bytes) 

On the front porch of our home

xmas08-19.jpg (129586 bytes)

In our front yard, inside the circle drive

xmas08-2.jpg (177398 bytes) 

 xmas08-20.jpg (178089 bytes)

On our tandem bike, a novelty in this neighborhood

xmas08-7.jpg (162493 bytes)

Hand in hand with our pet dinosaurs

xmas08-3.jpg (160698 bytes)

Our Extinct cave bear that protects our living room, now looming over the Christmas tree

xmas08-4.jpg (144944 bytes)

Glenn clowning with our largest mako shark jaw

mako-jaw.jpg (149219 bytes)

Heidi's "work" area, with a big bay window overlooking the side yard where bears and deer frequently feed

 Heidi-office.jpg (158286 bytes)

Glenn shaking one of our trees, I rarely see him this cheerful, I had to snap this photo:

xmas08-17.jpg (187065 bytes)

With our two wolf headdresses from Alaska (black, and blonde), posed like domestic dogs on our living room rug

xmas08-5.jpg (148838 bytes) xmas08-6.jpg (147203 bytes)

Two Ugly Face Jugs...with one extra.  We sent this as the last photo in our grandkids' photo balls for Christmas.  Do you think they will be terrified?  Guaranteed.  We call this Glenn's Bad Santa Look

xmas08-8.jpg (131618 bytes)

Friends Laura & Bob brought their traditional Lasagna Christmas luncheon for us, along with Christmas cookies.  It made us feel like Christmas had really begun.

xmas08-9.jpg (127181 bytes) xmas08-10.jpg (142581 bytes) xmas08-11.jpg (145734 bytes) xmas08-12.jpg (130946 bytes)

A pygmy octopus that washed up on the beach, Bob & Laura preserved it in alcohol for their collection. 

xmas08-13.jpg (126175 bytes) xmas08-14.jpg (128475 bytes) xmas08-15.jpg (145379 bytes)



Friends and customers alike sent us Headline newspapers from their state or country (some whole newspapers), with the historic Barack Obama Presidential win.  One of our favorites is the headline "The Planet at the "O" Moment" from Romania.  We read every one, relishing not only the historicity of it, but also the news and perspectives of the other countries.  We thank you one and all for your generosity.  These will be cherished mementos of our U.S. history.

Below is a picture of most of them.The papers are from: 

newspapers.jpg (871757 bytes)

Rodney Fox, Australia
Theresa, Nova Scotia
Dann & Cyndi - Nevada

and from Us, here in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

And here are photos of the same group, by sections so they are more easily read, if you wish to:

n12.jpg (735019 bytes) n13.jpg (727377 bytes) n14.jpg (745020 bytes) n15.jpg (761346 bytes)

n16.jpg (738309 bytes) n17.jpg (726205 bytes) n18.jpg (722732 bytes) n19.jpg (728026 bytes)

n20.jpg (721123 bytes) n21.jpg (707881 bytes) n22.jpg (734412 bytes) n23.jpg (708863 bytes)

n24.jpg (682324 bytes)

Thanksgiving Day, Casino Boat

North Myrtle Beach, SC

We enjoyed a sumptuous Thanksgiving buffet aboard the Big "M" Casino boat, the weather was in the high 60's, a perfect day in South Carolina.  The boat trailing us is a much smaller casino boat.

tday1.jpg (145416 bytes) tday3.jpg (150405 bytes) tday4.jpg (142777 bytes) tday5.jpg (166141 bytes)

Glenn's last shot was of a seagull as we were docking, with the rosy glow of a beautiful sunset coloring the photo and the seagull on the piling.  A fitting ending to a nice day, though we went on to have dinner at a great Mongolian Grill called Empire Fire north of Barefoot Landing shops.

tday2.jpg (167238 bytes)

My Drusy Quartz Pendant collection

drusy1.jpg (76297 bytes) drusy2.jpg (97143 bytes)

An email friend asked about a pendant she saw me wearing in a family photo, so I photographed the iridized drusy quartz pendants I have in my personal collection.  Though we choose not to handle these on a retail basis, I have posted them here for you to enjoy.  The other stones in the pendants are:  Fossil Ammonite (the circular shell), spotted Ocean Jasper, Opaque blue Larimer, and blue topaz.



Our most recent painting, acquired for Heidi's birthday, from artist Sandra Ragan who did our other sunset paintings. Sandra named this one "Heaven's Autumn".

What a breath of fresh air, I can feel the soft grass on my back as I look up at the trees and hear the wind.

birches2.jpg (134209 bytes) birch1.jpg (252105 bytes)

Our "stray" contented mother cat nursing her gold kitten, this kitten has actually survived till January, so far, thankfully.

wi44.jpg (130343 bytes) wi45.jpg (122103 bytes)




A MUSHROOM BIRDBATH!  Okay, it's for a really tiny hummingbird or munchkin bird, but that's what it looks like!

mushroom-birdbath.jpg (157894 bytes)

Baby spiders, just hatched, in between our front porch steps:

babyspiders1.jpg (154468 bytes) babyspiders2.jpg (162563 bytes)

Our favorite visitor, Mr. young Bear, laying on the hill between our yard and the Conservation forest:

bear-on-hill1.jpg (159196 bytes) bear-on-hill2.jpg (155386 bytes)

Our gorgeous hibiscus continue to bloom

08hib1.jpg (149230 bytes) 08hib2.jpg (163014 bytes) 08hib3.jpg (167354 bytes)

Yellow garden spider at its most glorious, along our driveway

08spider1.jpg (149343 bytes) 08spider2.jpg (150387 bytes) 08spider3.jpg (148526 bytes)

A  Texas Rose (Hibiscus) seeded over near the bear pool, only a foot high, with an 8" bloom.  What a pleasant surprise!  I pan out so you can see the size compared to the pool and Glenn

08txrose1.jpg (144990 bytes)08txrose2.jpg (157581 bytes) 08txrose3.jpg (167117 bytes)

Our neighbor's horse (retired from Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede), knows where the best corn is...in OUR yard

horse1.jpg (158696 bytes) horse2.jpg (164292 bytes) horse3.jpg (152496 bytes)


JULY 2008

Fourth of July, our flag is waving proudly

1-flag.jpg (157078 bytes) 1-flag1.jpg (152543 bytes)

Every afternoon we have a big thunderstorm, here is the view off the back porch of the cameo building and the dinosaurs in the back yard through the torrential rain pouring out of the eave troughs

rain1.jpg (125259 bytes) rain2.jpg (130556 bytes)

One of our wild kitties, enjoying the coolness of the swing

kitty.jpg (113398 bytes)

Our fat, well fed raccoon family eating the cat food under the umbrella that keeps it dry.  Glenn took these photos from his office window with the zoom lens

coon2.jpg (129314 bytes) coon3.jpg (113689 bytes) coon4.jpg (118753 bytes) coon5.jpg (120599 bytes)

coon6.jpg (120480 bytes) coon1.jpg (116252 bytes)



We have known of a mother black bear and 3 cubs that have been visiting our side yard every night.  Now they are visiting the yard during the day!

08bear1.jpg (157547 bytes) bear.jpg (125388 bytes)

The young male (we think it's a male because he's bigger than the other 2 cubs and usually feeds separately.  Here he is standing guard at the crossover path at the ditch:

08bear2.jpg (139869 bytes) 08bear14.jpg (124157 bytes) 08bear15.jpg (123110 bytes) 08bear16.jpg (121643 bytes)

08bear17.jpg (119861 bytes) 08bear18.jpg (118441 bytes) 08bear19.jpg (124042 bytes) 08bear20.jpg (115012 bytes)

08bear22.jpg (128590 bytes) 08bear23.jpg (116906 bytes) 08bear26.jpg (115569 bytes)

It looks like the bear is smelling the flower, when in reality the hibiscus bush is considerably closer to the camera:

08bear21.jpg (127523 bytes)

And taking baths in the bear pool...together!  One cub entered the pool, then mama, then another cub..I don't know why the side of the pool (which is a boy's plastic car bed) didn't split.  We'll have to write the manufacturer and tell them how sturdy it is!

08bear3.jpg (148325 bytes) 08bear4.jpg (156073 bytes) 08bear5.jpg (151856 bytes) 08bear6.jpg (154353 bytes)

08bear7.jpg (134267 bytes) 08bear8.jpg (155599 bytes) 08bear9.jpg (156578 bytes) 08bear10.jpg (158213 bytes)

08bear11.jpg (151717 bytes) 08bear24.jpg (122635 bytes)

Then exploring a short ways beyond the hibiscus bush "barrier" before realizing they were "out of bounds"..

 08bear12.jpg (159354 bytes)

Here is Mama bear that came alone this morning.  She has apparently broken her left front ankle which has a large lump on it (or a snake bite), we have noticed since she began coming, as she limps but can put weight on it.  We hope it heals without an infection, we will continue to worry.

08bear13.jpg (156664 bytes)

A rare sighting for South Carolina!  A wood stork (Mycteria americana), usually found only in Georgia and Florida, wingspan up to 5 feet across, striking black & white wing markings, has been visiting the pond down our road.  What a treat!

bird1.jpg (163509 bytes) bird3.jpg (146065 bytes) bird4.jpg (120744 bytes)

bird5.jpg (129055 bytes) bird6.jpg (125578 bytes) bird7.jpg (126497 bytes) bird2.jpg (155004 bytes)

A small type of wren is building a nest in our barn birdfeeder!

08bird1.jpg (142689 bytes)

This year's flowers are flourishing, thanks to Glenn's generous fertilizing with Miracle-Gro.  Japonica camellia, wildflowers, yellow calla lily, rose:

08flo1.jpg (166242 bytes) 08flo2.jpg (132618 bytes) 08flo7.jpg (137259 bytes) 08flo8.jpg (134181 bytes)

08flo4.jpg (156349 bytes) 08flo18.jpg (152899 bytes)

Day lilies that grew like weeds, 5 feet tall!

08flo10.jpg (119374 bytes) 08flo5.jpg (146531 bytes) 08flo6.jpg (146858 bytes) 08flo9.jpg (138872 bytes) 

08flo11.jpg (165453 bytes) 08flo12.jpg (151126 bytes) 08flo13.jpg (163426 bytes) 08flo14.jpg (153727 bytes) 08flo15.jpg (156600 bytes)

 08flo16.jpg (168475 bytes) 08flo17.jpg (161456 bytes) 08flo20.jpg (152363 bytes) 08flo21.jpg (151111 bytes) 08flo22.jpg (155209 bytes)

08flo23.jpg (159561 bytes) 08flo24.jpg (163070 bytes) 08flo26.jpg (151090 bytes) 08flo27.jpg (159456 bytes) 08flo68.jpg (160181 bytes)

  08flo30.jpg (147645 bytes) 08flo29.jpg (147500 bytes)


08flo3.jpg (144147 bytes) 08flo28.jpg (158429 bytes)08flo62.jpg (148689 bytes) 08flo63.jpg (150281 bytes)

One of the flourishing flower beds:

08flo19.jpg (162787 bytes) 08flo25.jpg (157715 bytes)

Mimosa blooms, resembling an exotic Fourth of July fireworks, from a tree down the road:

mim1.jpg (158791 bytes) mim2.jpg (148812 bytes) mim3.jpg (160421 bytes) mim4.jpg (154888 bytes)

June 23, 2008  The Texas Rose (a species of Hibiscus) began blooming yesterday.  The blooms are as big as dinner plates.  We have been awaiting their arrival.  Many more to come, the stems are over 5 feet tall with a dozens of blooms on each of the five stalks.  A testament to Miracle-Gro, I'm sure, and Glenn's loving hands:

tex08-1.jpg (145569 bytes) tex08-2.jpg (138098 bytes) tex08-3.jpg (151854 bytes)

Mama cat deposited one tiger striped kitty on our porch carpet with a clear message - help!  She apparently didn't have enough milk for her whole litter this time.  This is our "stray cat"...one of them.  So we fed the little female with kitty formula first with a bottle, a large spoon, then a saucer.  We discovered that baby kitties don't immediately figure out the right angle to lap milk, they tend to inhale milk from a bowl while trying to drink.  So now we know why a kitty will step INTO a plate to drink from the far edge of the milk, so its nose is out of the milk.  We also treated the baby's eyes, she has steadily improved and can hardly be called one of our pampered "stray" cats anymore, as she romps up to the porch as soon as she sees us step out in the morning.  Notice the evolution of progress:

08kitty18.jpg (104290 bytes)08kitty1.jpg (155619 bytes) 08kitty2.jpg (146851 bytes)08kitty17.jpg (145280 bytes)

08kitty14.jpg (140693 bytes) 08kitty15.jpg (135575 bytes) 08kitty16.jpg (134250 bytes)08kitty3.jpg (140243 bytes) 08kitty4.jpg (136372 bytes)

Here's my tough big guy:

08kitty5.jpg (89958 bytes) 08kitty6.jpg (97972 bytes) 08kitty7.jpg (107659 bytes) 

Little  Miss Bitty Kitty checking out the sprinkler head:

08kitty13.jpg (121634 bytes)

Mama boots, with her  litter and a couple of her mother's (Big Mama's) litter.  Boots' litter is 2 weeks older than Big Mama's litter:

08kitty9.jpg (122307 bytes) 08kitty8.jpg (127128 bytes) 08kitty10.jpg (116427 bytes)

Big Mama lapping milk with the kitties:

08kitty12.jpg (120323 bytes)

Big Mama, acting lovey, and another female we call Mrs. Black who did not bear a litter this year, thank goodness!

08cat1.jpg (169210 bytes) 08cat2.jpg (167989 bytes)

Update 6/14/08  This kitty has now disappeared, the casualty of one of the many predators in these woods.  We are glad we had some time to help a young creature, however long her life. 

Fat & sassy raccoons (there are 5 or 6) share the space under the storage building, and the cat food amicably with the cats.  The umbrella keeps the food dry..another pampering by Glenn:

08coon1.jpg (149771 bytes) 08coon2.jpg (152385 bytes)

June 18, 2008

Friends Frank, Cathy, their kids Josh, Noah and baby Danielle during their annual visit, posed under Mr. Cave Bear, and photos from the Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant down the road

frank4.jpg (136067 bytes) frank5.jpg (153102 bytes)


APRIL 2008

Beautiful hibiscus blooms at the new Market Commons (the old Air force base area of Myrtle Beach)

hib1commons.jpg (149632 bytes) hib2commons.jpg (147976 bytes)

And our own azaleas blooming:

08flo31.jpg (137324 bytes) 08flo32.jpg (142840 bytes) 08flo33.jpg (139420 bytes) 08flo34.jpg (135652 bytes) 08flo35.jpg (135720 bytes)

then they explode into real bloom!

08flo38.jpg (141191 bytes) 08flo39.jpg (138756 bytes) 08flo40.jpg (147498 bytes) 08flo41.jpg (136199 bytes)

08flo42.jpg (130074 bytes) 08flo43.jpg (163189 bytes) 08flo44.jpg (145307 bytes) 08flo45.jpg (139691 bytes)

and our early wildflowers:

08flo36.jpg (142177 bytes) 08flo37.jpg (135075 bytes)

Candy striped amaryllis:

08flo55.jpg (136521 bytes) 08flo56.jpg (136048 bytes) 08flo57.jpg (146037 bytes) 08flo58.jpg (156619 bytes)

08flo65.jpg (147540 bytes) 08flo66.jpg (150958 bytes) 08flo64.jpg (142663 bytes)

More roses, more vivid each year it seems:

08flo59.jpg (155637 bytes) 08flo60.jpg (154602 bytes) 08flo61.jpg (150667 bytes) 08flo67.jpg (151224 bytes)

Good friends Harry, Linda and Zack & Zack's mom from Canada visited us this year.  Young Zack enjoyed the wolf skin headdress, and our Mr. Cave Bear:

z2.jpg (137704 bytes) z1.jpg (141468 bytes)

z7.jpg (163840 bytes)

z10.jpg (142230 bytes) z4.jpg (143241 bytes)

Long-time friend Hal Kaiser (moving to New York, photo May 29) poses with Mr. Cave Bear for one last time:

hal-cavebear.jpg (133610 bytes) hal-cavebear2.jpg (134596 bytes)

We woke up one morning, and looked out to see that the dew had fallen and highlighted the many spider webs in the yard, and in the ditch and the grass beyond the ditch. What a phenomenon to view!

spid1.jpg (166901 bytes) spid2.jpg (146881 bytes) spid3.jpg (154500 bytes) spid4.jpg (168091 bytes)

spid5.jpg (170989 bytes) spid6.jpg (175562 bytes) spid7.jpg (177300 bytes) spid8.jpg (163492 bytes)


MARCH 2008

The hyacinths, azaleas, irises and crocuses have been out for a couple of weeks already, here in South Carolina, here's one of our hyacinths..

flowers-spr08.jpg (121045 bytes)


January 1, 2008

Open letter from Glenn:

It is with a very distinct amount of pleasure that I make my following intentions known to our loyal customers, friends and fellow business associates.

I have reached a point in my life where I have had the pleasure of building a very successful business.  My ever-growing curiosity over the past 38 years has led me to the far reaches of the earth, pursuing my dream of finding the strangest, most bizarre oddities that you see on our website.

These past 11 years, Heidi has been involved in my business. Early on, our businesses were combined, creating another whole dimension encompassing many beautiful categories of things we have found from new travels together.

So I have decided it's time to hand over the reins of this partnership to my lovely and capable wife Heidi, making her the sole proprietor of Where on Earth effective January 2008.

I will continue to support Heidi, but in a much different role.  This change in management will allow me more time to pursue other creative choices.  Working on gator skulls and cameos and restoring our cave bear skeleton is like putting together model planes and cars that I never got to play with as a kid, now I can do so with even less distractions...

glenn-gatorskull.jpg (157468 bytes) glenncave1.jpg (140815 bytes) glenncave2.jpg (139685 bytes) glenncave3.jpg (142247 bytes)

One weekend's work with cameos & eyeglass loops:jewelry-glenn.jpg (145789 bytes)

I hope you will join me in further support and interest in Where on Earth as we continue our travels to find the unusual, as well as educational endeavors.

As a sign of her mutual interest, she has taken a quantum leap in the new direction of the future of Where on Earth.  Heidi has made her first sole selection, a large addition to our outstanding collection.  It is with admiration and love that I share with you and showcase - Direct from Romania - The Romanian Cave Bear Collection (link below)

Cave Bear Fossils

caveheidi.jpg (139608 bytes)


As our neighbor Craig was going to be in Charlotte NC for a day with his wife, Glenn asked him to bring an armload of fresh flowers from the famous Farmer's Market near the airport for Heidi's birthday.  What a plethora of blooms to receive in a single day!

h-bday1.jpg (115843 bytes) h-bday2.jpg (125105 bytes)

A baby named CHERISH

A tiny resin baby by Camille Allen that my Glenn purchased for my 53rd birthday.  This is the 3rd baby Glenn has purchased for me from her collection (the other 2 can be viewed on About Us page 2, Sept of '05 section).  It does describe his attitude towards me.  What a treasure Glenn is.

cherish3.jpg (132547 bytes)

cherish1.jpg (153789 bytes) cherish2.jpg (154659 bytes)

Mom cat with her 4 babies, playing around the storage building, at least two of them are gone now including the gold kitty

cats1.jpg (128502 bytes) cats2.jpg (120518 bytes) cats3.jpg (123425 bytes) cats4.jpg (129058 bytes) cats5.jpg (124306 bytes)

Even she can only take so much, she finally leaves, and they are puzzled

cats6.jpg (119892 bytes)


The strangest, largest grasshopper we've ever seen (at least 3" long, yikes!), on a leaf near our back porch:

grasshpr1.jpg (159323 bytes) grasshpr3.jpg (125673 bytes) grasshpr2.jpg (150750 bytes)

Anyone have more information on this creature?  Thanks to  Theresa in Nova Scotia, she identified this as an Eastern Lubber Grasshopper.  Thanks!

Yellow mushrooms sprouted overnight:

aug-mush.jpg (154321 bytes)

and a lovely white wildflower sprouted nearby:

aug-flower.jpg (141483 bytes)

Glenn came home with a 50 pound watermelon.  It took the two of us a week to eat, but eat it we did!

water3.jpg (148087 bytes) water2.jpg (142530 bytes) water1.jpg (147520 bytes)

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