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Contents:  Safari Animal Mounts: Alligator head

Full body Bear; WALL: Boar, Buffalo; Cow/Steer; Deer; Duck; Goat; Springbok Impala; Pheasant; Sheep-4 horn; Squirrel; Turkey; Water Buffalo;

TABLE: Boar, Fish



One-time offering

Chris, an avid game hunter here in South Carolina, contacted us to purchase his entire collection.  He shared many stories with us on how he acquired these animals, which was entertaining in itself.  He has moved on to a new love of scuba diving and wanted to finance the new hobby.  So we bought it all, you see it below.  In our business, "you never know what's next"




Turned head; measures 17” long x 7” wide across eyes
Flat back area measures 9-1/4” x 9-1/2”
Weight: 3 pounds 11 ounces

$199  SOLD


#SAF-5 Bear






 Young GRIZZLY BEAR from Alaska on synthetic rock-appearing base with wheels

Full body, excellent condition, complete

Measures 57" long x 17" across back.

Head measures from tip of nose to back of ear 15".

49" tall overall on base.

Base is 12" tall at the front foot, 8" tall at the back foot.

Base overall measures 55" long x 22" wide


(free delivery East of the Mississippi); inquire for other locations





#SAF-10 Head/neck mount

saf-10a.jpg (170868 bytes)  saf-10b.jpg (169576 bytes)  saf-10c.jpg (170197 bytes)

saf-10e.jpg (174307 bytes)  saf-10f.jpg (175697 bytes)  saf-10d.jpg (170406 bytes)

MEASURES 22-1/2" off the wall, 11" wide x 16" tall

TUSKS: Lower R 2-1/4", Lower L 2-3/8";

Upper R 1-3/4"; Upper L 1-1/2"

Approx 20 lbs

Taken in Estill, SC in 2008

For 200 years, hogs were brought to South Carolina by early settlers and eventually escaped adding to the wild population. In the 1930′s Russian Boar were introduced in to the wild of South Carolina so today, most hogs have a Russian Boar influence. Today it is estimated that South Carolina has well over 100,000 hogs running wild.



BOAR SKULL on wooden back mount


saf-11a.jpg (169176 bytes)  saf-11b.jpg (166258 bytes)

saf-11d.jpg (183691 bytes)  saf-11e.jpg (179900 bytes)

 saf-11c.jpg (168186 bytes)

MEASURES 12" from wall; 15" tall base x 12" wide; acquired in South Carolina

Approx 8 lbs

$290 REDUCED TO $175





BOAR’S TUSKS (four) and bullet with spent bullet, wall mount
Green felt backing, glued to natural slice of tree
2 bottom tusks wrapped together with rawhide measure 4” across x 2-1/2” tall; 2 upper tusks wrapped together with raw hide measure 2-3/4” across x 1-3/8” tall
Bullet is a Winchester 30.06
Backboard measures 10” tall x 7-1/2” wide
Weight: 13 ounces

$79  SOLD



BOAR’S HEAD, small, wall mount
Measures 16” out from wall x 9-1/2” wide x 12” tall
Back board measures 7” wide x 8” tall
Weight: 4 pounds 10 ounces




BOAR’S HEAD, large, wall mount
Measures 23” off from wall, x 11” wide x 17” tall
Plywood back board
Weight: 7 pounds 3 ounces




BOAR’S HEAD, large, wall mount
Measures 22” out from wall x 14” wide x 19” tall
Small separation around both eyes and top of snout, as is, priced accordingly
Weight:  11 pounds 1 ounce

$450  SOLD

LINK to other Boar skulls & teeth for sale




#SAF-20  Head/shoulder mount

saf-20a.jpg (178190 bytes)  saf-20b.jpg (170567 bytes)

saf-20c.jpg (168332 bytes)  saf-20d.jpg (171096 bytes)

saf-20e.jpg (171674 bytes)

 saf-20f.jpg (160531 bytes)  saf-20g.jpg (174867 bytes)

saf-20h.jpg (172931 bytes)

MEASURES 25" depth from wall, 34" tall, 20" wide; 18" between horn tips

Horns measure: Right: 12-1/2"; Left 12"

Approx 35 lbs.

From Western Tennessee, part of a permitted cull

$1900  SOLD



Large natural Buffalo hide with fur

saf22a.jpg (164828 bytes)  saf22b.jpg (171239 bytes)saf22c.jpg (167407 bytes)



Measures: 90" long x 92" widest (including legs) x 82" wide body

$1200  SOLD




COW/STEER HORNS on wood wall mount
Measure 17” tip to tip x 2-1/4” diameter thickest
Backboard (painted burgundy) measures 11-1/2 x 9-3/8”
Weight: 2 pounds 10 ounces




DEER SKULL glue mounted on 2-piece wood wall display
Skull measures 12” long x 4-3/4” wide x 5-1/4” deep
Wall mount measures 8” tall x 6” wide x 7/8” thick
Weight: 2 pounds 4 ounces




DUCK (Mallard) on wood, wall mount
Duck measures (linear) 21” long x 16” wingspan x 6” out from wall
Weight: 1 pound 11 ounces

$155  SOLD



GOAT HORNS and skull cap, on wood wall mount
Horns measure 25” tip to tip x 2-3/4” thickest
Skull cap is 4-1/2” wide x 6” tall
Wood mount measures 8” tall x 7” wide
Weight: 4 pounds 6 ounces

$275  SOLD



Springbok Impala pieces of jaw with teeth
Two sections measuring 7" long x 3" wide x 2" deep
Goes to the horns listed below or can be purchased separately.



Partial skull and intact horns of African Springbok impala
Measure linear 21" from bottom of skull to top of horns, skull is 6" long x 4" wide x 3-1/4" tall
Weight: 2 pounds



Wall mount

(Alces alces gigas)


saf40h.jpg (163226 bytes)  saf40b.jpg (164443 bytes)

saf40c.jpg (165117 bytes)  saf40d.jpg (162456 bytes)

saf40y.jpg (150243 bytes)  saf40z.jpg (148494 bytes)

saf40e.jpg (155072 bytes)  saf40f.jpg (156865 bytes)

saf40g.jpg (163416 bytes)  saf40i.jpg (166185 bytes)

saf40m.jpg (166940 bytes)  saf40j.jpg (163345 bytes)

top of antlers showing bullet holes on right antler, and left antler

saf40k.jpg (168091 bytes)  saf40l.jpg (159165 bytes)

saf40p.jpg (158014 bytes)  saf40q.jpg (160941 bytes)

Juncture of antler to head, also showing ears

saf40n.jpg (165395 bytes)  saf40o.jpg (167752 bytes)

saf40r.jpg (163099 bytes)  saf40s.jpg (160509 bytes)

saf40t.jpg (161536 bytes)  saf40u.jpg (161112 bytes)  saf40v.jpg (160204 bytes)

Underside of antlers

saf40w.jpg (159504 bytes)  saf40x.jpg (161459 bytes)

saf40a.jpg (164754 bytes)


We understand it is listed in Boone & Crockett's, hunter: Dr. Snow, Jacksonville Florida.  Hole in upper back of wooden backboard for mounting on wall.


60" wide antlers

34 points

38" nose to wall

Backboard 20" wide

Base front of ear to nose: 23"

This should be a promo ad for the Chrysler Town & Country stow-and-go van, the moose head fit (barely), even with the 2nd row seats still up!

saf40bb.jpg (170460 bytes)  saf40aa.jpg (165589 bytes)


$5500  SOLD




(can be purchased separately or as a pair)

saf-60a.jpg (187081 bytes) 

saf-60c.jpg (168253 bytes)
saf-60e.jpg (182260 bytes)

EACH MEASURES 30" wingtip to wingtip; 25" long x 12" from wall

Taken at Wings Lodge, West Georgia

$260  SOLD




(ovis sp.)

Also called Jacobs Sheep, previously called piebald sheep, a rare, primitive species of multi-horned sheep with ancestry of 3,000 years.  Extremely thick wool with rich coloring of white, tan, and chestnut brown. Wild set of horns on this interesting animal.

#SAF-80  Head/neck mount

saf-80a.jpg (177687 bytes)  saf-80b.jpg (173212 bytes)

saf-80c.jpg (179080 bytes) saf-80e.jpg (170993 bytes)

saf-80f.jpg (165263 bytes)

 saf-80d.jpg (169994 bytes)

MEASURES 23" from wall x 34" tall x 14" wide

HORNS measure:

TOP: right 18"; left 12-1/2"

BOTTOM: right 14", left 9"

Approx 30 lbs

Taken in North Carolina at Goldmine Hunting, an Exotic Ranch.  Chris won Silver Medal, documented; Chris indicated it would have been gold medal if the one horn had not been damaged (damage occurred naturally).

Included in this purchase are the following:

8x10 framed glass Records of Exotics Certificate of Recognition to Chris Campbell dated 6/25/09

Wooden and metal plaque from Records of Exotics, Silver Medal adhered to center, to Chris Campbell for Four Horn Ram

Records of Exotics book, (320 pages), Volume 19 (note page 177 is the photo of Chris Campbell with his catch); hard cover

Booklet "Axis Deer" by Thompson Temple

Book "Deer Rifles & Cartridges" by Wayne van Zwoll, Ph.D (230 pages), paperback

Booklet "The Perfect Shot - Mini Edition for Africa, by Kevin Robertson, 126 pages

Book "The Perfect Shot - North America, Shot Placement for North American Big Game", by Craig Boddington, hard cover, 215 pages, AUTOGRAPHED by Chris' friend and TV host of Tracks Across Africa and More (Craig Boddington)

saf80j.jpg (163259 bytes)  saf80k.jpg (163403 bytes)

saf80l.jpg (170138 bytes)  saf80m.jpg (164970 bytes)

saf80n.jpg (164812 bytes)  saf80o.jpg (171444 bytes)

saf80p.jpg (168663 bytes)

saf80q.jpg (162045 bytes)  saf80r.jpg (185878 bytes)

$1995  SOLD



RAM SKULL & HORNS, on wooden wall mount
Skull measures 7” long x 5” wide x 3” deep
Horns measure 26” across; 2-1/2” thickest
Double wood Wood wall mount measures 7” from wall to outside of skull
Weight: 6 pounds

$140  SOLD


RAM, FOUR-HORNED, with leather skull cap, on double wood wall mount
Measures 17” tall x 27” wide x 18” out from wall.
Double wood back board
Weight: 11 pounds 5 ounces





SQUIRREL (red) on faux wood wall mount, plywood back
Squirrel measures 16-1/2” long x 7-1/2” wide, tail curves out from backboard 10”.
Right back foot has a bit of fur missing
Back board measures 18” long x 9” wide x 1-5/8” thick
Weight: 3 pounds 1 ounce




TURKEY wall mount
Small turkey head, half body and feathers, plywood back wall mount
Measures 23” across x 15” tall x 7” out from wall
Screw mount on back rotates up for hanging
Weight: 1 pound 13 ounces

$150  SOLD



#SAF-100  Head/shoulder mount

saf-100a.jpg (170353 bytes)  saf-100b.jpg (171879 bytes)

saf-100c.jpg (164283 bytes)  saf-100d.jpg (165791 bytes)

saf-100e.jpg (165239 bytes) saf-100g.jpg (175476 bytes)

saf-100h.jpg (170374 bytes)  saf-100i.jpg (171830 bytes)

 saf-100f.jpg (166370 bytes)

MEASURES 46" from the wall x 24" wide across back x 36" tall

24" across horns, 10" eye to eye

HORNS MEASURE: Right 24", Left 20"

approx 80 lbs

Taken in South Africa in 2011 with Luxury Safaris

$1900  SOLD



Water buffalo horns and skull cap
Measures 41” across widest part of horns x
Wood backboard is 14” tall x 8” wide
Skull cap is 11” tall x 9” wide
Weight: 16 pounds 1 ounce




#SAF-120  Full body boar mount on base

saf-120b.jpg (169702 bytes)  saf-120a.jpg (168236 bytes)

saf-120c.jpg (176974 bytes)  saf-120d.jpg (167685 bytes)

saf-120f.jpg (179529 bytes)

saf-120e.jpg (175820 bytes)

MEASURES 36" long x 21" tall without base x 9" wide

Base measures 3-1/2" tall x 29" long x 14" wide

Tusks are 1-1/2" long

approx 45 lbs

This was Chris' first catch, 2007

WAS $1299 REDUCED TO $899





Fish (bass) mount on base, Table mount
Fish measures (linear) 18” lon
g, 5” thickest part of body x 3” wide
Full mount glued on base measures 14-1/2” tall x 18” linear long
“Land & Sea Nature Series” sticker on bottom
Weight: 5 pounds 13 ounces



Skeletonized TRIGGER FISH
Family Balistidae
Measures 8-1/4" long x 4-1/4" tall x 3" thick
Weight: 4.2 oz



Muskie (Muskellunge) fish head
(Esox masquinongy)
Measures 6" long x 5-1/4" wide x 4" tall



Lake trout head
(Salvelinus namaycush)
Measures 2-3/4" tall x 3" wide x 2-3/4" deep



Lake trout head
(Salvelinus namaycush)
Measures 3-1/4" tall x 3" wide x 3" deep



Lake trout head
(Salvelinus namaycush)
Measures 4" long x 2-1/2" wide x 3" tall


ALLIGATOR - American

#SAF-1  Head/neck mount

saf-1a.jpg (163805 bytes)  saf-1b.jpg (167372 bytes) saf-1d.jpg (160066 bytes) saf-1c.jpg (174320 bytes)

MEASURES 21-1/2" from wall, x 9-1/2" wide x 11" tall; approx 10 lbs.

Chris tells the story that on the gator hunt, he shot this gator once from the boat, he thought it was dead as it sank, then he was standing at the edge of the bank when it came out of the water at him.  He backed up, fell down, it came right up on his body and bit his arm before he shot it dead.  When asked why he didn't shoot sooner, Chris said he didn't want to ruin his new gun.

$270  SOLD


Sitting mount (RARE)

saf-110a.jpg (171370 bytes)  saf-110b.jpg (173713 bytes)  saf-110c.jpg (182429 bytes)  saf-110d.jpg (189133 bytes)  saf-110e.jpg (174381 bytes)  saf-110f.jpg (184863 bytes)

MEASURES 7" tall x 5" deep x 3" wide;

Weighs 2.2 oz.  EXCELLENT condition, vintage 1950's.  These were made in the 1950's and now the small Caiman's are protected.

$185  SOLD


saf-21a.jpg (182200 bytes)  saf-21b.jpg (167652 bytes) saf-21c.jpg (185953 bytes)  saf-21d.jpg (182424 bytes) saf-21e.jpg (183130 bytes)

MEASURES 8" from wall, 18" tall, 17" between horn tips

approx. 7 lbs

$199  SOLD


saf-130a.jpg (163822 bytes)  saf-130b.jpg (178789 bytes) saf-130c.jpg (188112 bytes)


DEER (WHITE FALLOW) Head/neck mount

saf-30a.jpg (170195 bytes)  saf-30b.jpg (165588 bytes) saf-30d.jpg (177086 bytes)  saf-30e.jpg (162443 bytes) saf-30c.jpg (167550 bytes)

MEASURES 20" from wall x 12" tall x 13" ear to ear

approx 10 lbs

$450  SOLD

GOAT (Mexican Ibex hybrid)

CROSS between a domestic goat and a Mexican Ibex, common in the Texas game ranches.

saf-50a.jpg (164281 bytes)  saf-50b.jpg (171043 bytes)saf-50d.jpg (168923 bytes)

  saf-50e.jpg (172439 bytes)saf-50f.jpg (176108 bytes)  saf-50g.jpg (173014 bytes)saf-50c.jpg (167616 bytes)

MEASURES 22" from wall x 12" across base, 13" horn to horn;

horn width is 2-1/2"

Horns length: Right: 21"; Left 20"

Hunted in El Paso, TX in 2010

Approx 30 lbs.

$1299  SOLD


saf-55a.jpg (166500 bytes)  saf55-d.jpg (161506 bytes) saf55-e.jpg (168819 bytes)  saf55-f.jpg (170507 bytes)

saf55-g.jpg (166599 bytes)  saf55-h.jpg (160621 bytes) saf-55b.jpg (181704 bytes)  saf-55c.jpg (175374 bytes)

Hide acquired in Namibia, Africa; taken by Chris' friend in 2012.

MEASURES 28-1/2" long x 18" wide; South Africa authentication sticker on reverse.  Beautiful ridge of fur down the center.  Excellent condition & color of hide.

$69  SOLD


saf-70a.jpg (180094 bytes)  saf-70b.jpg (180212 bytes) saf-70c.jpg (183473 bytes)  saf-70d.jpg (157521 bytes)

MEASURES 29" nose to tip of tail; 8" from wall x 10" tall; species described as Sand but not definitive.  Teeth look like Spottail shark.

Approx 4 lbs

$375  SOLD


STEER - Longhorn Steer Horns

saf-90a.jpg (174186 bytes) saf-90b.jpg (178238 bytes)  saf-90c.jpg (177397 bytes) saf-90e.jpg (176720 bytes)  saf-90d.jpg (184234 bytes)

MEASURES 48" wide, tip to tip; x 4" tall x 7" off wall

approx 7 lbs

$150  SOLD