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Titanium polymorph pendants


titandisplaypc.jpg (37166 bytes)

A Rare item offered EXCLUSIVELY by us from the artist.  He credits his father with discovering the method of uncovering the beauty of titanium.  This aircraft-grade titanium derives from the aircraft industry (known as 6Al 4V) as a byproduct.

 Here's what they look like before work begins...like shrapnel meteorites!...

titanium_polymorphs_gray.jpg (75078 bytes)

Most need the hard outer casing removed mechanically.  Then they are etched with acid, tumbled, then sculpted using diamond encrusted rotary tools, and the colors are layered with electricity.  They aren't simply rainbow colors but intricate, spontaneous lines and textures of colors from the metal itself.

 "Polymorphs" means "many shapes"  

The colorations and texture are PERMANENT.  Body sweat, salt water, Windex, mineral spirits, acetone, bleach, etc. have no effect on them.  If the surface becomes dull from skin oil buildup over time, Windex brightens them right up.  Titanium is an extremely hard element.  

NO ONE is allergic to titanium (see explanation at the bottom of the page).

Use your imagination to find fantastical creatures, Lock Ness monsters, artistic nudes, Picasso and Impressionist paintings, faces, hearts, snakes - as infinite as interpreting clouds or Rorschart tests.

MOST are just as colorful on the reverse.  All photos, like all on our website, are not retouched or enhanced.

For guy or gal, the ultimate one-of-a-kind gift!


Due to the fact that some choose to make these into jewelry themselves or by an outside source, (or wish to purchase it as a pocket piece - many have the feel and weight of gold nuggets!) we have not added the pendant loops to ALL of the polymorphs.  

We will add the loop at no cost to you, at the time of purchase, at your request.  The pendant loop is a silver color (or gold color, please specify) hypoallergenic rhodium with inside dimensions of 3/8" long x 1/4" wide for your necklace.  

Below is an example of how the loop looks.

tploop.jpg (36520 bytes)


average 3/4 to 1-1/4" long

tp26.jpg (37343 bytes)

 #TP-26  $25

average 1 to 1-1/2"

tp34.jpg (36620 bytes)

#TP-34  $35


average 1-1/4 to 2"

tp74.jpg (36629 bytes)

#TP-74  $45

tp80.jpg (36715 bytes)

#TP-80  $45

tp81.jpg (36489 bytes)

#TP-81  $45

tp83.jpg (37756 bytes)

#TP-83  $45

tp85.jpg (37481 bytes)

#TP-85  $45

tp87.jpg (37214 bytes)

#TP-87  $45

tp-90.jpg (37524 bytes)

#TP-90  $45

tp92.jpg (36641 bytes)

#TP-92  $45

tp95.jpg (37744 bytes)

#TP-95  $45

tp96.jpg (36833 bytes)

#TP-96  $45

tp98.jpg (36632 bytes)

#TP-98  $45

tp99.jpg (37281 bytes)

#TP-99  $45


average 1-1/2 to 1-3/4"

tp111.jpg (37085 bytes)

#TP-111  $55
tp119.jpg (37568 bytes)

#TP-119  $55
tp121.jpg (37315 bytes)

#TP-121  $55

tp123.jpg (37018 bytes)

#TP-123  $55

tp-127.jpg (37465 bytes)

#TP-127  $55

tp129.jpg (37636 bytes)

#TP-129  $55


average 1-5/8 to 3-3/8" long

tp-135.jpg (36938 bytes)

#TP-135  $65
tp-138.jpg (36207 bytes)

#TP-138  $65
tp139.jpg (38011 bytes)

#TP-139  $65

average 1-5/8 to 2-3/8"

tp155.jpg (146667 bytes)

#TP-155  $75

tp-162.jpg (36057 bytes)

#TP-162  $75

tp-163.jpg (36664 bytes)

#TP-163  $75

tp-164.jpg (36642 bytes)

#TP-164  $75


Sizes marked   $85 each

  tp-170.jpg (37359 bytes)


3 x 1"  $85

tp-171.jpg (35768 bytes)


2-1/4 x 3/4"  $85


OKAY, so what IS TITANIUM anyway? .. in English please!

It is an ELEMENT, Atomic Number 22 on the Elements Table (Ti), the 9th most abundant element in the earth's crust.  Titanium is a as strong as steel and twice as strong as aluminum, but is 45% lighter than steel and only 60% heavier than aluminum.  Since it is not easily corroded by sea water, it is used in propeller shafts, riggings and other parts of boats exposed to sea water.  

 Titanium and titanium alloys are used in airplanes, missiles and rockets where strength, low weight and resistance to high temperatures are important. 

Since titanium DOES NOT REACT within the human body, it is used to create artificial hips, pins for setting bones and for other biological implants. Unfortunately, the high cost of titanium has limited its widespread use.  BUT you can own a unique piece of this highly esteemed element.