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Page 1 - You are on Page 1, scroll down: Day 1-2-3 (June 27-29) Metropolis IL, Cape Girardeau MO, Steelville MO, Amish Bakery, Leavenworth & Atchison KS, Nebraska

Page 2  Day 4-5 (June 30-July 1) - Omaha NE (Union Station/Durham Museum - Sue the T-Rex, Corn Palace & other sights in NE and SD




June 27 through September 1, 2013

67 days, 15,501 miles

How did this even happen?

Glenn made the drive from South Carolina to Alaska 18 years ago in a big motor home with his first wife before her death from MS.  He wanted to drive this route again with Heidi, by car.  THIS turned out to be the year, and we actually exceeded the miles he drove back then (15,000)

So, we started out the day after our 12th wedding anniversary, thinking we would be gone a month.  Little did we know it would be 67 memorable days, a real life-changing trip for both of us.  Thanks to our confidence in newly-trained Kathy to handle the business while we were gone, we were able to make this trip without worries.

Here's the map showing the route we took to Alaska (orange), and the return route to SC (green).  You will see we put the U.S. and Canada maps together to show the whole trip.  When we looked at it, even WE thought we were crazy to do it!

epic-map1.jpg (177384 bytes)

Sections of the U.S. map close up to show the trip up, through the States, exited the U.S. through Montana, then Canada (Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon provinces) to reach Alaska (orange)

epic-map2.jpg (159311 bytes)  epic-map3.jpg (154821 bytes)  epic-map4.jpg (155784 bytes)  epic-map5.jpg (161915 bytes)

epic-map6.jpg (151230 bytes)  epic-map7.jpg (154578 bytes)

 and the trip back (green) entering into WA State.  We were already at a month being gone when we hit Washington State.  That's when we realized the trip would take much longer.

epic-map8.jpg (160883 bytes)  epic-map9.jpg (157084 bytes)  epic-map10.jpg (158160 bytes)  epic-map11.jpg (156107 bytes)


DAY 1, June 27

 (720 miles)

We drove a long day from Myrtle Beach SC to reach Metropolis IL as we were driving familiar territory and wanted to make good time.  Plus, we were so burned out from too much work and no play, we, had little curiosity to find new sights along this leg of the trip.  Instead, we stuck to the freeway, what we call the "corridor of trees" right to Metropolis.  We apologize to all the folks living in SC, NC and TN for overlooking these great States on this leg of the trip, though we have numerous travel segments on the Latest Travels pages of destinations in these States.

We did note, however, that Al Gore's father (Albert) sponsored the famous Highway Bill in 1954 which was responsible for the highway system we enjoy across America.  We saw the tribute to him in Eisenhower, TN.  Here is more info about it:



Metropolis is known for being the "Home of Superman".  We have done a photo tour of the town on the Latest Travels pages but it's always a novel stop.  We spent the night here at Harrah's (free).

epic1.jpg (165759 bytes)


DAY 2, June 28


Here is a gigantic cemetery headstone Monument for "Kimball" in the Metropolis IL cemetery

epic2.jpg (167361 bytes)




The mighty Mississippi had flooded nearby wheat fields in IL, creating a habitat for white cranes and other birds such as redwing blackbirds, near the bridge to MO

epic4.jpg (162257 bytes)  epic5.jpg (172194 bytes)  epic6.jpg (170111 bytes)

epic7.jpg (169268 bytes)  epic8.jpg (179609 bytes)

Bridge over the Mississippi from IL to MO.  We love how the shape of bridges changes from different angles & distances.  Last 2 photos are taken from the Cape Girardeau side in MO.

epic3.jpg (174914 bytes)  epic9.jpg (156721 bytes)  epic37.jpg (162075 bytes)  epic42.jpg (163585 bytes)




Just over the bridge is this lovely, historic, quaint town.  Our natural curiosity has come back in full force.  We are realizing we really are on vacation and it's time to have fun.  Here is a beautiful red brick church near town, and a view of just one of the downtown streets.

epic10.jpg (166489 bytes)  epic18.jpg (177757 bytes) 



The 1100 foot flood wall downtown, between the Mississippi River and Cape Girardeau here, is painted with scenes of Missouri's history called Mississippi River Tales - from Native American history to Spanish conquistadors to missionaries, Lewis & Clark, early settlers, African-American history, etc.

epic16.jpg (170662 bytes)  epic12.jpg (181863 bytes)  epic13.jpg (178877 bytes)  epic15.jpg (166552 bytes)

epic14.jpg (175441 bytes)  epic17.jpg (167343 bytes)



A 500 foot mural wall also on the Mississippi, of 45 famous people who came from the State of Missouri is called the Wall of Fame - such as Dale Carnegie, Harry Truman, Mark Twain, Dred Scott, George Washington Carver, Walter Cronkite, Calamity Jane, Jean Harlow, Vincent Price, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Tennessee Williams and Jesse James.  It was a great tribute to them and very educational as well.  Painted by Margaret Randol Dement.  Full list here:


epic26.jpg (168135 bytes)  epic20.jpg (161433 bytes)  epic22.jpg (165789 bytes)  epic23.jpg (168158 bytes)

epic24.jpg (166111 bytes)  epic25.jpg (166068 bytes)  epic27.jpg (172394 bytes)  epic28.jpg (173214 bytes)

epic29.jpg (173233 bytes)  epic30.jpg (173590 bytes)  epic31.jpg (167838 bytes)  epic32.jpg (168116 bytes)

epic34.jpg (170581 bytes)  epic36.jpg (155874 bytes)



Info on the flood wall, compliments of the Army Corps of Engineers.  Note the size & thickness of the flood gate

epic41.jpg (158035 bytes)  epic44.jpg (162954 bytes)  epic45.jpg (151990 bytes)  epic46.jpg (166643 bytes)

A barge under the bridge, and in open water

epic38.jpg (171131 bytes)

epic43.jpg (158048 bytes)

a train chugging by at the flood wall

 epic40.jpg (163758 bytes)

Okay, this is right up our alley.  A deer wearing a bridal dress riding a bicycle in a store window downtown? 

epic11.jpg (165913 bytes)

The courthouse, a prominent view on top of a hill downtown

epic39.jpg (162985 bytes)



A bright spot was finding Andy's Frozen Custard stand just outside of town.  Heidi, being a Wisconsin girl where these stands are everywhere, has missed having frozen custard since moving to South Carolina except when we travel further north.  We did not realize how far south the frozen custard has now traveled.  A pleasant surprise!

epic47.jpg (170337 bytes)  epic48.jpg (172739 bytes)

We played at the pleasant Isle of Capri casino (free buffet lunch).




"Saturday, 1pm, Train Robbery" caught our attention.  This is a 1946 steam engine, now a tourist attraction.  It used to transport iron ore from Iron Mountain to St. Louis.  They sponsor Murder Mystery trips and a re-enactment of a train robbery with the "James Gang".  More info on this here:


epic49.jpg (167206 bytes)  epic50.jpg (172250 bytes)


An "Uncle Sam" scarecrow on a fence, between Jackson & Farmington MO.  We missed the storm showing in the ominous clouds

epic51.jpg (151725 bytes)

A great Pink Elephant above the Blackwell Motors business in Farmington MO.  We do love Roadside Americana

 epic52.jpg (167940 bytes)



epic117.jpg (168546 bytes)

"Missouri Hick BBQ South" Restaurant, hilarious

epic69.jpg (184220 bytes)

Beautiful Hibiscus flower, downtown

epic72.jpg (174555 bytes)

Painted Canoes as Art

As we have found in different cities across the country, the Art Council creates a particular item and challenges artists in their city to decorate them as they wish.  We have seen fish, bears, pigs, moose that we have showcased in our Latest Travels Pages. This town's specialty was canoes.  And we were ready to document them to share the fun with you.

epic53.jpg (150437 bytes)  epic54.jpg (166735 bytes)

(Peace Sign); "Paddle for Peace"

epic55.jpg (155004 bytes)  epic56.jpg (178977 bytes)

"Welcome to Steelville" with map

epic57.jpg (157140 bytes)

Camping theme

epic58.jpg (156840 bytes)
epic59.jpg (155975 bytes)

Native American look

epic63.jpg (158877 bytes)  epic64.jpg (156854 bytes)

"St Francis pray for us", monk holding a cat theme

epic60.jpg (160576 bytes)  epic61.jpg (155015 bytes)

epic62.jpg (162903 bytes)

Tubing down the river theme, called "Summer Fun at Eagle Hurst"

epic65.jpg (153142 bytes)

Dogs vs. Cats theme

epic66.jpg (161931 bytes)  epic67.jpg (168802 bytes)

epic68.jpg (168812 bytes)

"Steelville High School", cardinal bird theme

epic70.jpg (148985 bytes)  epic71.jpg (189237 bytes)

"From Mountain to Cup" theme

epic73.jpg (154219 bytes)  epic74.jpg (151070 bytes)  epic75.jpg (156110 bytes)

"The Trail of Tears", also called the "Journey of Injustice"; a horrifying Native American history of the Indian Removal Act signed by President Andrew Jackson in May of 1830.  This is worth reading about in more detail.  645 wagons provided for 16,000 Indians for example; over 60,000 Cherokees alone died in the forced trek to their "new homes" in eastern Oklahoma.  We came across Historical signs that we were on the Trail of Tears quite often in our travels.



epic76.jpg (149664 bytes)  epic77.jpg (160042 bytes)

epic78.jpg (166742 bytes)  epic79.jpg (154989 bytes)

"Steelville Honors Indigenous Ancestors", Phoenix or Firebird theme

epic80.jpg (160204 bytes)

Christian Cross theme

epic81.jpg (152548 bytes)  epic83.jpg (160699 bytes)

epic82.jpg (166970 bytes)

Watermelon theme

epic84.jpg (163475 bytes)  epic85.jpg (159704 bytes)

epic86.jpg (158803 bytes)

Steelville 8th Grade; a boat sinking, and a waterfall wish I knew the rest of the story!

epic91.jpg (152316 bytes)  epic93.jpg (160874 bytes)  epic90.jpg (153418 bytes)  epic92.jpg (150719 bytes)

epic89.jpg (166780 bytes)  epic88.jpg (171639 bytes)  epic94.jpg (169100 bytes)

epic87.jpg (155427 bytes) 

"Stream dreamin' "- dot painting similar to Aboriginal Australian art and Dream Time; one of Heidi's favorites

epic95.jpg (159445 bytes)  epic96.jpg (164703 bytes)

epic97.jpg (166520 bytes)

"Thank you Troops" and "America the Beautiful"

epic98.jpg (154443 bytes)  epic99.jpg (143485 bytes)

A tribute to Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night"

epic101.jpg (157083 bytes)  epic100.jpg (160824 bytes)

"Crafted for the Great Outdoors", an ad for Blue Moon beer

epic102.jpg (157479 bytes)  epic103.jpg (167071 bytes)

"The Beginning"; this may be a reference to a Scavenger Hunt held each year that deals with clues to finding particular canoes, this may be the starting point.

epic104.jpg (152021 bytes)  epic105.jpg (150501 bytes)

Beautiful floral design

epic106.jpg (156053 bytes)  epic107.jpg (157155 bytes)

epic108.jpg (176361 bytes)

Steelville Preschool "Where Learning is Fun"

epic109.jpg (155774 bytes)  epic110.jpg (161762 bytes)

epic111.jpg (166292 bytes)

"In God We Trust", Steelville High School, class of '64

epic112.jpg (154514 bytes)  epic113.jpg (157205 bytes)

Steelville High School Cardinals, Class of '64

epic114.jpg (158873 bytes)  epic115.jpg (157094 bytes)

epic116.jpg (176104 bytes)

"Battle at Huzzah Valley", this battle is re-enacted each year at the resort of this name.  Reference to the dramatic running fight following the Battle at Pilot Knob, for you war buffs.

epic118.jpg (160627 bytes)  epic119.jpg (162969 bytes)

epic120.jpg (176692 bytes)

epic121.jpg (156801 bytes)

"Music in the Valley", at a music store on the edge of town

I know we didn't catch them all, but you can just picture Heidi scampering across traffic from one side of the road to the other, Glenn driving down to the next parking lot to pick her up to find the next canoe to photograph.  It was great fun.
We spent the night in Jefferson City MO


DAY 3 (JUNE 29)

Other roadside Weirdnesses in



Dickneite Oil Co. using an old Sinclair dinosaur, decorated with 4th of July hat & fireworks

epic122.jpg (179341 bytes)


Ghetto Superstar Cycle Center

epic124.jpg (170555 bytes)

I don't know about you, but that's a weird name for a cycle place


A strange turkey carved out of stone at the Koechner Turkey Coops place.

epic123.jpg (165235 bytes)

Little did I know till we got home and researched this place, that this is the home of comedian & actor David Koechner.  Best known for playing Champ Kind in the Anchorman films, and Todd Packer on NBC's The Office.

His family runs a business of making turkey coops.  As he states "if you see a truck carrying turkey coops, they have likely been made in Tipton".  Who knew?




Tipton, MO

We see "bakery", and know it's an Amish store, we stop!  This was a refreshing stop, to see all the bulk foods & spices (even a candy devilled egg).  We ordered a monster ham sandwich from a fresh-faced young man who cut the home made bread, meat & cheeses & fresh vegetables, ate half at a picnic table outside, and munched on the rest down the road.  We also bought ears of corn that pop into popcorn in the microwave (awesome), applesauce (yum), Sioux City orange cream soda (we love weird soda flavors & brands), and individually sealed chocolates.

epic130.jpg (173411 bytes)

epic125.jpg (158443 bytes)  epic126.jpg (170995 bytes)  epic127.jpg (172790 bytes)  epic128.jpg (157670 bytes)

epic129.jpg (171809 bytes)  epic131.jpg (174548 bytes)  epic132.jpg (162560 bytes)  epic133.jpg (172870 bytes)

We were respectful to not photograph any of the employees.  A pleasant experience.  We have related fondly about that great sandwich and the young hands that prepared it.  It doesn't take a gourmet meal to impress us.  Great customer service and tasty food is enough.



South of Knob Noster, MO

epic134.jpg (160473 bytes)  epic135.jpg (160031 bytes)  epic136.jpg (171121 bytes)

Glenn did a rare turnaround when he realized this huge tree was growing right out of the silo.  How long has this been growing there, we wondered?


MO BRIDGE over Platte River at Farley MO

epic137.jpg (165037 bytes)  epic138.jpg (177859 bytes)


Farley, MO

Near a railroad tracks, a property for sale had this gorgeous set of wrought iron gates in a branch style, and ornate lamp

epic141.jpg (165319 bytes)  epic140.jpg (170755 bytes)

epic139.jpg (176315 bytes)


Farley, MO

Up on this high limestone cliff stood an army of tractors for sale or repair.  Impressive.

epic142.jpg (164578 bytes)

epic143.jpg (177267 bytes)  epic144.jpg (170559 bytes)


Farley, MO

Help!  Train collision imminent!  (Kidding, this train was going extremely slowly.  Just one of Glenn's jokes).

epic146.jpg (167421 bytes)  epic145.jpg (164890 bytes)

Bridge over Missouri River to Kansas

epic147.jpg (178000 bytes) epic148.jpg (160459 bytes) 

We spent the night in Harrah's in North Kansas City, MO


DAY 4, June 30
Historical building downtown at 6th St.

 epic149.jpg (174394 bytes)

As you will find, we love historical buildings too.

"Fish Shack and Critters" .. really?

epic150.jpg (169435 bytes)

what critters?  We didn't peek in to find out...wish we had!

"The Queen will NOT be Accepting an Audience" - in a shop window downtown

epic151.jpg (169470 bytes)

Abraham Lincoln statue

Commemorating the date 12/3/1859 First Campaign Speech for the Presidency given at Stockton Hall, 4th & Delaware, Leavenworth, KS

epic152.jpg (170296 bytes) epic153.jpg (168191 bytes)

Boy Scouts of America gifted this replica of the Statue of Liberty to Leavenworth KS

epic156.jpg (179412 bytes)  epic155.jpg (163868 bytes)

Beautiful camouflage eye, ad for military discounts for eyewear

epic159.jpg (168084 bytes)

epic160.jpg (181109 bytes)


Botannica Salon & Spa, lovely door and ivy growing on the building.

epic157.jpg (171548 bytes)  epic158.jpg (170302 bytes)

Unexpected effect - the windows beside the door reflects a mosaic of our car and the Abraham Lincoln statue



What EVERYONE knows about Leavenworth -

 the Federal Penitentiary is there.  It happened to be visiting day.

epic161.jpg (172146 bytes)  epic163.jpg (176592 bytes)  epic162.jpg (178641 bytes)  epic164.jpg (171383 bytes)


Outside Leavenworth

Buffalo in a field, heads buried in the sweet grass, like so many cows.  Little did we know that up in the Yukon we would encounter a herd of 200 free-ranging buffalo that would be a huge  highlight of our trip.  Buffalo are one of Glenn's favorite critters.

epic165.jpg (160606 bytes)  epic166.jpg (167060 bytes)  epic167.jpg (156256 bytes)


A double bridge near Leavenworth & Atchison KS (railroad & vehicle)

epic168.jpg (169708 bytes)

Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum (born 1897, house dates to 1860)

Yup, sure looks crooked to us too

epic169.jpg (175390 bytes)  epic170.jpg (176487 bytes)



Here's lookin' at you!  Historic building, downtown

epic171.jpg (173942 bytes)  epic174.jpg (173301 bytes)

Beautiful bronze elk in front of the Elk's Club

epic172.jpg (172343 bytes)  epic173.jpg (176661 bytes)

Strong Body Shop, Inc. is a historic Ford building

epic175.jpg (172950 bytes)  epic176.jpg (177725 bytes)

Soldiers & sailors Memorial Building

epic177.jpg (177879 bytes)  epic178.jpg (170104 bytes)

"A Touch of Class" Styling Salon. Great snow igloo look

epic180.jpg (181989 bytes)  epic179.jpg (161190 bytes)  epic181.jpg (177408 bytes)

Atchison Rail Museum, adjacent to the Santa Fe Depot, operated by the Northeast Kansas Railroaders.

Look at the cow catcher on this!  And the huge railroad switching yard.

epic182.jpg (166688 bytes)  epic183.jpg (180796 bytes)  epic184.jpg (183876 bytes)  epic185.jpg (172619 bytes)

epic186.jpg (179721 bytes)  epic187.jpg (166168 bytes)  epic188.jpg (181834 bytes)  epic189.jpg (173497 bytes)



(Sorry, we forgot to grow up).  We saw this "Lazarus come out" "stone rolled away from the tomb" on the Mount Calvary Cemetery sign in Atchison County, KS,  and Glenn couldn't resist playing Lazarus.  This cemetery is between Atchison and Bendena, Kansas, also known as Saint Benedicts Cemetery, GPS coordinates: Latitude: 39.59720, Longitude: 95.13110

epic190.jpg (173745 bytes)  epic191.jpg (163843 bytes)  epic192.jpg (171135 bytes)

epic193.jpg (166977 bytes)  epic194.jpg (171560 bytes) 



Bendena KS

Not only was it fun to see Longhorn cows again, but there's a buffalo happy to mingle with them as well. 

epic195.jpg (183494 bytes)  epic200.jpg (176195 bytes)

epic196.jpg (164732 bytes)  epic198.jpg (171859 bytes)  epic201.jpg (166148 bytes)

epic199.jpg (176013 bytes)  epic197.jpg (165604 bytes)

Tree house any kid would love, in Fairview, KS

epic201a.jpg (149605 bytes)


Ken & Velma Albin have a creative dinosaur statue in their front yard made of farm equipment disks and other parts.  Just our kind of Roadside Americana.  (Hwy 75 North of the Nebraska state line).  I'll bet that's Velma in the garden.

epic202.jpg (163820 bytes)  epic203.jpg (167269 bytes)


Someone likes to make storage space out of old truck pickup beds.  This may be on the edge of Auburn

epic204.jpg (176183 bytes)

Interesting design on the Time Warner Cable building 

epic205.jpg (177374 bytes)

Hetzel's Block Building, dated 1890

epic206.jpg (170399 bytes)  epic208.jpg (155036 bytes)

epic209.jpg (164859 bytes)

Historic 1890 building housing the Union Bank & Trust and Esser Flooring businesses

epic207.jpg (177073 bytes)

Here's a humorous Hamburger Man statue at the Dairy Sweet.  Looks like an older (bald) version of the Big Boy from years ago (I remember it as "Marc's Big Boy", Glenn remembers it as "Shoney's Big Boy".  There is a surprising background to the Big Boy's restaurant & statue.  A young fan of the new hamburger created by Bob Wian of Bob's Pantry was a chubby 6 year old that wore droopy overalls.  This child would sweep the floors for a hamburger.  He is the model for the original Big Boy's statue.  Who knew?


epic210.jpg (172268 bytes)  epic211.jpg (159888 bytes)



Union, NE (9 miles N of Nebraska City)

epic212.jpg (162744 bytes)


Here's a layout of the farm, and a Palmer Filter Press for cider, outside the store with its history.  We bought apple cider donuts and cherry juice here (yum!)

epic213.jpg (168327 bytes)  epic214.jpg (165840 bytes)  epic215.jpg (173138 bytes)

Its history starting out as the University Fruit Farm is fascinating:




outside of Omaha NE

Impressive plane & flags at the entry to the AFB & VA Center

epic218.jpg (166976 bytes)  epic216.jpg (167893 bytes)  epic217.jpg (164665 bytes)

Veteran's Memorial Bridge

originally the South Omaha Bridge, but renamed the Veterans Memorial Bridge in 1995) was a continuous warren through truss bridge over the Missouri River from Omaha NE to Council Bluffs, IA on Hwy 275

epic219.jpg (178782 bytes)



Well, that's ONE name for them.  $3 million for four abstract art -  jagged sculptures on the Interstate 29/80 in Council Bluffs IA on each corner of a highway overpass.  Created by international sculptor Albert Paley, it's intended to represent the "transformation of the land through machinery and agriculture".  Many locals have other names for it, "Nightmare on 24th Street", "a pile of junk"; one man rear-ended another car while he craned his neck to look at them; other opinions of locals cannot be printed.  Roadsideamerica.com dubbed them "Iowa's Spiky Towers".  We love whatever's weird.

epic220.jpg (156218 bytes)  epic221.jpg (163077 bytes)  epic222.jpg (167788 bytes)  epic223.jpg (155441 bytes)

We stayed at Harrah's in Council Bluffs, IA this night


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