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Contents:  Gator Scutes, Gator oosik key chains, Gator leather guitar strap; Photos


Alrighty, so WHAT'S A SCUTE? (also spelled 'Skute')

"Scutes" are the bony (osteoderm) dermal ridges you see on the gator's back, they are circles of bone with a ridge in the center of each (see photos below)

gatorskute1.jpg (39912 bytes) gatorskute2.jpg (37941 bytes)

Feel better now that you know?

Scutes have been bleached.  Average size is 1-1/2 to 2-1/8" diameter, some are white, yellow, brown, some gnarly, some with a slightly raised ridge, some with a pronounced ridge, some with lots of texture, some quite smooth (depending on where it was located on the gator's back); some with the skin on.

Easy to make into jewelry, or just to enjoy as an unusual collectible.  100% of the gators harvested by government permit in Florida are used in some way.  This is a good example of it.

Extra Small - Average 1 to 1-1/4" long

#G500-22  $6
Small - Average 1-3/8 to 1-3/4" long

#G500-101  $8

#G500-106  $8

#G500-107  $8

#G500-108  $8

#G500-110  $8

#G500-113  $8

#G500-114  $8

#G500-115  $8

#G500-116  $8
Medium - Average 1-7/8 to 2-1/8" long
g500-206.jpg (158342 bytes)

#G-500-206  $10

#G500-207  $10

g500-236.jpg (145036 bytes)

#G-500-236  $10

#G500-238  $10

#G500-239  $10

#G500-240  $10

#G500-241  $10

#G500-242  $10

#G500-243  $10

#G500-244  $10

#G500-245  $10

#G500-246  $10

#G500-247  $10

#G500-248  $10

#G500-249  $10

#G500-250  $10

#G500-251  $10

#G500-252  $10

#G500-253  $10

#G500-254  $10
Large - Average 2-1/4 to 2-3/8" long

#G500-311  $12
g500-317.jpg (141857 bytes)
#G-500-317  $12
g500-319.jpg (142465 bytes)
#G-500-319  $12

#G-500-325  $12
X Large - Average 2-1/2 to 2-5/8" long

#G500-400  $14

#G-500-401  $14
XX Large - Average 2-3/4 to 3" long
g500-500.jpg (158842 bytes)

#G-500-500  $16  SOLD

Jumbo - Average 3 to 3-1/2" long
g500-600.jpg (161778 bytes)

#G-500-600  $18  SOLD



WITH SKIN (hide) still ON

Average 1-1/8 to 1-1/2" long

#G-502-113  $8

#G-502-117  $8
g502-118.jpg (146933 bytes)

#G-502-118  $8


#G-502-119  $8

#G-502-120  $8
g502-121.jpg (143853 bytes)

#G-502-121  $8

g502-123.jpg (147803 bytes)

#G-502-123  $8

g502-127.jpg (145830 bytes)

#G-502-127  $8

#G-502-128  $8
g502-129.jpg (153427 bytes)

#G-502-129  $8

Average 1-5/8 to 1-7/8" long

g502-226.jpg (149632 bytes)

#G-502-226  $10

g502-227.jpg (145866 bytes)

#G-502-227  $10

g502-228.jpg (146701 bytes)

#G-502-228  $10

g502-229.jpg (147494 bytes)

#G-502-229  $10

g502-230.jpg (151094 bytes)

#G-502-230  $10

g502-231.jpg (151653 bytes)

#G-502-231  $10

g502-232.jpg (146658 bytes)

#G-502-232  $10

g502-234.jpg (140582 bytes)

#G-502-234  $10

 g502-236.jpg (143390 bytes)

#G-502-236  $10

g502-240.jpg (149418 bytes)

#G-502-240  $10

g502-242.jpg (147772 bytes)

#G-502-242  $10

Average 2 to 2-3/4" long

g502-300.jpg (146335 bytes)

#G-502-300  $12

g502-311.jpg (148239 bytes)

#G-502-311  $12

g502-312.jpg (145043 bytes)

#G-502-312  $12

g502-313.jpg (148371 bytes)

#G-502-313  $12

g502-315.jpg (155511 bytes)

#G-502-315  $12

g502-317.jpg (148824 bytes)

#G-502-317  $12

g502-320.jpg (148841 bytes)

#G-502-320  $12

g502-322.jpg (153715 bytes)

#G-502-322  $12

g502-325.jpg (144285 bytes)

#G-502-325  $12

g502-326.jpg (154452 bytes)

#G-502-326  $12

Average 2-7/8 to 3-1/4" long

    g502-406.jpg (150456 bytes)

#G-502-406  $16  SOLD

Click here to see the Gator Scute Key chains available on Gators page 1 - Starts with Series G121




Guitar strap gator leather
Long Gator scute strip with leather. Natural gator hide & bony scutes inside.
Full body strip from center of body through end of tail.

Very supple; dark brown dyed color
Back is stringy, can be sanded smooth.
Guitar strap or other interesting uses!
Goes from traditional scutes with “sails” or “mountain peak” in the middle of each, transitions to triangle wedges with scutes inside, to thin leather rounded sections to the end of the tail. 27 scutes/sections total.
One of a kind.

Measures 55” long x 1-1/4” average width

$145  SOLD


On Exotic Leather Accessories page

Click on the photos to get a better look at these vintage purses. 

w310-1d.jpg (154859 bytes) w310-3c.jpg (153079 bytes) w310-4a.jpg (156937 bytes) 

Just when you thought you've seen everything!


Florida, a great mural of an ALLIGATOR painted along the curb

09fl45.jpg (141953 bytes)



g470-20a.jpg (164992 bytes)

Click here to see them for yourself, G-470 series.

Never have we had them before.



Gators do not have a bone within the penis, as some animals do. Our gator guy, however, has literally tanned some of the alligator penises, though they are cartilage, they are perfectly preserved, and made into key chains.

How weird is that?

  g555-12.jpg (154020 bytes)

#G555-12  $36  SOLD

Click below to see other Fossil and Modern animal Oosiks

Fossils Page 6


Customer Tom in Cupertino, California bought numerous alligator teeth from us to replace wooden carved teeth in a Freshwater crocodile (Crocodylus Novaeguineae) head sculpture he purchased in New Guinea, it came from the Sepik River. 

These decorated skulls are used in ceremonies in place of traditions such as head hunting which was banned in the 1960's but documented as still occurring in the late 1980's!  The skull is 33 inches long and has been embellished with shells..

It took a stack of paperwork to clear customs, as saltwater crocs are endangered and customs had to make sure this was a freshwater species.  Imagine this behemoth in their 500 square foot apartment!

crochead1.jpg (100052 bytes) crochead2.jpg (90389 bytes) crochead4.jpg (113396 bytes)

My what big teeth you have!

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