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Contents: LARGE Megalodon tooth shards, Megalodon & fossil great white shark tooth necklaces, Collector Megalodon teeth, Pathologic deformed megalodon teeth, Megalodon shark photo fun gallery.



An extinct species of shark (Carcharodon megalodon) that was the size of a school bus (46 to 59 feet long), with 7 inch teeth.  Among the most collected teeth due to their size. Age: 25 million to 1.5 million years old, Cenozoic Era (late Oligocene to early Pleistocene)

Re-creation of actual size Carcharodon Megalodon Jaw & Teeth 

Below is a replica of a Megalodon jaw and Megalodon shark at the State Museum, Columbia SC.  Makes you feel small, doesn't it, and glad they're not finding great whites this size anymore!

Megalodon jaw Columbia SC museum.jpg (38186 bytes)Megalodon-Columbia SC museum.jpg (37808 bytes)

Side note: a great video collage of info & photos was made on Youtube, including this photo of Glenn under the megalodon shark jaw:





Partial pieces (frags, shards), Non jewelry quality, but awesome!  As with all our products, you get exactly what you see in the photo

You can request a tooth to be wired as a pendant: (silver $6; or gold $8, includes a 20" black suede necklace), but we reserve the right to refuse if the tooth cannot be wired due to its partial shape.


Here's a Spring '04 purchase of 83 pounds of Megalodon teeth we have available in fragments and jewelry quality teeth we sorted...

83poundsmegsglenn.jpg (37672 bytes) 83lbsmegscraig.jpg (37582 bytes)

and a Jan. '06 purchase of 150 pounds more of mostly megalodon teeth we have started to sort (some are still under the table, not in the photo):

megsjanuary06.jpg (39526 bytes)

March '08  We acquired another 52 pounds of megalodon shark teeth from North Carolina:

shark2.jpg (135720 bytes) shark3.jpg (146257 bytes)


$24 per set

(unless marked otherwise)

sp200h.jpg (37116 bytes)

#SP-200-H  $15

sp200j.jpg (37693 bytes)


sp200n.jpg (37369 bytes)


sp200r.jpg (37516 bytes)


sp200s.jpg (37281 bytes)


sp200t.jpg (38417 bytes)


sp200u.jpg (37740 bytes)


sp200v.jpg (37291 bytes)


  sp200-2.jpg (156185 bytes)

#SP-200-2 2-1/8" long  $8

sp200-3.jpg (160789 bytes)

#SP-200-3 2-1/4" long  $8

sp200-33.jpg (159931 bytes)

#SP200-33  2" long  $10

sp200-55.jpg (149971 bytes)

#SP-200-55  2-3/4" long  $10

sp200-56.jpg (148615 bytes)

#SP-200-56  2-3/4" long  $10

sp200-58.jpg (164999 bytes)

#SP-200-58  2-1/2" long  $8

#SP200-59  3-1/8" long  $48

#SP200-61  3-5/8" long  $40
sp200-63a.jpg (147677 bytes) sp200-63b.jpg (157416 bytes)

#SP-200-63  4-3/4"  $42

sp200-66a.jpg (148076 bytes) sp200-66b.jpg (148760 bytes)

#SP-200-66  4-1/4"  $60

#SP200-68  4-3/4" long  $95
sp200-70a.jpg (156112 bytes) sp200-70b.jpg (159128 bytes)

#SP-200-70  5-1/8"  $78

sp200-71a.jpg (155347 bytes) sp200-71b.jpg (153351 bytes)

#SP-200-71  5-1/4"  $78

sp200-72a.jpg (160076 bytes) sp200-72b.jpg (153063 bytes)

#SP-200-72  4-3/4"  $37

sp200-73a.jpg (153271 bytes) sp200-73b.jpg (154491 bytes)

#SP-200-73  4"  $37

 sp200-75a.jpg (152497 bytes) sp200-75b.jpg (155971 bytes)

#SP-200-75  4-1/4"  $37

sp200-76a.jpg (155945 bytes) sp200-76b.jpg (151304 bytes)

#SP-200-76  4-1/4"  $32

sp200-79a.jpg (156938 bytes) sp200-79b.jpg (155410 bytes)

#SP-200-79  4"  $72

sp200-82a.jpg (153651 bytes) sp200-82b.jpg (152673 bytes)

#SP-200-82  4-1/8"  $32

sp200-83a.jpg (151095 bytes) sp200-83b.jpg (157313 bytes)

#SP-200-83  4"  $37

sp200-84a.jpg (149575 bytes) sp200-84b.jpg (155194 bytes)

#SP-200-84  4-1/4"  $42

sp200-85a.jpg (151691 bytes) sp200-85b.jpg (152036 bytes)

#SP-200-85  4-1/4"  $25

sp200-86a.jpg (156588 bytes) sp200-86b.jpg (157703 bytes)

#SP-200-86  4-1/4"  $25

sp200-87a.jpg (148244 bytes) sp200-87b.jpg (159086 bytes)

#SP-200-87  4-1/2"  $37

sp200-89a.jpg (157456 bytes) sp200-89b.jpg (163645 bytes)

#SP-200-89  3-1/2"  $25

sp200-90a.jpg (155754 bytes) sp200-90b.jpg (155646 bytes)

#SP-200-90  3-1/2"  $25

sp200-91a.jpg (152497 bytes) sp200-91b.jpg (159864 bytes)

#SP-200-91  4-1/2"  $60

sp200-92a.jpg (151150 bytes) sp200-92b.jpg (153811 bytes)

#SP-200-92  3-7/8"  $54

sp200-93a.jpg (165266 bytes) sp200-93b.jpg (154475 bytes)

#SP-200-93  3-3/8"  $25

sp200-95a.jpg (151907 bytes) sp200-95b.jpg (151223 bytes)

#SP-200-95  4-1/2"  $37

sp200-96a.jpg (154533 bytes) sp200-96b.jpg (153133 bytes)

#SP-200-96  4-1/8"  $54

sp200-98a.jpg (157688 bytes) sp200-98b.jpg (164353 bytes)

#SP-200-98  4-3/4"  $42

sp200-100a.jpg (150050 bytes) sp200-100b.jpg (154477 bytes)

#SP-200-100  4-5/8"  $42

sp200-101a.jpg (155118 bytes) sp200-101b.jpg (155933 bytes)

#SP-200-101  4-1/4"  $42

sp200-103a.jpg (152655 bytes) sp200-103b.jpg (151879 bytes)

#SP-200-103  4-1/2"  $25

sp200-104a.jpg (152198 bytes) sp200-104b.jpg (152250 bytes)

#SP-200-104  5"  $54

#SP200-105  5-1/4" long  $75
sp200-106a.jpg (155071 bytes) sp200-106b.jpg (160891 bytes)

#SP-200-106  3-3/4"  $25

sp200-107a.jpg (155469 bytes) sp200-107b.jpg (164288 bytes)

#SP-200-107  4-3/8"  $32

sp200-108a.jpg (152506 bytes) sp200-108b.jpg (156765 bytes)

#SP-200-108  4-1/2"  $37

sp200-109a.jpg (155066 bytes) sp200-109b.jpg (153797 bytes)

#SP-200-109  3-3/8"  $25

sp200-110a.jpg (156680 bytes) sp200-110b.jpg (152669 bytes)

#SP-200-110  4"  $25

sp200-111a.jpg (153042 bytes) sp200-111b.jpg (147651 bytes)

#SP-200-111  4-3/4"  $32

sp200-112a.jpg (154272 bytes) sp200-112b.jpg (149892 bytes)

#SP-200-112  3-3/8"  $20

sp200-113a.jpg (160513 bytes) sp200-113b.jpg (154059 bytes)

#SP-200-113  3-7/8"  $20

sp200-114a.jpg (154800 bytes) sp200-114b.jpg (153800 bytes)

#SP-200-114  4-1/2"  $32

sp200-115a.jpg (151988 bytes) sp200-115b.jpg (157609 bytes)

#SP-200-115  4-1/8"  $32


sp200-119a.jpg (153426 bytes) sp200-119b.jpg (157585 bytes)

#SP-200-119  4"  $37

sp200-120a.jpg (158057 bytes) sp200-120b.jpg (152566 bytes)

#SP-200-120  4"  $25

sp200-121a.jpg (153105 bytes) sp200-121b.jpg (155946 bytes)

#SP-200-121  3-3/4"  $25

sp200-122a.jpg (152615 bytes) sp200-122b.jpg (155272 bytes)

#SP-200-122  4-1/8"  $32

sp200-123a.jpg (159537 bytes) sp200-123b.jpg (155229 bytes)

#SP-200-123  4-1/4"  $37

sp200-124a.jpg (153016 bytes) sp200-124b.jpg (153810 bytes)

#SP-200-124  3-7/8"  $32

sp200-125a.jpg (156313 bytes) sp200-125b.jpg (153321 bytes)

#SP-200-125  4-1/8"  $32

"Wholesale for All" 

check out our half pound of Megalodon and fossil mako shark tooth shards, 

sw-20 megs.jpg (158635 bytes)

or the 1 pound and 2 pound packages of Megalodon shark tooth shards

sw11 megs.jpg (162280 bytes) sw-10 megs.jpg (158798 bytes)

Sharks Page 14

CHECK OUT the Auriculatus shark teeth 

(GRANDFATHER of the Megalodon), link below to Sharks page 10:

Auriculatus Shark Teeth



Teeth average 1-1/2" to 3" long, in a Riker Glass top Box display 6.25 x 5.25 x 7/8" deep

(plate stand not included)

$32 each

#S-Riker-200-3  One tooth split in half



 The Megalodon is a huge, extinct species of shark that dates to 25 million years ago and was 40-100 feet in length, their teeth average 2 to 7" in length (these specimens were found offshore in Venice, Florida).

Some are collector's grade teeth, others are gnarly, rugged teeth with plenty of character, priced accordingly.

You can request gold wire ($8.00) or silver wire ($6.00).  A black 20" suede necklace is included with any wired tooth.  

Or Build a Necklace, details on:



7/8" Long

$12 each unless marked otherwise

s202a.jpg (164007 bytes)


  s202c.jpg (167680 bytes)


s202d.jpg (167108 bytes)


s202e.jpg (170740 bytes)


s202f.jpg (170105 bytes)


1" Long

$14 each unless marked otherwise

s203a.jpg (158589 bytes)

#S-203-A SOLD

1-1/8" Long

$16 each unless marked otherwise

  s204f.jpg (160671 bytes)

#S-204-F  SOLD

1-1/4" Long

$18 each unless marked otherwise

s210f.jpg (156641 bytes)


S210O.jpg (37313 bytes)


 s210-2.jpg (143070 bytes)

s211d.jpg (164938 bytes)


1-3/8" Long

$22 each unless marked otherwise

s217-3.jpg (137982 bytes)


s217-4.jpg (156936 bytes)


Button meg tooth, polished, silver wired, on rice hematite 5x7 mm necklace, silver barrel twist closure  $52
s218d.jpg (38360 bytes)

#S-217-10  $24

s218e.jpg (37382 bytes)

#S-217-11  $24

#S-217-12  Notch out of root 
s217c.jpg (162544 bytes)


s217f.jpg (154000 bytes)


s217i.jpg (157239 bytes)


  s217k.jpg (158487 bytes)


s217m.jpg (155250 bytes)


S217S.jpg (37151 bytes)

#S-217-S  $20

  s217x.jpg (37328 bytes)

#S-217-X  $24

1-1/2" Long

$28 each unless marked otherwise

s222-1.jpg (152672 bytes)


s222-2.jpg (134751 bytes)


s222-3.jpg (143394 bytes)


s222-4.jpg (151790 bytes)


Polished, Silver wired, on hematite bamboo bead, on black cylinder cow bone 14x6 mm beads and round cow bone 7 mm beads, silver barrel twist closure  $56
s222-6.jpg (141101 bytes)


s222-7.jpg (138420 bytes)


s222-8.jpg (144747 bytes)


s222-9.jpg (146661 bytes)


s222-10.jpg (161256 bytes)


s222-11.jpg (139587 bytes)


s222-12.jpg (152908 bytes)


  s222-15.jpg (143835 bytes)


s222-16.jpg (165143 bytes)


s222-17.jpg (154409 bytes)


s222-18.jpg (158576 bytes)


s222-19.jpg (153604 bytes)


s222-21.jpg (161312 bytes)


  s222-23.jpg (157371 bytes)



Polished, gold wired, on Rice black onyx 6x8 mm, and turquoise 6x8 mm bead necklace, gold barrel twist closure  $60

#S222-27  $24

#S222-29  "Button" tooth  $24
s222h.jpg (142989 bytes)


s222k.jpg (172207 bytes)


S222M.jpg (37627 bytes)


s222p.jpg (158162 bytes)


S222Q.jpg (38448 bytes)


S222S.jpg (37239 bytes)


S222T.jpg (37810 bytes)


S222V.jpg (37003 bytes)


S222W.jpg (37654 bytes)


S222X.jpg (36997 bytes)


S223.jpg (38285 bytes)


s223b.jpg (37130 bytes)


  s223h.jpg (36687 bytes)


s223l.jpg (38535 bytes)


s223r.jpg (37676 bytes)


s223s.jpg (166061 bytes)


s223t.jpg (152802 bytes)


s223w.jpg (165974 bytes)


s223x.jpg (158602 bytes)


s223y.jpg (160462 bytes)


s223z.jpg (165711 bytes)


1-5/8" Long

$32 each unless marked otherwise

s228-1.jpg (145045 bytes)


s228-2.jpg (152612 bytes)


s228-3.jpg (139205 bytes)


s228-4.jpg (140622 bytes)


  s228-6.jpg (144725 bytes)


s228-7.jpg (135752 bytes)


s228-9.jpg (156755 bytes)


s228-11.jpg (149787 bytes)


s228-14.jpg (143244 bytes)


Polished, gold wired, on large rice black onyx 6x8 mm beads and round turquoise 6 mm beads; gold barrel twist closure  $64
s228-16.jpg (142400 bytes)


  s228-18.jpg (156210 bytes)


 Polished, gold wired, on black onyx bamboo bead, on cylinder black cow bone beads, round black onyx 6 mm bead, and white cow bone 6 mm beads, gold barrel twist closure  $60
s228-20.jpg (155498 bytes)


Polished, silver wired, on small cylinder hematite 6x4 mm and large cylinder turquoise 12x8 mm beads, silver barrel twist closure  $70

Polished, silver wired, on large rice black onyx 6x9 mm and rice turquoise 6x9 mm beads, silver barrel twist closure  $64

Polished, gold wired, on round white cow bone 6 mm bead and large rice turquoise 9x12 mm bead necklace; gold barrel twist closure  $70

#S228-29  $32

#S228-30  $32

#S228-32  $32

#S228-33  $32
s228.jpg (38008 bytes)


s228e.jpg (38104 bytes)


S228F.jpg (37244 bytes)


s228g.jpg (38006 bytes)


S228I.jpg (36935 bytes)


S228J.jpg (37513 bytes)


S228K.jpg (37258 bytes)


s228m.jpg (38214 bytes)


s228o.jpg (38378 bytes)


s228p.jpg (37370 bytes)


s228q.jpg (38274 bytes)


s228s.jpg (38041 bytes)


s228u.jpg (38354 bytes)


s228v.jpg (36660 bytes)


s228x.jpg (37212 bytes)


s228z.jpg (37854 bytes)


s229.jpg (37532 bytes)


  s229c.jpg (37804 bytes)


s229d.jpg (37956 bytes)


s229e.jpg (37808 bytes)


s229h.jpg (38387 bytes)


s229i.jpg (37179 bytes)


s229k.jpg (37846 bytes)


s229l.jpg (38719 bytes)

#S-229-L  Button tooth

s229m.jpg (38010 bytes)


s229o.jpg (163237 bytes)


s229p.jpg (158620 bytes)


s229q.jpg (155772 bytes)


s229r.jpg (155399 bytes)


s229s.jpg (153016 bytes)


s229t.jpg (164747 bytes)


s229u.jpg (156500 bytes)


s229v.jpg (162579 bytes)


s229w.jpg (161280 bytes)


  s229y.jpg (166018 bytes)


s229z.jpg (156682 bytes)


s229-1.jpg (155660 bytes)


s229-2.jpg (153841 bytes)


s229-3.jpg (157416 bytes)


s229-4.jpg (162801 bytes)


s229-5.jpg (165591 bytes)


s229-6.jpg (163418 bytes)


s229-7.jpg (160655 bytes)


1-3/4" Long

$38 ea. unless otherwise marked

s233e.jpg (36331 bytes)

#S-233-E  Gold wired (nick on ear & some back root missing), on 20" black & white bone bead necklace $95

s233f.jpg (136276 bytes)

#S-233-F  Gold wired, on 20" hematite rice bead and Canadian polar jade bead necklace  $85

s233m.jpg (37305 bytes)

#S-233-M  $28

s233n.jpg (37476 bytes)

#S-233-N  $24

s233p.jpg (37169 bytes)

#S-233-P $28

s233q.jpg (37016 bytes)

#S-233-Q  $28

s233r.jpg (37677 bytes)

#S-233-R  $24

s233s.jpg (37666 bytes)

#S-233-S  $28

s233t1.jpg (162542 bytes) s233t2.jpg (157312 bytes)


Marbled color, perfect serrations; perfect tip


s233u.jpg (37417 bytes)

#S-233-U  $28

  s233x.jpg (36246 bytes)


s233y.jpg (38364 bytes)


s233z.jpg (37953 bytes)


s233-1.jpg (153014 bytes)


s233-2.jpg (155384 bytes)


s233-3.jpg (163747 bytes)


  s233-5.jpg (153254 bytes)


s233-6.jpg (164166 bytes)


s233-7.jpg (163608 bytes)


s233-9.jpg (155663 bytes)


s233-10.jpg (160579 bytes)


s233-11.jpg (162944 bytes)


s233-12.jpg (163087 bytes)


s233-13.jpg (163663 bytes)


s233-14.jpg (157981 bytes)


s233-15.jpg (157790 bytes)


  s233-17.jpg (151997 bytes)


s233-18.jpg (155124 bytes)


s233-19.jpg (162179 bytes)


s233-20.jpg (154409 bytes)


s233-21.jpg (163496 bytes)


s233-22.jpg (159521 bytes)


s233-23.jpg (155455 bytes)


s233-24.jpg (156962 bytes)


s233-25.jpg (166262 bytes)


s233-26.jpg (155664 bytes)


s233-27.jpg (155958 bytes)


s233-28.jpg (153279 bytes)


s233-29.jpg (154955 bytes)


s233-30.jpg (140369 bytes)


s233-31.jpg (146327 bytes)


s233-32.jpg (145373 bytes)


s233-33.jpg (140675 bytes)


s233-34.jpg (144427 bytes)


s233-35.jpg (159015 bytes)


s233-36.jpg (147425 bytes)


s233-37.jpg (146458 bytes)


s233-38.jpg (141966 bytes)


s233-39.jpg (158134 bytes)


s233-40.jpg (145179 bytes)


s233-41.jpg (139824 bytes)


s233-42.jpg (144367 bytes)


s233-43.jpg (152684 bytes)


s233-44.jpg (153556 bytes)


s233-45.jpg (145339 bytes)


s233-46.jpg (151622 bytes)


s233-47.jpg (143458 bytes)


s233-48.jpg (143475 bytes)


s233-49.jpg (140328 bytes)


s233-51.jpg (139561 bytes)


s233-52.jpg (147286 bytes)


s233-53.jpg (140348 bytes)


s233-54.jpg (142747 bytes)


Polished, gold wired, on white cow bone round bead, brown rondell cow bone 6 mm bead, and turned diagonally cut brown cow bone 13x7 bead necklace; gold barrel twist closure  $64

#S233-60  $38

#S233-62  $28

#S233-63  $24

#S-233-64  Silver wired  $44

#S-233-65  Silver wired  $44

#S-233-66  Silver wired  $44

#S-233-67  Silver wired  $44

#S-233-68  Silver wired  $44

#S-233-69  Silver wired  $44

#S-233-670Silver wired  $44

s234e.jpg (37170 bytes)


s234g.jpg (37176 bytes)


s234h.jpg (37198 bytes)


s234i.jpg (37772 bytes)


s234l.jpg (37922 bytes)


s234r.jpg (35865 bytes)

#S-234-R  $26

s234s.jpg (37568 bytes)

#S-234-S  Collector $45

s234t.jpg (162846 bytes)


s234u.jpg (36952 bytes)

#S-234-U  Button tooth, collector $40

s234w.jpg (158578 bytes)

#S234-W  $28

s234x.jpg (157729 bytes)

#S234-X  $28

1-7/8" Long

$42 each unless otherwise marked

  s241g.jpg (37764 bytes)

#S-241-G  $28

s241h.jpg (37687 bytes)

#S-241-H  $28

s241j.jpg (38028 bytes)

#S-241-J  $30

s241m.jpg (37861 bytes)

#S-241-M  $30

s241n.jpg (38170 bytes)

#S-241-N  $28

s241o.jpg (37715 bytes)

#S-241-O  $28

s241s.jpg (37551 bytes)


s241t.jpg (37847 bytes)


s241w.jpg (36586 bytes)

#S-241-W  $48

s241-1.jpg (150092 bytes)


Silver double twist wired over black onyx dogbone bead, on 20" rare New Zealand blue coral round beads 8mm and white rondell cow bone beads; silvertone barrel twist closure
s241-3.jpg (134612 bytes)

#S-241-3  Gold wired, on 19" brown bone bead necklace  $60

s241-4.jpg (157453 bytes)


s241-5.jpg (155088 bytes)


  s241-7.jpg (156511 bytes)


s241-8.jpg (153027 bytes)

#S-241-8  $38

s241-9.jpg (162438 bytes)


s241-10.jpg (160963 bytes)


s241-11.jpg (164373 bytes)


s241-12.jpg (153516 bytes)


s241-13.jpg (155991 bytes)


s241-14.jpg (157342 bytes)


s241-15.jpg (153242 bytes)

#S-241-15  $28

s241-16.jpg (158463 bytes)


s241-17.jpg (153183 bytes)


s241-18.jpg (155545 bytes)


s241-19.jpg (159535 bytes)


s241-20.jpg (151416 bytes)


s241-21.jpg (159097 bytes)


s241-22.jpg (161922 bytes)


s241-23.jpg (164276 bytes)


s241-24.jpg (164096 bytes)


s241-25.jpg (156482 bytes)


s241-26.jpg (156931 bytes)


s241-27.jpg (152066 bytes)

#S-241-27  $32

s241-28.jpg (137760 bytes)


s241-29.jpg (138950 bytes)


s241-30.jpg (147668 bytes)


s241-31.jpg (153266 bytes)


s241-32.jpg (138834 bytes)


s241-33.jpg (139093 bytes)


s241-34.jpg (141485 bytes)


s241-35.jpg (145005 bytes)


s241-36.jpg (140676 bytes)


s241-37.jpg (143354 bytes)


s241-38.jpg (154776 bytes)


s241-39.jpg (141407 bytes)


  s241-41.jpg (147038 bytes)


s241-42.jpg (143367 bytes)


s241-43.jpg (142861 bytes)


s241-44.jpg (144896 bytes)


s241-45.jpg (155820 bytes)


s241-46.jpg (153524 bytes)


s241-47.jpg (145693 bytes)

#S-241-47  Gold wired (nick L back of ear & top R), on 19" white bone and Turquoise bead necklace with  Turquoise drop bead  $58

#S-241-48  $32


Gold twist wired, on 20" cylinder and round hematite bead necklace, (6x4 and 4 mm)  $69  

#S-241-50  $34

#S-241-51  $28

#S-241-52  $26

#S-241-53  Silver wired  $48

#S-241-54  Silver wired $48
    s242.jpg (157884 bytes)

#S-242  $26

s242a.jpg (157826 bytes)

#S242-A  $24

s242b.jpg (38315 bytes)

#S-242-B  $42

s242c.jpg (37795 bytes)

#S-242-C  $42

s242d.jpg (38256 bytes)

#S-242-D  $42

s242e.jpg (36750 bytes)

#S-242-E  $42

s242f.jpg (38432 bytes)

#S-242-F  $42

s242g.jpg (38134 bytes)

#S-242-G  $32

s242h.jpg (38500 bytes)

#S-242-H  $30

s242i.jpg (37727 bytes)

#S-242-I  Button tooth, collector $48

  s242k.jpg (37336 bytes)

#S-242-K  $34

s242l.jpg (38715 bytes)

#S-242-L  $32

s242m.jpg (37966 bytes)

#S-242-M  $32

s242n.jpg (156918 bytes)

#S242-N  $32

s242o.jpg (159201 bytes)

#S-242-O  $28

s242p.jpg (159220 bytes)

#S-242-P  $30

1-15/16" Long

$44 each unless otherwise marked

s245-1.jpg (144349 bytes)


s245-2.jpg (149184 bytes)


s245-3.jpg (145818 bytes)


s245-4.jpg (145764 bytes)


s245-5.jpg (143720 bytes)


s245-6.jpg (145174 bytes)


  s245-8.jpg (147181 bytes)


s245-9.jpg (142709 bytes)


s245-10.jpg (148010 bytes)


s245-11.jpg (147711 bytes)


s245-12.jpg (140632 bytes)


  s245-14.jpg (147821 bytes)


s245-15.jpg (137387 bytes)


s245-16.jpg (151312 bytes)


s245-17.jpg (145794 bytes)


#S-245-19  Gold wired, on 20" round white bone and round black onyx beads, 2 black oval bone bead necklace  $60

#S-245-20  $44

2" Long

$46 unless otherwise marked

s249.jpg (151255 bytes)

#S-249  $30

s249e.jpg (38425 bytes)

#S-249-E  $28

 s249k.jpg (36917 bytes)

#S-249-K  $28
s249l.jpg (38063 bytes)

 #S-249-L  $28
s249m.jpg (36672 bytes)

#S-249-M  $54

s249-1.jpg (143991 bytes)


s249-2.jpg (151896 bytes)



#S-249-3  Silver wired  $52

s249-4.jpg (155969 bytes)


s249-5.jpg (151528 bytes)


s249-6.jpg (151618 bytes)


s249-7.jpg (159289 bytes)


s249-8.jpg (151638 bytes)


s249-9.jpg (154843 bytes)

#S-249-9  $40

s249-10.jpg (151650 bytes)


s249-11.jpg (150791 bytes)


s249-12.jpg (147833 bytes)


s249-13.jpg (164688 bytes)


s249-14.jpg (151901 bytes)


s249-15.jpg (157059 bytes)

#S-249-15  $38

s249-16.jpg (140801 bytes)


s249-17.jpg (139617 bytes)


s249-19.jpg (141358 bytes)


s249-20.jpg (140707 bytes)


s249-22.jpg (144630 bytes)


s249-23.jpg (142164 bytes)


s249-24.jpg (137640 bytes)


s249-25.jpg (144355 bytes)


s249-26.jpg (141112 bytes)


s249-27.jpg (136840 bytes)


s249-28.jpg (147391 bytes)


s249-29.jpg (138902 bytes)


s249-30.jpg (139383 bytes)



#S-249-33  $60

#S-249-34  $40

#S-249-35  $42

#S-249-36  $44

Silver double twist wired over black onyx dogbone bead, on 20" rare New Zealand blue coral round beads 8mm and white rondell cow bone beads; silvertone barrel twist closure

Silver double twist wired over black onyx dogbone bead, on 20" rare New Zealand blue coral round beads 8mm and white rondell cow bone beads; silvertone barrel twist closure
2-1/16" Long

$48 unless otherwise marked

s255a.jpg (39478 bytes)

#S-255-A  Silver wired (worn tip); on 20" black & white bone bead necklace  $100

s255-1.jpg (141133 bytes)


s255-2.jpg (140253 bytes)


s255-4.jpg (143261 bytes)


s255-5.jpg (142286 bytes)


s255-6.jpg (139019 bytes)


#S-255-7  SIlver wired  $52

Polished, gold wired, on tigereye round 8 mm bead and white cow bone 6 mm bead necklace; gold barrel twist closure  $76

#S255-9  $40

#S255-10  $42

#S255-11  $48

#S255-12  $34

#S255-13  $38
2-1/8" Long

$50 unless otherwise marked

s256a.jpg (37403 bytes)

#S-256-A  $35

s256b.jpg (37769 bytes)

#S-256-B  $28

s256c.jpg (37998 bytes)

#S-256-C  $30

s256d.jpg (38420 bytes)

#S-256-D  $28

  s256f.jpg (37264 bytes)

#S-256-F  $60

s256g.jpg (37425 bytes)

#S-256-G ("button" - side - tooth)  $30


#S-256-J  Nicked tip, great color  $30
  s256t.jpg (38478 bytes)

#S-256-T  $60
s256v.jpg (37851 bytes)

#S-256-V  $35

s256w.jpg (36967 bytes)

Gnarly root, great serrations (1 nick); Silver wired, on 20" black & white bone bead necklace $80
s256y.jpg (156259 bytes)

#S256-Y  $32

s256z.jpg (155119 bytes)

#S256-Z  $36

s256-1.jpg (153508 bytes)


s256-2.jpg (162427 bytes)


s256-3.jpg (152788 bytes)


s256-4.jpg (161709 bytes)


s256-5.jpg (157695 bytes)


s256-6.jpg (152919 bytes)


s256-7.jpg (156367 bytes)


s256-8.jpg (139729 bytes)


Polished, gold wired, on long barrel black onyx 12x6 6 mm bead and round black onyx 6 mm bead necklace; gold barrel twist closure  $90
s256-10.jpg (139020 bytes)


#S256-11  Silver wired $56
s256-14.jpg (141619 bytes)


s256-15.jpg (139680 bytes)


s256-16.jpg (140676 bytes)


s256-17.jpg (138988 bytes)


s256-18.jpg (143987 bytes)


Polished, silver wired, on New Zealand blue coral round 6 mm bead and rice hematite 8x6 mm bead necklace; silver barrel twist closure  $90

Polished, gold wired, on large rice black onyx 8x6 mm bead and round turquoise 6 mm bead necklace; gold barrel twist closure  $87


Polished, silver wired, on small cylinder hematite 4x6 mm bead and large cylinder turquoise 12x8 mm bead necklace; gold barrel twist closure  $93

#S256-24  $50
Gold double twist wired over glass dogbone bead, on 20" brown cow bone bead necklace with two round white cow bone beads; goldtone barrel twist closure

Gold double twist wired over black onyx dogbone bead, on 20" rare New Zealand blue coral round beads 8mm and white rondell cow bone beads; goldtone barrel twist closure

Silver double twist wired over black onyx dogbone bead, on 20" rare New Zealand blue coral round beads 8mm and white rondell cow bone beads; silvertone barrel twist closure
2-3/16" Long

$55 each unless otherwise marked

s258-1.jpg (139887 bytes)


s258-2.jpg (143430 bytes)


s258-3.jpg (141646 bytes)


s258-4.jpg (139125 bytes)


s258-7.jpg (143393 bytes)


s258-8.jpg (142347 bytes)



#S258-16  $60

#S258-17  $50

#S258-18  $50

#S258-19  $50
2-1/4" Long

$60 ea. unless otherwise marked

Gold wired, on 20" brown cow bone  bead 5x2 mm bead necklace; gold barrel twist closure  $85
s260b.jpg (37528 bytes)

#S-260-B  $30

s260d.jpg (37744 bytes)

#S-260-D  $28

s260e.jpg (38319 bytes)

#S-260-E  $24

s260f.jpg (37094 bytes)

#S-260-F  $26

s260g.jpg (37664 bytes)

#S-260-G  $28

s260i.jpg (37138 bytes)

#S-260-I  Gold wired (ears nicked, nice tooth), on 20" antiqued and brown bone bead necklace with glass dogbone beads $95

s260m.jpg (38613 bytes)

#S-260-M  $65

s260n.jpg (156910 bytes)

#S-260-N  $30

s260o.jpg (157457 bytes)

#S-260-O  $34

s260q.jpg (36825 bytes)

#S-260-Q  $42

s260s.jpg (37051 bytes)

#S-260-S  $40

s260t.jpg (156904 bytes)

#S260-T  $36

s260-1.jpg (153020 bytes)


s260-2.jpg (152367 bytes)


s260-3.jpg (155242 bytes)


s260-4.jpg (157337 bytes)


s260-5.jpg (155626 bytes)


s260-6.jpg (152134 bytes)

#S-260-6  $48

s260-7.jpg (155305 bytes)


s260-8.jpg (153699 bytes)


s260-9.jpg (157386 bytes)


s260-10.jpg (151797 bytes)


s260-11.jpg (160065 bytes)


s260-12.jpg (156778 bytes)

#S-260-12  $48

s260-13.jpg (143815 bytes)


s260-14.jpg (145123 bytes)


s260-15.jpg (143359 bytes)


s260-16.jpg (146306 bytes)


s260-17.jpg (147187 bytes)


s260-18.jpg (139871 bytes)


s260-19.jpg (141146 bytes)


s260-20.jpg (146775 bytes)


s260-21.jpg (141326 bytes)


s260-22.jpg (144326 bytes)


s260-23.jpg (142748 bytes)


s260-24.jpg (139843 bytes)


s260-25.jpg (141696 bytes)


s260-26.jpg (143899 bytes)


#S260-27  SIlver wired  $66

 s260-29.jpg (146232 bytes)


s260-30.jpg (134841 bytes)

#S-260-30  Gold wired, on 20" white bone and red glass bead necklace with glass brop bead  $90

s260-32.jpg (144574 bytes)

#S-260-32  Gold wired (nick L ear), on 19" white bone and Turquoise bead necklace with Turquoise drop bead  $72


s260-33.jpg (129977 bytes)

#S-260-33  Silver wired, on 20" hematite and purple amethyst bead necklace with two amethyst bead beads  $90

#S260-40  $50
2-5/16" Long

$62 ea. unless otherwise marked

s262-1.jpg (141288 bytes)


s262-2.jpg (153704 bytes)


s262-4.jpg (146089 bytes) 

s262-6.jpg (142922 bytes)


 s262-7.jpg (143888 bytes)



#S-262-10 $55

#S-262-11 $55

2-3/8" Long

$65 ea. unless otherwise marked

s264b.jpg (37691 bytes)

#S-264-B  $32

s264e.jpg (155720 bytes)

#S-264-E  $38

s264f.jpg (37786 bytes)

#S-264-F  $34

s264h.jpg (37049 bytes)

#S-264-H  Button tooth $45

s264o.jpg (155407 bytes)

#S-264-O  $42

s264q.jpg (148181 bytes)

#S-264-Q  $65

s264-1.jpg (140603 bytes)


s264-2.jpg (142416 bytes)


s264-3.jpg (147833 bytes)


s264-4.jpg (141550 bytes)


s264-5.jpg (145895 bytes)


s264-6.jpg (145107 bytes)


s264-7.jpg (142858 bytes)


s264-8.jpg (140312 bytes)


s264-9.jpg (147299 bytes)


s264-10.jpg (142715 bytes)


s264-11.jpg (142577 bytes)


#S264-12  SIlver wired $72

#S-264-13  $55

#S-264-14  Shark bite mark  $65

#S-264-15  $60

Gold double twist wired over black onyx dogbone bead, on 20" rare New Zealand blue coral round beads 8mm and white rondell cow bone beads; goldtone barrel twist closure
2-1/2" Long
  s267c.jpg (40508 bytes)

#S-267-C  $38

s267e.jpg (37054 bytes)


Gold wired, on 20" hematite and red sponge coral bead necklace (4 coral each side) $78

s267k.jpg (155355 bytes) 

#S-267-K  $35

s267m.jpg (152791 bytes)

#S-267-M  $70

s267n.jpg (151632 bytes)

#S-267-N  $70

s267-1.jpg (146271 bytes)

#S-267-1  $60

s529.jpg (153321 bytes)


 Nick on tip; sharp serrations  $20

s267-4.jpg (142174 bytes)

#S-267-4  $45

s267-5.jpg (144523 bytes)

#S-267-5  $40

s267-6.jpg (144576 bytes)

#S-267-6  $40

s267-7.jpg (142382 bytes)

#S-267-7  $30

s267-9.jpg (144653 bytes)

#S-267-9  $30

#S-267-11  Nicked tip, moothed serrations  $30

Gold double twist wired over black onyx dogbone bead, on 20" rare New Zealand blue coral round beads 8mm and white rondell cow bone beads; goldtone barrel twist closure


Silver wired, on 20" rondell hematite bead necklace (6x3 mm)  $97
2-9/16" Long
s268d.jpg (148536 bytes)

#S268-D  $70

2-5/8" Long
  s268h.jpg (139690 bytes)

#S268-8  $55

s268i.jpg (140929 bytes)

#S268-9  $60

s268k.jpg (140633 bytes)

#S268-11  $60

2-3/4" Long
s269d.jpg (153077 bytes)

#S-269-D  $50

s269i.jpg (153792 bytes)

#S-269-I  $70

#S-269-J  $50

#S-269-K  $75



Heavy double twist wired over black onyx dogbone bead, on 20" rare New Zealand blue coral round beads 8mm and white rondell cow bone beads; silvertone barrel twist closure
2-7/8" Long

#S-270-M  Silver wired as on 19" hematite bead necklace$145 

#S-270-O  $60

#S-270-P  $65
3" Long
s272a.jpg (146001 bytes)

#S-272-A  $70

s502.jpg (146674 bytes)


Nick left root and R & L serrations; visible serrations, smooth tip



#S-272-D  $45
3-1/8" Long

#S-273-1  Solid tooth  $95

#S-273-2  Rough root, beautiful tooth  $100
4-5/8" Long

#S-277-1  Gnarly tooth and root  $100  





#S280-10  $45

#S280-30  Root damage  $45

#S280-40  Odd color, tip damage, narrow tooth $50

#S280-41  Severe road rash on front  $30

#S280-50  Beautiful tooth; slight peel on right root $100

#S280-51  Small nick on tip & minor bite damage on right side  $80

#S280-54  Worn tip, damaged right side-enamel missing $50

#S280-62  Brown on front, black on back!  Rare color combination, nice tip, mild damage on root left side  $75

#S280-81 Odd natural coloring; worn tip & serrations, slight root damage across top  $50

#S280-84  Solid tooth, nice tip, nick on left side, great root $80

#S280-85  Great root, nice serrations, interesting coloring, tip nicked; solid tooth  $80

#S280-100  Nice solid tooth; tip nick, serration nicks right side, great root  $70

#S280-102 Nice tip, great serrations, mild root erosion; slight enamel peel on upper right side, good sound tooth $70

#S280-104  Solid, big black and ugly.  No tip.  $45

#S280-131  Chomp on lower right (bite damage), good enamel, good serrations, nice tip, root nice but for a left side nick; solid tooth, great character  $75  

#S280-143  Another member of the Ugly family.  Worn tip & serrations, gash across root and left ear damage.  Bargain tooth $45

#S280-145  Sister to the Ugly Boys; been beat up more than once.  Bad tip, bad serrations, good root, solid tooth  $45

#S280-161  Beautiful enamel sheen; 2 nicks on lower left which are bite marks; nice tip, good color, great root, sharp serrations; section of nicked serrations on right side  $165

#S280-162  Beautiful tip & serrations, nice enamel & root; fissure along top of root and down center.  $145

#S280-180  Nice tip, sharp serrations, good enamel, 3 slight serration nicks on left side; small left ear portion missing  $165

#S280-183  My flat (back) side is my best side!  Tip nicked, worn serrations, some enamel peel on front, and root fissures.  Great buy at $150 due to the sheer size

#S280-201  Sharp serrations, black beauty but a bit of a beating.  Tip missing, heavy serration damage right side, great root, GREAT color.  $110

#S280-212  Big solid gray tooth; sharp serrations, tip damage, great root  $145


#S280-215  Tooth has 2 minor nicks on left serrations, minor nick on tip  $400

#S280-230  Bruiser - right ear gone; fissure across root, worn tip, worn serrations, worn enamel  $95

#S280-231  Fissure across root front only; worn serrations with nick on right side, tiny nick on tip $125

#S280-233  Dredged tooth shows signs of being violently knocked around before it was rescued.  Fissure across root; numerous dredge marks along both sides; worn tip  $100

#S280-234  Nick on left ear, slight enamel peel just below root edge; tip nicked, serrations on right side beat up but rest of serrations sharp; good solid tooth $120

#S280-250  Chunk out of front, worn tip, worn serrations, otherwise good enamel and good root  $110

#S280-251  Sharp serrations, good color, tip missing, crack in root (vertical); good root ears  $140

#S280-271  Enamel peel on front; barnacle texture on back; sharp serrations, tiny nick on tip, good ears & root,  deep brown color $120

#S280-295  Great root, SHARP serrations, minor nick on tip; enamel peel front & back center; solid, heavy tooth  $200



Teeth are measured from the bottom tip, along the longest side, to the top of the root

s285-1a.jpg (128922 bytes) s285-1b.jpg (134644 bytes)

s285-1c.jpg (168463 bytes) s285-1d.jpg (171393 bytes) s285-1e.jpg (143646 bytes) s285-1f.jpg (144422 bytes)


4-1/8" long; tip nick  $460

s285-2a.jpg (136654 bytes) s285-2b.jpg (149379 bytes)

s285-2c.jpg (167396 bytes) s285-2d.jpg (175932 bytes) s285-2e.jpg (148176 bytes) s285-2f.jpg (151158 bytes)


4-1/8" long, tip nick


s290-1a.jpg (133769 bytes) s290-1b.jpg (137934 bytes)

s290-1c.jpg (174850 bytes) s290-1d.jpg (167927 bytes) s290-1e.jpg (156309 bytes) s290-1f.jpg (147638 bytes)


4-5/8" long, chip on back of tip; nick on upper right root


s295-1a.jpg (148259 bytes) s295-1c.jpg (135714 bytes) s295-1b.jpg (129264 bytes)

s295-1d.jpg (175632 bytes) s295-1e.jpg (166598 bytes) s295-1f.jpg (146690 bytes)


5-3/4" long.  Collector tooth, outstanding, no flaws





s299-1a.jpg (144407 bytes) s299-1b.jpg (135739 bytes) s299-1c.jpg (169036 bytes) s299-1d.jpg (194695 bytes) s299-1e.jpg (128261 bytes) s299-1f.jpg (145077 bytes) s299-1g.jpg (143787 bytes) s299-1h.jpg (153055 bytes) s299-1i.jpg (144683 bytes) s299-1j.jpg (144891 bytes) s299-1k.jpg (155441 bytes) s299-1l.jpg (154758 bytes) s299-1m.jpg (133209 bytes)

#S299-1C. Angustidens (relative to the C. megalodon)


EXTREMELY RARE, LARGE TOOTH.  If there's a bigger one out there than this, let me know.

Seller describes the sale as follows: "I pried this tooth out of the hands of Mark H. from Low Country Geologic.  When we were doing the trade, I said "Ya but the tip is nicked".  His reply - "no, it's not - if you look close enough you can see that the shark actually had an infection there at the tip".  After looking at it under a lens, he is 100% correct.

You can actually see the notch in the tip area where the abscess had eroded  the tip.  Damaged shark teeth are nicked or the enamel flakes - they don't erode away the enamel around a certain point like this one.  One heck of an Angustiden.

This tooth is dead on a 4.02 inch size.  A good many people who happen to have a 3.98 or 3.99 inch specimen would inflate that measurement just to get it over the super rare 4"  hurdle.  This tooth is 4.02 inches.  It is extra large, plus it is a whopping 3.11 inches across.  That alone will add some tremendous size to this already monster sized Angy.  Flawless serrations and quality of cusps.

The photos speak for themselves.  The bourlette is pretty  much washed out, but on a 4" Angy you are not going to get 100% perfect.

Tough to find an Angustiden of this size in flawless condition.  Most have eroded roots, broken cusps, feeding damage to the blade, etc.

This tooth has none of that, and as you can see from the pics, this is one heck of a killer specimen. 



s299-2a.jpg (136182 bytes) s299-2b.jpg (134140 bytes) s299-2c.jpg (158647 bytes) s299-2d.jpg (164721 bytes) s299-2e.jpg (141821 bytes)

s299-2f.jpg (157166 bytes) s299-2g.jpg (149156 bytes) s299-2h.jpg (146373 bytes) s299-2i.jpg (162034 bytes) s299-2j.jpg (149735 bytes)

#S299-2  $1200  SOLD

Megalodon shark tooth, Measures 5-3/4" long, huge upper principal tooth, gold pyrite in bourlette; Found in Georgia.  All natural.



s299-3a.jpg (153767 bytes) s299-3b.jpg (137956 bytes) s299-3c.jpg (141700 bytes) s299-3d.jpg (166418 bytes) s299-3e.jpg (141547 bytes) s299-3f.jpg (153980 bytes) s299-3g.jpg (138806 bytes) s299-3h.jpg (159863 bytes) s299-3i.jpg (151031 bytes)


Giant Orange Carcharodon Chubutensis ("Chub") (older relation to the C. megalodon), found in North Carolina, measures 5-1/8" long x 4-1/4" wide.  Near Record Size.  All natural.  Superb serrations, great color, nicked tip.




s299-4a.jpg (148690 bytes) s299-4b.jpg (143293 bytes) s299-4c.jpg (152853 bytes) s299-4d.jpg (150746 bytes) s299-4e.jpg (149935 bytes) s299-4f.jpg (152157 bytes) s299-4g.jpg (151310 bytes) s299-4h.jpg (154719 bytes)


Measures 6-1/4" long x 4-1/4" wide.  Phenomenally collectible tooth.  All natural, perfect serrations, perfect tip.  Slight separation in gumline.

Last established sold price on this tooth was in November of 2007 for $3,000.00.

**Glenn has finally decided to put a price on this tooth.  Based on the last amount paid for this tooth, this is a great savings to pass on to our customers...





Gorgeous collector's tooth from Glenn's personal collection, 5-1/2" long

siriphong-megs.jpg (137139 bytes) siriphong-megs2.jpg (147299 bytes)

This is Siriphong in Thailand that bought 3 of our collector megalodon shark teeth.  One happy customer!  Thanks for sharing.


#S-299-100.  RARE collection of MEGALODON 

"Button" Side teeth 


they measure from 3/4" to 3-3/4" in size

$1600.00 or comparable value item(s) but nothing that has to be fed!

Button 1.jpg (37486 bytes) Button 2.jpg (37470 bytes) Button 3.jpg (36820 bytes)
Button 4.jpg (40465 bytes) Button 5.jpg (37972 bytes)  


#S-299-200 RARE collection of pathologic megalodon and mako shark teeth with BITE marks from other sharks

FOR SALE AS A COLLECTION of 10 TEETH FOR $1200.00 or comparable value item(s) but nothing that has to be fed!


Bitemark 1.jpg (38175 bytes) Bitemark 2.jpg (38205 bytes) Bitemark 3.jpg (38237 bytes)

Museum quality tooth

Bitemark 4.jpg (38586 bytes) Bitemark 5.jpg (37704 bytes) Bitemark 6.jpg (38594 bytes)


Largest megalodon tooth (6-7/8") you will find on the "Weirdest" Page 2 

mvc-811s.jpg (61985 bytes)

Megalodon (prehistoric great white) 25 million years ago reached a length of 40-120 feet.

7" is the biggest that has been found.  Color only indicates the minerals it happened to fossilize in, not the age.  Teeth are graded and priced by:

Size, rarity, any damage, condition of enamel & serrations.


Below is good customer Harlan's shark tooth collection that is enviable:

left to right: 1.75" paleocarcharodon, 2.75" auriculatus, 2.6" angustiden, 1.25" chubutensis, 1.5" megalodon, 3" great white, 2.44" gwt. other notables include: 3" mako, 2.25" mako, 1.12" bull, 2.12" great white tooth, & assorted lamniforms from Macon,Ga (very rare location).

Harlan's collection.jpg (40152 bytes)

 And his collection of the biggest megalodon teeth:

 Harlan's meg collection.jpg (39789 bytes)

And finally, an action photo of Harlan himself holding up an anemometer in Jacksonville Beach, FL during Hurricane Jeanne on Sept. 26, 2004, in the middle of nature's fury, though the worst damage was further south from him.

Harlan Hurricane.jpg (40932 bytes)



Repeat customer Michael has two of our shark posters, and a gator head, now in his college dorm room:

michaelsharkgator.jpg (64859 bytes)

and is showing off his big Megalodon shark tooth necklace he purchased from us.  I'm sure he gets plenty of comments!

michaelshark.jpg (63744 bytes)

Good customers Laura and Mark in the Netherlands have added many beautiful sharks teeth to their collection that they purchased from our website (a large bag of Megalodon shark teeth frags and several collector Megalodon).  They dig for fossils in their area too.  Here's Laura's comments:

 2/19/08  It is nice to know there are people as crazy as us. Mark is the real fanatic, and I spot the best specimens. Among the small ones we found a 4 mm (o,16 inch) Galeorhinus levefrei. An even smaller Notorynchus primigenius we lost, sadly. These teeth we found at the Belgian coast, some four weeks ago.

From weeks of rain, we now see the first sunshine. So we went to search for teeth again. We did not find very many, but it was fun doing again. We went to Mill, a sand winning site, where they suck up sand from the bottom of an little lake. In that sand we sometimes find Hastalises. Here you can see Mark in the ditch.

mark1.jpg (121389 bytes)

3/3/08  After they received their second package of fossil teeth that Laura bought for Mark's birthday:

It was overwhelming. I never saw this many special  and awesome teeth at once. I understood you added some teeth to the order Laura made. Especially the bag with teeth from Aurora mine held a lot of waauw. This bag is really what I like. To touch them all, and determinate the species and all. All the colors!! Our teeth are mainly black. On my do before I die list stands a visit to these mines. It has been on the list for some time now. It just moved to the top of the list. We just have to wait a while and be patient. You know why. If there are more teeth available from Aurora, please let me know. I can spend all my allowance. I know, I'm a junky. But maybe you understand....

Also the rare specimens (hemipristis, tiger, goblin, etc, etc.) are really awesome. Laura took a picture. She also thought it was funny to give me a bib, for my drool. I was that ecstatic.

mark2.jpg (60484 bytes)

The micro teeth are beautiful as well. Maybe it will interest you that we have some very little teeth as well. Is there something missing in your collection? Maybe I can return the favor. I will  add a picture to give you an impression what the Belgian coast has to offer.

mark3.jpg (52655 bytes)

Again, thank you very much.


Teeth that Mark & Laura sent from their collection, micro fossil teeth from the Belgian coast, "knokke" teeth and ray plates and drum fish teeth, and great Isurus Hastalis (Mako) teeth from Mill, Holland.  Thanks so much!  Here's Glenn clowning at looking at the micro teeth (Mr. Cave Bear is in the background of the 3rd photo):

lm1.jpg (142421 bytes) lm2.jpg (146086 bytes) lm3.jpg (137921 bytes)


MEGALODON LIVES!!  Run for your lives!

We know the site link listed below is not factual, but you'll have a BLAST looking at it just the same...it perpetrates the idea that the megalodon is still alive.  Have fun!


Here's a quote from the book "Blue Meridian - The Search for the Great White Shark" by Peter Matthiessen, page 34 ... for what it's worth:  According to shark literature, Carcharodon carcharias, the great white shark, may grow to thirty feet or more; the largest specimen of recent years, found tangled in heavy chain off Port Fairy, Australia, was measured at thirty-six and a half feet overall.  The many reported sightings of enormous white sharks have led a few ichthyologists to wonder if C. megalodon might still exist. ... (page 35):  In 1918, off Port Stephens on the east coast of Australia, a great pale shark was reported that gulped down several crayfish traps, three and a half feet in diameter, "pots, mooring lines and all."  The estimates of its size by those who saw it seemed "absurd" to Dr. D. G. Stead (author of Sharks and Rays of Australian Seas), but his questioning of the veteran fishermen involved left Stead convinced that at least a few gigantic Carcharodon still live in reaches of the abyss beyond the probes of man."



Aurora Fossil Fair (North Carolina near the coast) held on Memorial Day each year:

Fossils Page 9


MVC-683S.jpg (38269 bytes) MVC-682S.jpg (36677 bytes)

This is Kim whose husband has found some great sharks teeth and other fossils in a new area in South Carolina - boy are we jealous!


Below - This is a "whopper of a find" as Richard will say after his great visit to Myrtle Beach, it had kids knocking on his hotel room door at night to see!  In fact, his wife was even more excited than he was about it.  He actually bought it at our store and dropped it on the beach on purpose so he could "find" it, though due to his wife's excitement he never got to explain the joke till it was too late. 4 3/4" of megalodon, Glenn wired it as a necklace for him that's a real eye popper and a real chuckle of a "fish story" to take back to Ontario, eh?

MVC-897S.jpg (38536 bytes)



Shark bait.jpg (25983 bytes) Snow sharks.jpg (27989 bytes)


Cool Customer


Tony's favorite is the Ornate Wobbegong jaw in pristine condition.  Also there's a large Goblin shark jaw.  I'm jealous!

tony-shark-collection-1.jpg (91851 bytes)

Great white shark teeth and a great photo

tony-shark-collection-2.jpg (125420 bytes)

Huge collector megalodon shark teeth, and an anatomy of a shark

tony-shark-collection-3.jpg (107715 bytes)

Full view of the room, a LOT of identified jaws, shark ID poster, lots to see!

tony-shark-collection-4.jpg (142800 bytes)

Barracuda skeleton head

Fossil great white shark tooth collection, Peru

tony-shark-collection-6.jpg (84385 bytes)

Humboldt Squid eye

tony-shark-collection-7.jpg (77973 bytes)

And to think, all he wanted (at first) was a nice Megalodon tooth!


1/4/09  Hello Glenn and Heidi,
I am the very proud owner of a silver-capped Great White Shark tooth that I bought from you last year. I love it so much. Here are some photos I've been meaning to send, for your enjoyment! I love looking at all of the photos on the website.
The first two photos were taken at Sea World in Orlando, Florida in February 2008. Notice the shirt I am wearing? :)

carriejaws2.jpg (425956 bytes)carriejaws3.jpg (443658 bytes)

Third photo is me at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey with a very large set of megalodon shark teeth...  ;)

carriejaws1.jpg (641726 bytes)

Hope you enjoy. Take care!
Carrie Anne/New Hampshire


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