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Original Acrylic dot Paintings

by Tameika Morgan


Tameika is of the Yorta Yorta Tribe, and the Umeewarra Tribe 

of New South Wales and South Australia.

Depictions portrayed of her artworks are from her river country.  Her artworks depict powerful imprints of her ancestors Riverland Art.

Tameika has been painting for close to 10 years (as of 2015).  As a child she drew in charcoal, mainly doing pattern works and drawing animals.  She enjoys painting contemporary and traditional artwork.

These works are original paintings, acrylic traditional dot style painting, on canvas; unframed.

EACH MEASURES 11-1/4" long x 8-3/4" wide.

Paintings can be turned either way, your choice.

All are signed "W '09" for her Wassa name, and the year (2009) in which she painted these.

aus26.jpg (149836 bytes)  aus27.jpg (149072 bytes)  aus28.jpg (135901 bytes)


aus1.jpg (161450 bytes)

Brilliant midnight blue

#AUS-1  $65

aus2.jpg (160076 bytes)

Grassy green

#AUS-2  $65

aus3.jpg (150020 bytes)

Sky blue with pink, like a sunrise

#AUS-3  $65

aus5.jpg (163358 bytes)

Dark grass green

#AUS-5  $65

aus6.jpg (150567 bytes)

Lime and grassy green

#AUS-6  $65

aus7.jpg (146731 bytes)

Lime and grassy green

#AUS-7  $65

aus8.jpg (154483 bytes)

Midnight and sky blue

#AUS-8  $65

aus9.jpg (148037 bytes)

Teal blue

#AUS-9  $65

aus10.jpg (156219 bytes)

Fuchsia pink


aus11.jpg (164219 bytes)

Dark Fuchsia pink

#AUS-11  $65

aus12.jpg (151658 bytes)

Dark pink with sky blue

#AUS-12  $65

aus13.jpg (147810 bytes)

Fuchsia pink

#AUS-13  $65


aus14.jpg (151217 bytes)

Dark pink with a bit of sky blue

#AUS-14  $65


aus15.jpg (151312 bytes)

Dark midnight blue & sky blue

#AUS-15  $65

aus16.jpg (149934 bytes)

Medium teal blue

#AUS-16  $65

aus17.jpg (153305 bytes)

Dark teal blue, hints of yellow

#AUS-17  $65

aus18.jpg (164140 bytes)

Blood red

#AUS-18  $65

aus19.jpg (146297 bytes)

Medium blue

#AUS-19  $65

aus20.jpg (149027 bytes)

Medium blue, hints of yellow

#AUS-20  $65

aus21.jpg (151512 bytes)

Solid medium blue

#AUS-21  $65

aus22.jpg (157604 bytes)

Dark pink

#AUS-22  $65

aus23.jpg (161699 bytes)

Dusty pink

#AUS-23  $65

aus24.jpg (153680 bytes)

Dark pink, hints of gray

#AUS-24  $65

aus25.jpg (146871 bytes)

Gray blue, hints of pink sunrise

#AUS-25  $65