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Yes, folks, as if we don't offer enough! 

Because our items are so unique, we prefer "good homes" for our lovely things rather than the instant cash!  Therefore, we now offer Online Layaway for those of you that don't want to miss out on one or more items that you've already bonded with or can't live without...

It's very simple -

1.  Email us or phone us your layaway order


Glenn and Heidi Reed

Phone:  864-541-8448

Please call between 9am and 9pm EST

2.  Pay 25% now 

3.  Pay 25% in three equal monthly payments thereafter, same day of the month as the first payment.

We can ship items as they are paid off, or at the end of the layaway.

NO layaway fee

4.  PLEASE NOTE: Layaway items cannot be returned/refunded.

5.  ALSO NOTE:  On special order, one of a kind custom items made to your specifications, if you fail to complete your layaway payments, there is no refund on your deposit / partial payment.

By making your initial 25% deposit, you are agreeing to the terms of the agreement specified on this page.  This is a contract, and the fact that you have made the 25% deposit, you are acknowledging that this is a binding contract.  If you fail to meet your scheduled payment, at our discretion we can terminate this contract with you, and you will forfeit all funds paid to that point.

Payments accepted: (same as on our order page, see it for further details):  Paypal, money order, credit card, or Western Union.