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Contents:  Natural garnets from China; Slices of Polar Jade from Canada; FLUORESCENT ROCKS & GLASS:  vaseline glass marbles, Pink mangano calcite, rhombohedral calcite, Sodalite, and Willemite; Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper (rough),  Fluorescent Rock display Smithsonian 

GARNETS from China

Rough, natural, faceted, deep red almandine garnet crystals, WOW!

garnets-china.jpg (170075 bytes)

Altay Mine, 

Altay (Aletai) Prefecture, 

Xinjiang (Xinjiang-Uygur) 

Autonomous Region, China

4.6 ounces in each package, 5-9 garnets, average 1/2 to 1" diameter


r910-1.jpg (134121 bytes)

#R-910-1  $24

r910-2.jpg (137905 bytes)

#R910-2  $24

r910-4.jpg (142288 bytes)

#R-910-4  $24

r910-5.jpg (142344 bytes)

#R-910-5  $24

r910-6.jpg (144554 bytes)

#R-910-6  $24

r910-7.jpg (141972 bytes)

#R-910-7  $24

r910-8.jpg (140367 bytes)

#R-910-8  $24

r910-9.jpg (143328 bytes)

#R-910-9  $24

r910-10.jpg (139809 bytes)

#R-910-10  $24

r910-11.jpg (140945 bytes)

#R-910-11  $24

r910-12.jpg (142651 bytes)

#R-910-12  $24

  r910-14.jpg (140104 bytes)

#R-910-14  $24

r910-15.jpg (145723 bytes)

#R-910-15  $24

r910-16.jpg (139107 bytes)

#R-910-16  $24

r910-17.jpg (145165 bytes)

#R-910-17  $24

r910-18.jpg (142597 bytes)

#R-910-18  $24

2.3 ounces in each package, 4 garnets, average 1/2 to 7/8" diameter


r912-1.jpg (155403 bytes)

#R-912-1  $14

r912-2.jpg (156614 bytes)

#R912-2   $14

r912-3.jpg (139998 bytes)

#R912-3  $14

r912-4.jpg (141993 bytes)

#R-912-4  $14

r912-5.jpg (143190 bytes)

#R-912-5  $14

r912-6.jpg (144367 bytes)

#R-912-6  $14

r912-7.jpg (138206 bytes)

#R-912-7  $14

r912-8.jpg (151890 bytes)

#R-912-8  $14

r912-9.jpg (145972 bytes)

#R-912-9  $14

r912-10.jpg (155793 bytes)

#R-912-10  $14

r912-11.jpg (138950 bytes)

#R-912-11  $14

r912-12.jpg (149813 bytes)

#R-912-12  $14

r912-13.jpg (137548 bytes)

#R-912-13  $14

r912-14.jpg (139734 bytes)

#R-912-14  $14

r912-15.jpg (141398 bytes)

#R-912-15  $14

r912-16.jpg (138250 bytes)

#R-912-16  $14




British Columbia, Canada "Polar Jade"  (nephrite jade)

See "Gem Animals" page 6 for photos of the mine & an in-depth article on Jade too

r920.jpg (90704 bytes) #R-920.  Polished on one side, slice of Polar Jade is 2-7/8" x 1-3/8" x 1/4" thick. $6.00
r921.jpg (112039 bytes) #R-921.  Polished on both sides, slice of Polar Jade is 3" x 1-5/8" x 1/4" thick. $8.00
r922.jpg (103200 bytes) #R-922.  Polished on both sides, slice of Polar Jade is 5-3/4" x 2-1/8" x 3/16" thick.  $12.00
r923.jpg (108219 bytes) #R-923.  Polished on both sides, slice of Polar Jade is 6-3/4" x 2-3/4" x 3/8" thick. $20.00
r926.jpg (82143 bytes) #R-926 Unpolished slice of Polar Jade is 5-1/2 x 4-1/2 x 1/4" thick $25.00
R929.jpg (39055 bytes) #R-929 Semi-polished slice of Polar jade is 3 x 1-3/8" x 1/8" thick $9.00
Did you know?  That there is no such thing as just "Jade"?  Jade must be either Jadeite or Nephrite (Jadeite being the more valuable of the two)  The second most valuable color of Jadeite is LAVENDER.  True!



marbles & minerals


#R-930-B Set of 4 JUMBO (opaque, coated) vaseline glass marbles (1" diameter) (note photos in regular store lighting, and under black light
$24.00 per set of 4

#R-930-C.  JUMBO (opaque, coated) vaseline glass marbles (1" diameter) (note photos in regular store lighting, and under black light

Note: Shipping outside the U.S., 1-2 of these 1" marbles, postage is $6.55; inquire for postage on higher quantities

$6.50 ea.
(322 available)
CALCITE, clear white optical rhombohedral natural form, from Mexico

Average 1" long each, unless stated otherwise


#R-943  Set of 3  $8

#R-944  Set of 2   $8


One specimen, 1-3/4" long x 1-1/2" wide x 5/8" deep


Fluorescent bright yellow-green

r950-a.jpg (137916 bytes) r950-b.jpg (143441 bytes) r950-c.jpg (148650 bytes) r950-d.jpg (141440 bytes)


Two smooth sides, 3-15/16" long x 2" wide x 1-1/4" tall, 15.5 ounces $35

r950-1a.jpg (151305 bytes) r950-1b.jpg (154322 bytes) r950-1c.jpg (153961 bytes)


Awesome luminescence with pink and green, nice. One smooth side, 4-1/2" long x 3-3/8" wide x 7/8" tall, 1 pound 4.7 ounces $45


Fluorescent bright orange!

r957.jpg (36558 bytes)


2-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 1"  $14

r958.jpg (36411 bytes)


2-1/4 x 2-1/4 x 1-1/4"  $16

r960.jpg (36637 bytes)


2-1/4 x 2 x 1-1/2"  $16

r961.jpg (36124 bytes)


3-1/2 x 1-3/4 x 1-1/4"$18

Specimens of fluorescent rocks & minerals at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C., first under normal light, then black light (apologies that I could not capture the colors better than this):

smithfluorescents.jpg (37398 bytes) smithfluorescents2.jpg (38591 bytes)



From a closed mine in Morgan Hill, California.  Limited quantities available - very cool color and pattern for an orbicular jasper!

MVC-218S.jpg (38363 bytes)

Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper. A real bookend of a piece!  Large 4" x 4" x 3" chunk that sits flat with a vertical side (like for a bookend).  Great cutting material!  3.5 pounds. 

$199.00 SOLD
And finally, you'll enjoy hearing about our cool customer named Cait that made an incredible find that she's shared with us because she needed confirmation of what she found, and because we have rare Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper (from Morgan Hill, California)
...here's part of her email:
 For a living I do marketing communications for a high tech company in Silicon Valley.  I am a COMPLETE NOVICE who lucked out finding a boulder-sized piece of poppy jasper ...the mystery-rock saga continues to evolve. Yes, it's poppy jasper, but the Park Dept people want to name it for the area where I found it, i.e., Sierra Azul or New Almaden Poppy Jasper. I am leading the Park Geologist to the location on Sunday (March 21). He will evaluate the quality/importance of the find (as best he can without actually cutting into the stone) and the logistics of removing it from the creek bed. 

  In one of my other creek photos, there looks like a similar boulder beneath a waterfall and the next time I visit that area of the creek, I'll take a closer look. But my window for getting down into those creek areas is rapidly closing. Because I follow game trails into these areas, poison oak and ticks are a real hazard. I end up brushing up against poison oak. And ticks cling to the tops/edges of vegetation hoping to hitch a ride on a human or animal passing by.  Normally, as soon as the rains stop, I abandon the area until mid-November.  I'll keep ya posted! I've posted more photos if you'd care to view them..

Like we've been saying, folks, even WE don't know what's next to show up in our email box or the next find to add to the website, so STAY TUNED!
Here's a large specimen of Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC:

smithmorganhill.jpg (37855 bytes)

The mine is now sealed where this gem came from - Morgan Hill, California.  Excellent orbicular pattern and warm color, made of jasper, hematite and quartz.

mvc-391s.jpg (87704 bytes)

Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper, wired in gold as pendant, is 1-13/16" long x 1-3/4" wide. 


LAPIS specimen on display at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC:

smithlapis.jpg (36968 bytes)

and Watermelon Tourmaline:

smithwatermtourm.jpg (32768 bytes)

and Crocoite and other minerals, a very colorful display:

smithorangeyellowpurpleminerals.jpg (37715 bytes)

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