Weird and Dead Stuff

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Weird and Dead Stuff

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Weird and Dead Stuff
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Be patient...watch closely...

Scared you didn't I?

Photo taken by a fireman in Montana...

fire_starter.jpg (110751 bytes)


Find the man's face in the coffee beans below!  How long does it take you?

findtheman.jpg (175381 bytes)


Dear Abby,

I recently read your column advising grandparents on "tough love" for
grandparents to give misbehaving grandchildren, whose own parents let
run wild.  I have followed your advice, and enclose a picture
my technique when my grandson just won't behave while I'm baby-sitting
his parents.  They have told me not to spank him, so I just take him for
ride, and he usually calms down afterward.

 Sign me,
 Tough Love Grandma

Toughlove.jpg (39449 bytes)


Clever Photoshop Artistry creates better-than-nature pictures for you...

        swordbeephotoshop.jpg (23175 bytes)   jetamusementphotoshop.jpg (26353 bytes)      


Our friends sent this photo of the Grand Canyon, spectacular! ...

Grand Canyon-Nancy.jpg (75533 bytes)


If you love popping bubble wrap, you'll love this game 

(click on the link below), 


pass your mouse pointer over the bubbles

 as fast as you can 

to get every single one popped in the fastest time!


Just awesome:   cloud.jpg (50321 bytes)

cyclonegraham02.jpg (50107 bytes)


...something for the history books

Awesome.jpg (184672 bytes)

(Below)  Cool photo of triple waterspouts taken during the September 2002 Louisiana tropical storm.

Lili_waterspouts 5 (4).jpg (30633 bytes)


For those of you who have never seen this awesome picture of the unborn baby grasping the surgeon's hand...

BIGHAND.gif (220819 bytes)


Here's a wicked fun interactive snow globe website...



paintjob_1__4_.jpg (29265 bytes)  No Santa this year!

lights.jpg (373317 bytes)

An alarming Christmas prank!

SnowmenRabbit.jpg (47424 bytes)   SnowFamily.jpg (28626 bytes)   SnowCone.gif (21408 bytes)

Snowman cartoons.


ForestFirePhoto.jpg (42643 bytes)

Photo taken in the Bitterroot National Forest in Montana on August 6, 2000, by fire behavior analyst John McColgan from Fairbanks, Alaska, with a Digital camera.


At this website, you can zoom in from the Milky Way, 10 million light years from earth,  to Earth, then to an oak tree in Tallahassee, Florida, then inside a leaf of the tree to microscopic structure - a real mind blowing trip .... https://micro.magnet.fsu.edu


Below is what we call "The Attack of the Miami Dolphins"

abig_wave.jpg (17861 bytes)


     This is awesome!
     This came from a Rig Manager for Global Marine Drilling in
     St.Johns, Newfoundland. They actually have to divert the path of these
     huge icebergs away from the rig by towing them with ships! Anyway, in this
     particular case the water was calm & the sun was almost
directly overhead so that the diver was able to get into the water and click this pic.
     Clear water! They estimated the weight at 300,000,000 tons.
     And now we know why they say one picture is worth 1000 words....
     and we also know why theTitanic Sank!

iceberg.jpg (51053 bytes)


Can you hold the sun in your hands?  This person can!

melhorfotov2003.jpg (277510 bytes)


Here's a link to our favorite marbles game - I'm warning you, it's addictive!  It's free.

Click on "Marbles" game choice on this site, then "new game" to start:  www.netives.com


Car for sale - In Ireland
The following is an actual advertisement in an Irish
1985 Blue Volkswagen Golf
Only 15 km
Only first gear and reverse used
Never driven hard
Original tires

Original brakes
 Original fuel and oil
 Only 1 driver
 Owner wishing to sell due to employment lay-off
 Photo Below....(click to enlarge)
UsedCar.jpg (87639 bytes)


adriver5.jpg (34226 bytes)

You said to park in the alley!

WoodChoppingRules1.jpg (148129 bytes)

Wood chopping rules!



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