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For you friends following the decoration progress of our home, here's our most recent renovation to our bedroom - it used to be white, now it's a colorful, cozy, inviting room of coral, eggplant and sunshine yellow thanks to Glenn! ...but the decision on curtains is next to impossible.  We may have to decide on wood blinds.  The teak log with elephant carvings is next to be mounted on the right-hand yellow wall, a chaise lounge & table below it, and a rug and picture or two to complete the room.

Bedroom 1.JPG (36696 bytes)  

Bedroom flowers.jpg (66810 bytes)


Here is a sunset photo we took near our home

mvc-018s.jpg (66442 bytes)

and the Sunset oil painting our customer Sandra created from this photo that now graces our bedroom as a headboard to the bed, and the teak elephants:

sunset-oil-sandra.jpg (58264 bytes)  1eleph.JPG (131935 bytes)  1elepha.jpg (154746 bytes)

and another painting of Sandra's that we purchased and hung in the bedroom also, of a pier ocean sunset:

sandra-piersunset.JPG (161617 bytes)



Glenn went all out and has the neighborhood coming to look.  Photos are compliments of "big kid" Craig Jr. who lives nearby, thanks Craig!

houselights 1.jpg (161042 bytes)  houselights 2.jpg (169151 bytes)  houselights 3.jpg (141877 bytes)

houselights 4.jpg (145849 bytes)  houselights 5.jpg (139756 bytes)  houselights 6.jpg (131641 bytes)

houselights 7.jpg (110531 bytes)  houselights 8.jpg (99682 bytes)  houselights 9.jpg (135142 bytes)

houselights 10.jpg (123146 bytes)

Santa snowman.jpg (141275 bytes)

Santa.jpg (132210 bytes)  Snowman.jpg (142331 bytes)

You can decorate your own tree here at this fun link:




What started out as a simple addition has now taken on gargantuan proportions, are you surprised?  Our storage workshop will now be a real working and storage area, there will even be a lean-to for all the garden equipment we've now accumulated as People with Roots (how strange!)

Stage 1, the tiny workshop.  The expansion is still just a twinkle in Glenn's eye.

Workshop stage 1-1.JPG (38483 bytes)  Workshop stage 1-4.JPG (38906 bytes)

Stage 2, the foundation is laid.  Glenn ponders.

Workshop stage 2-1.JPG (40559 bytes)  Workshop stage 2-6.JPG (38599 bytes)

Stage 3, two layers of plywood flooring.  Craig Jr. ponders.

Workshop stage 3-4.JPG (40811 bytes)

Stage 4 - the walls.  Glenn is still thinking...

Workshop stage 4-3.JPG (40059 bytes)  Workshop stage 4-5.JPG (39302 bytes)

Stage 5 - the roof with a surprise cathedral ceiling, thanks to Glenn and Craig Sr.  

Tiny Tim peers over the rafter.  This is hard work!

Workshop stage 5-2.JPG (40694 bytes)   Workshop stage 5-4.JPG (39922 bytes)  Workshop stage 6-1.JPG (39539 bytes) Workshop stage 6-3.JPG (40671 bytes)

  Stage 6 - the sides, plywood on the roof, and shingles, starting to look like something!  We even have a door now...

Workshop_stage_7-1.JPG (39634 bytes)  Workshop_stage_7-2.JPG (38547 bytes)  Workshop_stage_7-3.JPG (37964 bytes)

We even took time to literally "smell the roses"... from our own yard...

Rose during remodel.JPG (37210 bytes)

Stage 7 - carpet is down, white wallboard is up, we're moving in tables and fossils and extra packing peanuts, all the tuxedo tailcoats and jackets, gator skulls, shark jaws, and bulk rocks and shells!

maystoragebldg1.JPG (36721 bytes)  maystoragebldg2.JPG (36519 bytes)  maystoragebldg3.JPG (37387 bytes)

  maystoragebldg4.JPG (40642 bytes)

Still soffit & fascia, steps and details to complete but it's finally functional as of May '05!


Glenn proudly added a 10 x 15 foot American flag at the top of one of our tall pine trees in our yard, the sight and even the sound of the silk unfurling is a beautiful thing. Glenn is on the porch in the first picture.  Neighbor Craig helped remove branches to make this possible.

FLAG.JPG (39881 bytes)  FLAG CLOSEUP.JPG (38743 bytes)

UFO's landed in our yard!!  Oops - it's actually MUSHROOMS.  Alien mushrooms.  Nature is the master artist, anything man does is an imitation...

MVC-895S.JPG (40898 bytes)  MVC-893S.JPG (40866 bytes)  MVC-892S.JPG (40215 bytes)  MVC-891S.JPG (38817 bytes)  MVC-897S.JPG (38425 bytes)

A scary visitor to our yard, my first photo of a praying mantis:

Praying Mantis.JPG (39028 bytes)

And our first photo of our visiting male possum that eats the rest of our cat's food at night, he has quite the fangs, we have noticed...as we keep our distance...though the cat really likes this hairy gentleman.  I might add his coat has become very lush since he's been eating the Hairball Control Meow Mix !  We'll get better photos later.MVC-890S.JPG (38504 bytes)


Though we enjoyed the Atalaya Castle Art Show in Huntington Beach State Park south of Myrtle Beach, photos of the herons and a gator slithering through the mud with pure pleasure, at low tide, in the marsh are what I took with me...

MVC-764S.JPG (38014 bytes)  MVC-765S.JPG (38363 bytes)  MVC-766S.JPG (37400 bytes)

Gator Atalaya.JPG (38425 bytes)  Gator Atalaya 2.JPG (40433 bytes) 

This shows one wide view from the marsh walkway.  The gator looks like a piece of driftwood, except it's moving and there's no current...

 Gator Atalaya 3.JPG (38669 bytes)

Our neighbors went "mug bogging" to Clear Pond in the woods behind us.  Here they are tired but happy, although the mud never came out of their clothes, right down to the skivvies.

4 wheeling 3.JPG (38230 bytes)  4 wheeling 2.JPG (38752 bytes)    4 wheeling 1.JPG (39593 bytes)

Here's our wonderfully colorful grasshopper, the Eastern Landlubber grasshopper:

Mystery grasshopper side.JPG (38521 bytes)  Mystery grasshopper top.JPG (38310 bytes)

Red flowers along the roadside near Conway SC

Red flowers roadside.JPG (39389 bytes)

A green garden spider on a plant beside our porch (eek!)

MVC-482S.JPG (37876 bytes)

Below is a natural cross formed from a falling branch in our tree, the sun is shining full on it this morning, a small phenomenon we're sharing for those who are religious:

Tree Cross.JPG (38330 bytes)

This is brave neighbor "Little" Craig, who volunteered to trim our 40 foot pine tree so the tree would be balanced and not fall on the house.  He used a hunter's tree stand to inch himself up, tie off branches and lower them to the ground once cut.  Notice how the sky cleared as time went on, a lovely day, though he had to hold on for dear life when the winds rocked the tree.  Whatta guy! 

Craig in tree 1.JPG (36540 bytes)  

Craig in tree 4.JPG (40202 bytes)  Craig in tree 5.JPG (39276 bytes)  tree trimmed thanks craig.jpg (76743 bytes)

Hummingbird outside Heidi's home office window, thanks to "Pile of Leaves" neighbor Little Craig's patience, persistence and great camera

DSC_3979.jpg (15384 bytes)  DSC_3997.jpg (68226 bytes)  MVC-016S.JPG (38135 bytes)


Though we lost trees and many branches, and were without power for two days, we count ourselves lucky we weren't hit harder by Hurricane Charley.  Here you see my boarded office window and the haven we gave our "stray" cat for the storm, flooding in the yard, and lastly Glenn catching up on the newspaper and radio news in the car (still no electricity, only connection with the outside world was the radio)

Windows boarded.JPG (37082 bytes)  Side yard flooded.JPG (37220 bytes)  Driveway flooded.JPG (38474 bytes)  Paper and news in car.JPG (37081 bytes)

Red and white gardenias are flourishing, as are the eight foot dahlias!

Red gardenia.JPG (39223 bytes)  White gardenia.JPG (38169 bytes)  Red dahlia.JPG (36912 bytes)

Below is our first picture of our resident pileated woodpecker (apologize it's through the screen, he's so shy - we'll try to get better pictures later!).  Identification and second photo of this beautiful bird from their archives, thanks to Ellen Paul, Executive Director of the Ornithological Council.  Thanks, Ellen!

Red headed woodpecker.JPG (39226 bytes) 

Friends/customers the Dixons were the first to dig through our Aurora phosphate pile we brought home for educational use, and found LOTS of shark teeth and other fossils!

Dixon kids Aurora fossils.JPG (38377 bytes)  Dixons-Josh and Noah.JPG (40660 bytes)  Dixon-Kathy and babysitter.JPG (40947 bytes)  Dixons and Dinosaurs with Glenn.JPG (38306 bytes)


JULY 2004
Hairball.jpg (87671 bytes)

Glenn calls the stray cat "hairball"

Turkey buzzard tree.JPG (36293 bytes)

Our distinct turkey buzzard tree one block from the house .. creepy!

garter snake on shovel.jpg (92313 bytes)

Cat discovered a garter snake in the pine needles

Mr.anolelizard.JPG (38692 bytes)

Mr. Anole Lizard makes the rounds of "his" house

Yard daisy.jpg (91013 bytes)

Lone wild daisy

red flower.jpg (79911 bytes)

Red flower closeup.jpg (67807 bytes)

Red flowers blooming in our flower beds (the name escapes me, the beauty does not)

dahlia bed July 04.JPG (38667 bytes)  Flower beds and bench with a "come hither" look

DJ beside dahlias.jpg (89558 bytes)   DJ behind dahlias.jpg (91769 bytes)

The dahlias have grown well over six feet now, as you can see how 10-year-old neighbor D.J. looks especially small beside them


JUNE 2004
Watering the dahlias & lilies the easy way

back-G water from bench.JPG (37287 bytes)

G water from bench.jpg (85671 bytes)

Back yard

backyard w awning bench.JPG (38944 bytes)

Dinos on the other side of the back yard

dinos in distance.JPG (38235 bytes)

The wildflower second flowerbed gone wild alright!

flowerbed 2.JPG (38295 bytes)

G watering flowerbed 2.JPG (38965 bytes)

Day lilies next to the back door, mid June

day lilies.jpg (79903 bytes)

The fountain outside the back door with our lurking "gator". We keep it murky for the big ol' crayfish that have taken up residence there

fountain.jpg (86060 bytes)

View of the side yard, Glenn works hard on the lawn, still more to go!

island and side yard.JPG (38291 bytes)

Glenn with our "stray" cat in our side "island" garden


G bench w kitty.jpg (88475 bytes)

G sit bench.JPG (38319 bytes)

G island woods pic.jpg (101854 bytes)

Circle  in the middle of the driveway where a trellis will be worked on...

frontyard trellis.jpg (94464 bytes)

Think this is just a pretty landscape a block from our house? 


pond w view of buzz tree.jpg (72619 bytes)

 Look closer at the "turkey buzzard" tree...

Turkey_buzzard-1_tree.jpg (60787 bytes)

turkey buzz tree closeup.jpg (42163 bytes)

turkey buzzard.jpg (65176 bytes)

Greenery is beginning to obscure the house...June in South Carolina!


house flag pic.jpg (90035 bytes)

Island w bench May.JPG (40693 bytes)

side woods.JPG (38658 bytes)

Roses & fountain beside back door, early June

pink roses.jpg (69824 bytes)

red white roses.jpg (89387 bytes)

Fountain w red roses.JPG (38303 bytes)


Snapdragons in flowerbed 2, and an Easter Lily beside the back door


Snapdragons.jpg (59917 bytes)

flowerbed 2 early June.JPG (38657 bytes)

Easter lily.jpg (64156 bytes)

From early June to mid-June, "how does your garden grow?"

Dahlia lily bed May.JPG (38755 bytes)

Dahlia bed early June.jpg (62239 bytes)

"Dinner plate dahlias" all our own!

dinnerplate dahlia w hand.JPG (36619 bytes)




MAY 2004

Our resident "mutant" squirrel (twice the size of an ordinary squirrel, with a very black face and white nose, and an impossibly long tail).  Thanks to John Newcome of Florida, we found out this is a Sherman's Fox Squirrel, so now Mr. Squirrel is named "Sherman", of course!  He is a frequent visitor to our birdseed feeders, and squawks at us if we disturb his feeding time!

Our mutant squirrel sitting up.jpg (90603 bytes) Mutant squirrel TAIL.jpg (92634 bytes) side view mutant squirrel.jpg (92377 bytes) squirrel down tree.JPG (39757 bytes)
Fox squirrel in feeder.JPG (40626 bytes)



4 puppies came to visit us from down the road.

puppies come to visit.JPG (38391 bytes) cat in tree.JPG (39395 bytes)

Our resident "stray" cat did NOT appreciate their company

MVC-174S.JPG (57715 bytes)

But one moment they were roughhousing...

puppy asleep.JPG (40107 bytes)

the next minute sound asleep

all four asleep.JPG (38491 bytes)

dropped right where they were, all at once

Glenn with puppies.JPG (38354 bytes)

Glenn the dog charmer...surrounded by bodies

cat coming down.JPG (72285 bytes)

the "courageous" cat now makes his daring move


Though I missed this photo opportunity, Glenn had to hold up a kitchen step stool for the cat to ease his way down unnoticed for his getaway!


   Yellow moth.jpg (69753 bytes) 

Glenn found this yellow moth last night (May 25) that seems to like our front door in the evening.   Theresa in Nova Scotia identified it as a male imperial moth (eacles imperialis). It can have a wingspan anywhere from 3-1/4 inches to a whopping 7 inches. Night-flying, forest-dwelling, found throughout the US and into southern Canada.


APRIL 2004

A little bit of Myrtle Beach SC - this is why we live here...pristine beach, even a troll under the "bridge" at the 2nd Avenue Pier

troll.jpg (37389 bytes)

View looking left from the 2nd Avenue Pier

MB pier to left.jpg (38492 bytes)

View looking right from the 2nd Avenue Pier

MB pier to right.jpg (38283 bytes)

 Family Kingdom Amusement Park on the beach

MB pier amusement.jpg (37514 bytes)

My Glenn looking seaward from the pier, his favorite spot

MB pier Glenn.jpg (38217 bytes)




mvc-861s.jpg (56607 bytes)


House front.jpg.JPG (40191 bytes)

Front view of the house, surrounded by woods

Side view house H office.jpg.JPG (39821 bytes)

Side view of the house and Heidi's office

Glenn on porch.jpg.JPG (40727 bytes)

Glenn relaxing on the porch

Porch looking left.jpg.JPG (40796 bytes)

A view from the front porch looking left.  Deer come to visit, also a flock of red cardinals


10/04, Glenn painted the porch green, a huge improvement:

PORCH 1.JPG (39414 bytes) PORCH 2.JPG (39305 bytes) PORCH 3.JPG (39022 bytes)
Glennoffice.jpg (71545 bytes)

Mural wall.jpg (68675 bytes)

deadstuffofc.jpg (38817 bytes)

Three views of Glenn's "Picasso" office & his dead stuff!

Hbath1.jpg (63515 bytes)

Hbath2.jpg (38362 bytes)

Two views of Heidi's Tree Frog bathroom..the visiting kids loved it!

Side looking to H office.JPG (40607 bytes)

Hoffice.jpg (37872 bytes)

Side looking to Heidi's office, and Heidi's office looking to side woods

Ent center.jpg (36962 bytes)

Other half of living room - Entertainment corner (just missing the large screen digital TV!) and..

Hallway.jpg (59093 bytes)

Hallway "Rogue's Gallery"

Hall to kitchen.jpg (37719 bytes)

Half of living room (gators & parrots!) looking towards kitchen

Sofa.jpg (38432 bytes)

Sofa/recliner.. Mr. Turtle is just inside the front door, as shown on our home page.

Left flowrbed and dinosaurs.jpg (38305 bytes)

View of storage shed & dinosaurs in side yard (note the large dahlia bulb flowerbed, another on the other side of the house, thanks to Glenn!)



January 2004

Towtruck & driver.jpg.JPG (40689 bytes)

The last step - getting the dinosaurs off the trailer - here's our courageous tow truck fellow to complete the job.

Dino 1 coming off trailer.jpg.JPG (38603 bytes)

Dinosaur 1 is on the move!

Dino 1 off trailer.jpg.JPG (40909 bytes)

He's off the trailer..

Dino 1 swinging free.jpg.JPG (38516 bytes)

Swinging free..

Dino 2 coming off trailer.jpg.JPG (38209 bytes)

Dino 2 is taking his last steps towards his permanent home..

Dino 2 down.jpg.JPG (38743 bytes)

Swinging free..

Glenn and the boys.jpg.JPG (38449 bytes)

Glenn with the boys

Dino face-off.jpg.JPG (38247 bytes)

The final face-off, right in our back yard.

DINOS in trees.JPG (39031 bytes) dino closeup in trees.jpg (84656 bytes)    

  Here you see we're strapping the big fellows down for the 12 mile ride, with the help of Ken and his daughter Nickie who repainted the shop too...

Towtruck w dinos.jpg (37896 bytes)Ken w dinos.jpg (37711 bytes)Nickie w dinos 1.jpg (61993 bytes)Nickie w dinos 2.jpg (67042 bytes)

Officially pulling out of the store parking lot one last time...traveling down the road...turning at the blue convenience store on Highway 90...pulling through the woods to their new home...

Towtruck leaving.jpg (37844 bytes)Dino heads on the move.jpg (61780 bytes)Dinos at conven store.jpg (38605 bytes)Dinos in trees.jpg (38366 bytes)

And finally, Glenn is saying "they're HOOOOME!!!" and settling up with the tow truck driver who did such a great job of moving our special guys...

Dinos with Glenn.jpg (91338 bytes)Dinos w driver.jpg (40249 bytes)

Joey & Dino.JPG (221409 bytes)  Here's our faithful customer Joey saying goodbye to his dinosaur friends one last time...going to our new location at our home where Joey may just visit us.

Last customers 1.jpg (36620 bytes)Last customers 2.jpg (37187 bytes)  Here are our very last customers, the Kovacs,  to shop in our store that was on Highway 501 in Myrtle Beach -- it's about 6:00 p.m. December 28, 2003.  You've been GREAT customers, guys,  from now on you'll be shopping online with us!

mvc-471s.jpg (72328 bytes)mvc-473s.jpg (72068 bytes)mvc-364s.jpg (64720 bytes)   

Here's the marquee we shared with the Antique Mall next to us, our own storefront and our now-famous dinosaurs

March 2003

MVC-148S.JPG (37279 bytes)MVC-843S.JPG (37990 bytes)MVC-844S.JPG (38561 bytes)MVC-845S.JPG (37079 bytes)  

This is Glenn putting up the last of the whale bones on our "Whaling Wall".  He then attached string going from each bone to the part of the drawing where it came from on the baleen whale.  A real labor of love, but SO great to see it on the wall again, many folks have enjoyed learning what the bones are from this display already.  I've also sprinkled our new fossil and rock and alien display items below in the store photos for you to enjoy a taste of what we did in the store this month.

Pictures of our shop, February 2003

we closed the shop Dec. '03 as the net biz was too good to justify the overhead and run the biz from our home now.

MVC-489S.JPG (37446 bytes)MVC-490S.JPG (40084 bytes)  

TRAVEL HOLIDAY, February 2003 issue ran a nice Globetrotter section featuring our store as a unique store destination for your Myrtle Beach South Carolina holiday!  We're very pleased with the exposure and have had numerous folks in the shop because of it.  Make it your treat to come on down and see the weird & dead museum shop unlike any other curiosity shop you'll ever visit...the Pier I Imports for the Addams Family, as it's been described, though don't forget about the lovely jewelry, clothing & boxes for those not inclined to the weird, just the unusual!


mvc-835s.jpg (57910 bytes)  

October 14, 2002 photo of Glenn and Heidi Reed in their store in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

mvc-646s.jpg (57140 bytes)  

Photo May 2002 on the Grand Strand, Myrtle Beach right after our move there.


MVC-239S.JPG (37246 bytes)MVC-240S.JPG (39738 bytes)  mvc-365s.jpg (65736 bytes)mvc-366s.jpg (65240 bytes)mvc-364s.jpg (64720 bytes)  

Glenn's evolution of our dinosaurs on display in front of the shop - the brown one is now school bus yellow!  And Mr. Green has lots more orange!  Passers by have been tooting at the new look!  Glenn told one child that thought we had a new dinosaur that the old one had run away - hmmm.  There's one kid on the lookout for a runaway dinosaur, I'm afraid!

MVC-348S.JPG (38201 bytes)MVC-346S.JPG (38301 bytes)MVC-347S.JPG (38497 bytes)  

Front of the shop & jewelry displays, Mr. Turtle in the forefront, of course!  You can see our moose horn jewelry display, drums, parrot pictures panning left (center picture) and our Russian lacquer box and nesting doll display to the right (right-hand picture).


MVC-349S.JPG (37247 bytes)MVC-350S.JPG (37798 bytes)MVC-352S.JPG (38605 bytes)  

Here on the left are the shutters full of the jewelry brooches & earrings we make, as well as the earrings on the white cards (center picture), and the humor pins, eyeglass brooches and necklaces that we make (right-hand picture).

MVC-353S.JPG (37340 bytes)mvc-354s.jpg (73412 bytes)  

A view of our boxes from seven countries, and the ever-famous Weird and Dead Stuff rack (right-hand picture) .. of course there's more throughout the store of weird and dead stuff as well!

mvc-124s.jpg (64353 bytes)

This is our resident alien at your service...and a great security guard too, I can tell you!

mvc-123s.jpg (67740 bytes)

Are the secrets safe with us?  You'll have to see if we'll give you the key to find out what's inside!


MVC-355S.JPG (38552 bytes)MVC-365S.JPG (36857 bytes)  

A view of the Rock aisles, (left-hand picture), against the wall is the Deformed Alligator collection, along with an extensive fossil aisle.


mvc-140s.jpg (101845 bytes)mvc-141s.jpg (89447 bytes)mvc-142s.jpg (89791 bytes)mvc-143s.jpg (99534 bytes)

This is not only a rock & gem identification display, we've included some more unusual specimens for people to enjoy.


Photo 1 - a Pyrite Sun from an Illinois coal mine, picture jasper, Ocean jasper, garnets in the rock from Alaska the way it grows naturally, several specimens of opal from different Australian mines, Laboradorite from Newfoundland, a pyrite egg, also cube pyrite from Spain (amazing!) and a real fulgurite (the result of a lightning striking sand)

Photo 2 - Rainbow hematite, red coral as used in Indian jewelry, several great turquoise specimens from Arizona, a calcite & mud concretion material that formed fantastic blue layers, selenite from Nevada, a huge specimen of Colombian amber loaded with winged ants and many other creatures that fossilized into it for 5 million years, and the beginning of our meteorite display.

Photo 3 - Lots more meteorites and meteorite jewelry,

Photo 4 - More meteorites coming!  Plus an elephant ivory cue ball, and a lovely elephant ivory and Canadian jade beaded necklace.  Meteorites are all for sale, the ivory is not.


MVC-364S.JPG (38382 bytes)MVC-363S.JPG (38590 bytes)MVC-356S.JPG (37969 bytes)  

Here's a view of Glenn's arrowhead and Indian artifacts collection (all priced for sale)--left-hand picture, shark jaws &  thousands of shells (center picture); right hand picture is a view of our treasure chest of thousands of foreign coins!

MVC-630S.JPG (39118 bytes)MVC-631S.JPG (38796 bytes)  

(Left) a view of one side of showcases of just jewelry..many vintage cameos and vintage pieces of jewelry, opals, fossil ivory, onyx and other gem jewelry.  Also Glenn's eyeglass leashes hang above.  (Right) More jewelry showcases, including turquoise, amber & jade.

mbjackets.JPG (35692 bytes)  mbjackets2.JPG (36745 bytes)

The boutique with Heidi's designs of scarves, jackets and tuxedo tailcoats!

MVC-351S.JPG (38650 bytes)mvc-629s.jpg (73312 bytes)MVC-359S.JPG (36744 bytes)  

(Left hand picture) a view of the back of the store in general, showing the large shark jaws on the wall, and the Rodney Fox photos of his shark attack, also our extensive collection of Megalodon teeth (most priced for sale) - center picture; as well as hundreds of shark tooth necklaces, and sharks in a bottle, our gator head and body parts collection, and the T-Rex head mounts in the right-hand picture

mvc-361s.jpg (94318 bytes)mvc-360s.jpg (94431 bytes)  

A view of the bin of our new group of fossils from Aurora, North Carolina and also a bin of megalodon teeth from there as well!


mvc-538s.jpg (63812 bytes)  

Here's the "new and improved" location of our two dinosaurs, according to Horry County sign people, they're ok there for 120 days as "temporary signs".  We'll take our next strategies after that to keep our dinosaurs.  The flags are now completely gone, thanks to Horry County...at fines of $1125 a DAY, they asked us how patriotic we wanted to be?

MVC-498S.JPG (38506 bytes)MVC-499S.JPG (39619 bytes)MVC-501S.JPG (38835 bytes)MVC-502S.JPG (38396 bytes)

mvc-505s.jpg (88265 bytes)

Our dueling dinosaurs - right now they're dueling more than each other - they're fighting for the right to remain representatives of Where on Earth?  The Horry County sign people have declared them to be advertising and that Where on Earth? has exceeded its permitted sign inches...first they said one must go, then both must go, then both were okay if they were on the same mobile trailer (which we did), now they're saying they're ok there only for 120 days a YEAR...we now know why the dinosaurs are extinct!  They were KILLED by the RED TAPE BUREAUCRACY of Horry County, South Carolina!  They have produced no ordinance in writing - only their interpretations of what they believe the law to be - and insisted we comply.  In spite of the fact that our business neighbors have similar things on display all along the Highway 501 corridor where we have our store!  Well, the New York Times did an article about it - READ ABOUT in this link... 

To add insult to injury, they have also declared that most of the American flags we fly from the fence (see the photo) must go - Horry County ordinance only allows an American flag every 60 feet !  There's more laws on the books allowing people to BURN the flag than laws that SUPPORT THE FLYING of the flag, folks - the absolute truth.  And not just in Horry County, either.



MVC-168S.JPG (37709 bytes)  

The first Boulder City, Nevada family to visit us in our new location in Myrtle Beach - Gary Murphy and his sons, Andy and Patrick, with Glenn - the dinosaur boys are looking over their shoulders!


MVC-887S.JPG (38089 bytes) 

 This is the small model used to build our new dinosaur to put on the lawn in front of the shop - done over a period of three weeks...follow his "evolution" with us...


mvc-087s.jpg (88816 bytes)MVC-176S.JPG (40777 bytes)

 Here's the beginning of the statue, done in rebar by Sergio and his helpers, then covered in mesh as the second stage.


MVC-180S.JPG (38012 bytes)MVC-179S.JPG (38624 bytes)MVC-177S.JPG (37574 bytes)MVC-885S.JPG (39031 bytes) 

Here's a little closer up, finishing the neck and head in mesh.  Sergio is working on the "dentures" in the third photo, what a hard worker!


MVC-883S.JPG (39933 bytes)MVC-886S.JPG (38170 bytes)MVC-888S.JPG (40288 bytes)MVC-889S.JPG (40563 bytes)  

Here's the statue being covered with the fiberglass cement.  Starting to look like a real dinosaur!  Brave guy to sit between his legs!  Two more views of the full yard where the work is being done - notice the cement mixer to the left of the truck.  A big operation!


MVC-010S.JPG (39479 bytes)MVC-009S.JPG (38944 bytes)MVC-012S.JPG (39548 bytes)MVC-015S.JPG (39919 bytes)  

Surprise!  A dinosaur has arrived overnight!  First coat of brown was already done, and his pearly whites too!  They proceeded to do green tiger striping to finish him.  Isn't it natural to have a dinosaur menacing the cars on the highway?


MVC-891S.JPG (40867 bytes)MVC-892S.JPG (38308 bytes)  

This is our SECOND dinosaur that we actually found FIRST, in Sergio's yard.  We commissioned the first dinosaur, then purchased this one as well...wait till you see how he is finished!


MVC-013S.JPG (40858 bytes)MVC-014S.JPG (37879 bytes)MVC-017S.JPG (39537 bytes)MVC-018S.JPG (39142 bytes)  

Here he is being delivered and introduced to his new "brother".  Seems to be straining against the straps!  I CAN FLY!  I CAN FLY!  No, you're not an Pterodactyl !


MVC-019S.JPG (39771 bytes)MVC-020S.JPG (38810 bytes)  

Here's his new home - settled among the bushes behind the fence - peeking out!


MVC-119S.JPG (38626 bytes)MVC-121S.JPG (39367 bytes)  

Look Mom I got a new coat!  Isn't it cool?


MVC-122S.JPG (40463 bytes)  

Here's the crew responsible for it all - a field of dinosaurs thanks to Sergio and his crew - who knows what's next!



Here's quite an update - pictures of the "evolution" of our relocated shop back in South Carolina from Nevada - we left Nevada April 24 and opened up the new shop, 3600 square feet of it (3 times the size of the Nevada store) on June 20, 2002!  We missed the ocean in the Carolinas too much.  However, I will leave all the Nevada store info intact as part of our "history", folks.


mvc-639s.jpg (61631 bytes)MVC-642S.JPG (38250 bytes)mvc-644s.jpg (67623 bytes)mvc-686s.jpg (64359 bytes)

Opened our new store June 20, 2002 (above)


MVC-901S.JPG (36370 bytes)MVC-902S.JPG (37342 bytes)MVC-900S.JPG (37640 bytes)

First, some of the Nevada inventory.


mb shop filling 1.jpg (62673 bytes) mb shop early 2.JPG (37708 bytes)  mb shop early 3.JPG (37579 bytes)  mb shop early 4.JPG (37407 bytes)

Above is the "just back from Florida with all our stuff" stage; looking to the right, looking to the left, looking from back to front, and looking at the back right corner.


MVC-886S.JPG (37580 bytes)MVC-885S.JPG (37561 bytes)

This is the "organized mess",  stage 3, above; looking right, looking left.


MVC-683S.JPG (38549 bytes)MVC-682S.JPG (38822 bytes)MVC-681S.JPG (37924 bytes)

Getting there...looking right, looking left, then back to front.


MVC-688S.JPG (36293 bytes)MVC-689S.JPG (38989 bytes)MVC-690S.JPG (38570 bytes)MVC-691S.JPG (38200 bytes)

Close!   Looking right, looking left, then two of the center aisles.


MVC-769S.JPG (37214 bytes)MVC-771S.JPG (38425 bytes)MVC-774S.JPG (38123 bytes)MVC-773S.JPG (36985 bytes)

Above  are the "after" pictures!  Once again, looking right, looking left, then down center aisle from the back, and the back right corner.


MVC-770S.JPG (38158 bytes)MVC-772S.JPG (40303 bytes)MVC-775S.JPG (38099 bytes)MVC-777S.JPG (38208 bytes)

And here's the last few extras of the shop...


MVC-898S.JPG (39172 bytes)MVC-899S.JPG (38732 bytes) 

 This is Captain America, a well known personality in these parts, also in Washington D.C. where he goes every Memorial Day heading up the parade there as a veteran.  The second picture is Glenn hamming it up, holding one of Captain's artificial legs.  Captain America did our outside signs - whatta guy!  For those of you that remember the Third Avenue shop in Myrtle Beach, Captain America also painted the mural behind the counter!  This will take you back ten years, folks!


mvc-693s.jpg (68115 bytes)

  Here's a new collection of fully articulated skeletons we just obtained - more detail on the "Weirdest" pages ... a weasel attacking a mole skeleton, a cottonmouth snake from Florida, a twig snake from South America, and an Eastern Painted Turtle skeleton.  These came from a vertebrate functional morphologist (translation - he studies creatures to duplicate their movements in practical application in the working world).   On the bottom is a Cooter Turtle shell from Louisiana, courtesy of our friend Joe.  Thanks, Joe!

There was a great welcome article in the March 15 Myrtle Beach Sun Times.


MVC-674S.JPG (38447 bytes)

  Last bits of moving - Dann surprised us with this Dinosaur Shoe Box for our dinosaur foot!  WOW.  Perfect fit - size mmm?


mvc-652s.jpg (89345 bytes)  

Dann, Joe, Gino and Glenn heave ho Mr. Turtle for the move to South Carolina - he made it without a scratch, thanks to such loving assistance.  Thanks, guys!  Dann's wife, Cyndi, was also invaluable in her tireless packing when we were overwhelmed.  Thanks isn't enough, guys!


mvc-673s.jpg (94043 bytes)  

April 2002, last day  in Nevada

Last days at the old shop in Nevada...dear friends..


MVC-668S.JPG (37316 bytes)  

Joyce and her daughter Holly


mvc-653s.jpg (70588 bytes)

Joe, headed to Belize with a buddy?


John with Allen, Mary and her children, gearing gifts...

John with Allen, Mary and her children, bearing gifts...


MVC-675S.JPG (39919 bytes)  

Trev, with his first perfect big dichroic plate he made!


MVC-676S.JPG (39024 bytes)mvc-681s.jpg (56948 bytes)MVC-680S.JPG (37571 bytes)

  Running Deer and his savages, bearing peace gifts..don't just go away mad, just go away, huh?...also his awesome taste in art in his home, plus a python skin that's I-don't-know-how-many-feet long - thanks for the honor of seeing your treasures, Running Deer!  "Missing you all" just doesn't cut it.


mvc-691s.jpg (74122 bytes)MVC-690S.JPG (37372 bytes) 

 Our friend Darlene from Fortuna, Calif. with the awesome vintage bracelet set she purchased from us!


MVC-694S.JPG (38174 bytes)mvc-695s.jpg (89274 bytes) 

 How can we forget faithful Carol, in with her wheelchair one or more times a week to visit and buy...what a friend you've been, my dear.


mvc-696s.jpg (83736 bytes)

  Ah, Nicky - our Irish rebel - to keep that flame and spunk of yours a bit in ourselves!  Our best to fighter Ray, her husband, as well - go Ray!  Boulder City's finest political cartoonist.


MVC-692S.JPG (40119 bytes)

  Last but certainly not least...a force to be reckoned with...Sheri, baby on the way - Okie What Am I was her nickname...private joke, folks, I'm afraid.  Take care of yourself!


mvc-148s.jpg (77020 bytes)

  This is GLENN in our shop - my colorful guy!  This was taken by a photographer visiting from England who appreciated the shop, and purchased the red stained gourd in the foreground by our artist Lori.


Here's a few photos to help you picture what we've accumulated...


mvc-545s.jpg (92161 bytes)

 First view in front door - amazing turtle carving within boulder, from China, and Didgeridoo display from Australia. (See "Weird Stuff" for more details.


mvc-547s.jpg (94045 bytes)

 Shark display including photos of Rodney Fox, the worst  shark bite victim that survived, from Australia, jaws and teeth for sale (fossil and fresh) also gator heads and products.  Rocks & minerals on table.


mvc-628s.jpg (92951 bytes)

 This is just a sampling of the fossil and fresh SHARK teeth Glenn has accumulated over the years and continues to sell.  See the "Weirdest" page for the BIGGEST megalodon tooth!


MVC-548S.JPG (39827 bytes)  

Aliens!  (We were  two hours from Area 51) also a T-Rex head (way too cool!) and again, the didgeridoos from Australia.


mvc-543s.jpg (83606 bytes)

 Incredible harmonic drums of padouk wood (must hear to believe!), as well as gourd art and even a mounted boar's head.


mvc-544s.jpg (106443 bytes)

 Whale ribs next to dinosaur doo-doo, next to a dinosaur footprint, next to 1940's Czechoslovakian button brooches Glenn and Heidi make.  Something for everyone, hmm?


mvc-546s.jpg (91870 bytes)

 Here we go again.  Skulls next to amethyst chunks next to cameos?  Also Hector the biggest gator head we have.  Then there's body torso sculptures on the walls.  Oh yes, and the boar's head again.


mvc-552s.jpg (95833 bytes)  

Here's Glenn hard at work at our "Command Central" surrounded by gemstone necklaces he makes, fine cameos, amber, opals, thousands of pairs of earrings, and fine framed art around the top - the "icing on the cake"!


mvc-554s.jpg (94890 bytes)  

Another close-up of the "icing on the cake".  Fine framed work from Lew Genge of Boulder City (born in New Zealand, raised in Figi, his variety of styles matches our own diverse interests).


mvc-555s.jpg (73068 bytes)

 Our Baltic and Columbian amber display (we have about six times that in our current store, my how we've grown!)


mvc-556s.jpg (84159 bytes)

 The vintage necklaces (which Glenn re-designs) and fine carved cameos from opal, shell, and many types of vintage reproduction cameos - one of our specialties.


mvc-553s.jpg (80368 bytes)

And then there's Heidi's hand-sewn designs on gently used Christian Dior tails and fine jackets, each with a piece of jewelry designed by Heidi.  Designers and seamstresses alike have expressed amazement at the quality and artistic expression in these garments.  The fabrics she uses have been collected on their national and international travels.   What more could you want?


mvc-404s.jpg (63218 bytes)  

This is the mural on the back side of our store.  We commissioned it after we ran a contest for a Hoover Dam drawing.   Connie Burnett-Ferraro, our mayor's wife, won the contest hands down, and decided to paint the mural herself as well, though she'd never done large work before.  She has since done numerous other murals in Boulder City, further defining herself as an artist.  Go Connie!


And don't forget the "Weirdest" page with close-ups of the latest weird things in the shop!  We've just added our "Latest Travels" page to update you on lots of interesting things we've seen.  We hope you enjoy that as much as we did.


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