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This is as close as the bear has walked to my office window, early one morning:

jbear1.JPG (155698 bytes) 

A rare day visit by big papa bear, he usually comes at night.  Magnificent.

jbearpapa1.JPG (153819 bytes)  jbearpapa2.JPG (150659 bytes)  

jbearpapa3.JPG (141979 bytes)  jbearpapa4.JPG (153694 bytes)  jbearpapa5.JPG (159852 bytes)


The juvenile (over 200 pound) bear actually sat in this white Tupperware water dish one day in July, he was so hot.  We took pity, and found a boy's plastic car bed, sealed the screw holes, and filled it with water.  It only took two days for Mr. Bear to decide to take a bath, a ritual he performs at least once a day:

jbearbath7.JPG (133777 bytes) jbearbath22.JPG (166096 bytes)

 jbearbath8.JPG (153650 bytes)  jbearbath12.JPG (157252 bytes)  jbearbath13.JPG (157748 bytes)

jbearbath14.JPG (150936 bytes)  jbearbath15.JPG (150368 bytes)  jbearbath16.JPG (153468 bytes)

jbearbath17.JPG (164870 bytes)  jbearbath18.JPG (142874 bytes)  jbearbath21.JPG (139581 bytes)

jbearbath20.JPG (161649 bytes)    jbearbath1.JPG (153384 bytes)  jbearbath2.JPG (143508 bytes)  jbearbath3.JPG (149088 bytes)  

jbearbath9.JPG (156325 bytes)

jbearbath19.JPG (151796 bytes) 

Today he was a good boy and cleaned his claws during his bath (smile):

jbearbath23.JPG (151652 bytes)  jbearbath24.JPG (141495 bytes)  jbearbath25.JPG (139767 bytes)  jbearbath26.JPG (149153 bytes)


They go from the cracked deer corn pile, to the cat food, and back again

jbeareat9.JPG (146662 bytes)  jbeareat16.JPG (149909 bytes)  jbeareat10.JPG (159745 bytes)  jbeareat17.JPG (154188 bytes)

jbeareat12.JPG (147171 bytes)  jbeareat5.JPG (153074 bytes)  jbeareat6.JPG (155785 bytes)

    jbeareat8.JPG (151082 bytes)  jbeareat7.JPG (161711 bytes)

jbeareat19.JPG (159363 bytes)  jbeareat20.JPG (161020 bytes)  jbeareat21.JPG (152056 bytes)  jbeareat23.JPG (164997 bytes)

What big PAWS you have:

  jbeareat22.JPG (143469 bytes)

Carrying off a half a bagel we put out for the coons:

jbeareat15.JPG (138216 bytes)

Occasionally stopping to scratch an itch:

jbeareat14.JPG (146014 bytes)

Heading over to the cat food for dessert:

jbeareat13.JPG (154868 bytes)  jbeareat11.JPG (155676 bytes)  jbeareat1.JPG (153869 bytes)  jbeareat2.JPG (155139 bytes)  

On the far right you can see one of the cats eating from the large dish, this is a daily occurrence.  A few times the bear has playfully chased the cat, who is not alarmed but plays along:

jbeareat3.JPG (159686 bytes)

Just for fun, he stretched high on the tree, reached around and knocked off the tree face, then sat and played with it (no damage done):

jbeartree1.JPG (142625 bytes)  jbeartree2.JPG (142316 bytes)  jbeartree3.JPG (146937 bytes)

We finally figured out why the fence rail was broken, it wasn't deer jumping the fence at all!

bearfence.JPG (179758 bytes)

A rare visit by two juvenile bears, not necessarily siblings.  One stayed at the corn, one at the cat food, then warily changed places:

jbeartwo7.JPG (157983 bytes)  jbeartwo8.JPG (161838 bytes)  jbeartwo9.JPG (147392 bytes)

jbeartwo10.JPG (147977 bytes)  jbeartwo11.JPG (153955 bytes)  jbeartwo12.JPG (141864 bytes)

A shy deer visited the yard during the day:

jdeer1.JPG (156560 bytes)  jdeer2.JPG (157297 bytes)  jdeer3.JPG (146184 bytes)

jcalla1.JPG (123555 bytes)  jcalla2.JPG (129664 bytes)  jcalla3.JPG (133832 bytes)  jcalla4.JPG (143313 bytes)

jcalla6.JPG (146921 bytes)   jcalla11.JPG (153605 bytes)

jcalla5.JPG (151010 bytes) jcalla7.JPG (140308 bytes)  jcalla8.JPG (153280 bytes)  jcalla12.JPG (144929 bytes)

jcalla13.JPG (138730 bytes)  jcalla14.JPG (143736 bytes)

jcalla9.JPG (131646 bytes)  jcalla10.JPG (151880 bytes)    

Just one of many van loads full of flowers:

jflowersvan1.JPG (168095 bytes)

The tiger canna lilies are awesome that Glenn planted for the first time this year:

jtigercanna1.JPG (138063 bytes)  jtigercanna2.JPG (142400 bytes)  jtigercanna5.JPG (141572 bytes)  jtigercanna6.JPG (146584 bytes)

Note the fly on the left side that has lit on the petal:

jtigercanna3.JPG (147112 bytes)  jtigercanna4.JPG (147313 bytes)

The hibiscus "trees" we planted have bloomed phenomenally this year, even we can't believe how large and how many blooms have come out:

jhibiscus6.JPG (142136 bytes)  jhibiscus7.JPG (137382 bytes)  jhibiscus9.JPG (126368 bytes)  jhibiscus17.JPG (141321 bytes)

jhibiscus16.JPG (149329 bytes)  jhibiscus12.JPG (128974 bytes)  jhibiscus10.JPG (146039 bytes) 

jhibiscus1.JPG (147012 bytes)  jhibiscus2.JPG (145196 bytes)  jhibiscus3.JPG (153202 bytes)  jhibiscus3a.JPG (144712 bytes)

jhibiscus4.JPG (137536 bytes)  jhibiscus5.JPG (141234 bytes)  jhibiscus8.JPG (142592 bytes)  jhibiscus11.JPG (141658 bytes)

jhibiscus.JPG (145300 bytes)  jhibiscus13.JPG (151206 bytes)  jhibiscus14.JPG (152766 bytes)  jhibiscus15.JPG (148980 bytes)

jhibiscus18.JPG (160562 bytes)  jhibiscus21.JPG (154840 bytes)

An interesting beetle on this hibiscus:

jhibiscus19.JPG (151525 bytes)  jhibiscus20.JPG (156070 bytes)

Our bushes bloomed in July (single & doubles), my memory of the name of these bushes escapes me (a type of myrtle?) not azaleas:

jmyrtle1.JPG (141861 bytes)  jmyrtle2.JPG (161503 bytes)  

and the Crepe Myrtle bushes:

jmyrtle3.JPG (147209 bytes)  jmyrtle4.JPG (139729 bytes)  jmyrtle5.JPG (141112 bytes)  jmyrtle6.JPG (137573 bytes)

Our red "Mary Jane look-alike" plant blooms beautiful red flowers:

jredflower1.JPG (153158 bytes)

Hibiscus coccineus (Red Rose-Mallow) - Tall open perennial with maple-like (or Marijuana-like !) leaves and bright red 3-5 inch flowers. Stamens extend from flowers. A striking ornamental Hibiscus that grows naturally in very wet sites in the southern U.S. but is widely cultivated in any good garden soil with a sunny location. It is root hardy, especially with mulch, well north of it's Deep South native range.


We found a few strands of Spanish moss in the woods 4 years ago, transplanted it to this tree in our front yard, here are the results:

jspanishmoss3.JPG (163971 bytes)

jspanishmoss1.JPG (172158 bytes)  jspanishmoss2.JPG (174539 bytes)

Glenn weed whipping in the gentle rain, around the dinosaurs:

jglennrain1.JPG (150659 bytes)  jglennrain2.JPG (157887 bytes)  jglennrain3.JPG (151884 bytes)

Our Texas Rose (hibiscus family), the blooms are the size of dinner plates!

jwhtflower1.JPG (143081 bytes) jwhtflower3.JPG (151419 bytes)

Below you will note Glenn enjoying the fruits of his labors, from the comfort of the swing

 jwhtflower2.JPG (150685 bytes)    jwhtflower4.JPG (149827 bytes)

We peek outside each morning, wondering what new blooms have arrived.

Tiny yellow flower clusters & berries bloom in our "island" in the side yard.  Note the visiting ant in the 2nd photo:

jyloflower1.JPG (133069 bytes)  jyellowflower2.JPG (138265 bytes)  jflowers5.JPG (141958 bytes)

Also an incredible array of day lilies, thanks to Glenn's hard work of planting and nurturing:

jdaylily12.JPG (137555 bytes)

jdaylily13.JPG (163664 bytes)

jdaylily1.JPG (133312 bytes)  jdaylily2.JPG (140806 bytes)  jdaylily4.JPG (138584 bytes)  jdaylily5.JPG (138356 bytes)

jdaylily7.JPG (146146 bytes)  jdaylily8.JPG (145606 bytes)  jdaylily9.JPG (139868 bytes) 

jdaylily17.JPG (138320 bytes)   jdaylily10.JPG (142267 bytes)jdaylily14.JPG (137460 bytes)  jdaylily16.JPG (152543 bytes)

jdaylily18.JPG (139861 bytes)  jdaylily19.JPG (142096 bytes)  jdaylily20.JPG (155510 bytes)  jdaylily21.JPG (148128 bytes)

And our "fall mums" blooming in July:

jmums1.JPG (157311 bytes)

Beautiful bouquets of flowers in the flowerbed:

jflowers1.JPG (154862 bytes)  jflowers2.JPG (160810 bytes)

Fooled you!  These ones are glass:

jflowers4.JPG (172492 bytes)

Wildflowers blooming in the side yard that Glenn planted earlier:

jflowers3.JPG (139388 bytes)

Few roses, but here were two beauties:

jrose1.JPG (146285 bytes)  jrose2.JPG (161351 bytes)

And a Japonica bloom from the bush beside the front porch, just one bloom fills the air with a delicious heady perfume:

jjaponica1.JPG (153334 bytes)  jjaponica2.JPG (155265 bytes)

A photo of a mimosa bloom from friends Bob & Laura's tree when we were there for supper:

jmimosa1.JPG (141328 bytes)

Ok so we had a weird mushroom this day:

jmush1.JPG (153660 bytes)

Our two of our herd of cats, descendants of Hairball who is with us no longer.  The gray cat we call Gray Ghost is the alpha cat of the group.  They are still semi-wild but enjoy regular meals thanks to Glenn:

jcat1.JPG (125478 bytes)  jcat2.JPG (127886 bytes)  jcat3.JPG (143987 bytes)

Close up, then panning away so you can see how invisible the cat is where she is hiding:

jcat4.JPG (151397 bytes)  jcat5.JPG (166024 bytes)  jcat6.JPG (161641 bytes)

Let's not forget the family of raccoons raised under our storage building, they, the cats and the possums eat comfortably within sight of the bears. 

jcoons1.JPG (154789 bytes)  jcoons2.JPG (152433 bytes)  jcoons3.JPG (160158 bytes)

Our favorite Sherman's Fox squirrel, accompanied by red cardinals and blue jays makes for a pleasant view from my office window:

jsquirrel1.JPG (143795 bytes)  jsquirrel2.jpg (171781 bytes)

Glenn's June birthday, a morning surprise visit from our neighbors Craig & Lisa and family, they trooped over in their bathrobes to make us feel right at home.  Cake by Craig.  As good as it gets.

jbday1.JPG (153905 bytes)  jbday2.JPG (141822 bytes)  

We won't say how old he is, but he got his first train, thanks to good friends in Virginia.  A kid at heart.  Nothing wrong with that.

jbday3.JPG (155808 bytes)  jbday4.JPG (151023 bytes)  jbday5.JPG (151753 bytes)

Another gift of tree faces to make the woods a special place:

jbday6.jpg (177083 bytes)

 Frank & family visit each June.  Here's Frank with daughter Danielle checking out the lily garden:

jdanny5.JPG (147977 bytes)  jdanny6.JPG (148760 bytes)  jdanny7.JPG (146324 bytes)

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?  And gator?  Not this toddler, she thrives in our weird home.  (remember, they're just rugs but they DO still look alive). 

 jdanny1.JPG (148238 bytes)  jdanny2.JPG (148497 bytes)  jdanny3.JPG (152672 bytes)  jdanny4.JPG (151867 bytes)

Danielle's first real visit to the beach

jdanny8.JPG (152674 bytes)  jdanny9.JPG (184111 bytes)  jdanny10.JPG (154649 bytes)  jdanny11.JPG (162225 bytes)

    jdanny12.JPG (134746 bytes)  jdanny13.JPG (145907 bytes)  jdanny14.JPG (134943 bytes)  jdanny15.JPG (136324 bytes)

Enjoying the feel of the waves

  jdanny16.JPG (145690 bytes)  jdanny17.JPG (136272 bytes)  jdanny18.JPG (152180 bytes)

Danielle with mom, and her two brothers Josh and Noah

  jdanny19.JPG (136251 bytes)  jdannyfam1.JPG (145237 bytes)

Dinner with our neighbors more-like-our-kids Craig & Lisa at the Brazilian restaurant experience at the Rioz in Myrtle Beach

jrioz1.JPG (152980 bytes)  jrioz2.JPG (148829 bytes)


MAY 2007
Beautiful amaryllis blooms off our back porch surprised us, we have never seen them bloom here before.  We actually had four blooms on one stalk within a week:

amaryllis3.JPG (135762 bytes) 

Glenn has gone to the industrial strength/size of home-made cat feeder to take care of our "stray" critters when we are gone (cats, possums, raccoons, rabbits).  Of course, now the bears think this is a major food source too, so he has had to reinforce it even more since this photo was taken:

 catfeed6.JPG (144247 bytes)


Cardinals and a blue jay enjoying the bird seed and water tub:

cardinals-bluejay.jpg (147602 bytes)  

Enter our ever-humorous Sherman's Fox squirrel ("Sherman" for short)

sherman-and-birds.jpg (171781 bytes)  sherman1.JPG (143795 bytes)

As our smiling Tree Faces look on:

treefaces.jpg (177083 bytes)

Our "stray" cats sunning themselves before their daily milk treat:

kitties1.JPG (190741 bytes)  kitties4.JPG (170773 bytes)  kitties5.JPG (166168 bytes)

And a lone turkey has visited our yard the past few mornings:

turkey.JPG (146975 bytes)

A drive through Conway in March, just to see the early flowering of the azalea bushes, before most of them froze from an overnight cold snap:

azaleasconway-1.JPG (170855 bytes)  azaleasconway-5.JPG (177476 bytes)  azaleasconway-4.JPG (181813 bytes)

azaleasconway-2.JPG (179745 bytes)  azaleasconway-3.JPG (153631 bytes)


lily-bouquet-2-27-07.JPG (184744 bytes)

2/27/07  Lilies bloomed beautifully today!

crocus-Feb-07.JPG (38142 bytes)

2/20/07  Crocuses

One of Heidi's most interesting acquisitions at the Tucson Gem show this year...a hippo tusk carved (in China) into an EAR OF CORN, on a beautiful stand.  Note the critters within the corn.  An incredible piece.

corn1.JPG (88120 bytes)  corn2.JPG (88123 bytes)  corn3.JPG (83298 bytes)

corn4.JPG (84170 bytes)  corn5.JPG (84437 bytes)


Here it is January 4 and we already have daffodils blooming!

xmas06-daffodils1-4-07.JPG (125838 bytes)


Always a surprise, this bush near our porch blossoms in December just when color is most appreciated, even in South Carolina:

xmas06-winter flowers.JPG (130064 bytes)

New additions to our Christmas outdoor display are two lighted polar bears (one a gift from "adopted son" Craig.  Also, the leaded crystal snowflake - thank you, Frank (Glenn's brother) and wife Diane! - this beautiful piece gives a different look to the Santa outside:

xmas06-2bears.JPG (39447 bytes)  xmas06-snowflake santa.JPG (132979 bytes)

And this year's Scary Santa award in 2006 goes to:  GLENN:

glen bad santa 1.JPG (86465 bytes)  glen bad santa 5.JPG (87742 bytes)  glenn bad santa 2.JPG (88243 bytes)

glenn bad santa 3.JPG (80390 bytes)  glenn bad santa 4 12-2006.JPG (71188 bytes)

Glenn's comment:  There is something in the water in Barrow (Alaska, our trip in October). It sure made my hair grow. Heidi said at least the bears won't be a problem as they sure wouldn't want to mess with a crazy man like me.

Heidi's comment:  Okay, so it's this wig he found at a store in Barrow, he scared the heck out of me (and the store clerk) trying it on at the store, now he's scared all the neighbors as well!

A new gift to ourselves of a blonde wolf skin from Alaska to add to the black wolf skin we already had.  Displayed at their fighting best by Glenn and Craig, then shown "guarding" our Christmas this year:

  xmas06-2wolvesfight.jpg (89474 bytes)  xmas06-craig-wolf.jpg (64558 bytes)  xmas06-wolfblondeback.jpg (86792 bytes)

xmas06-2wolfrugs.jpg (77163 bytes)    xmas06-blondwolf-xmastree.jpg (69942 bytes)

Going to a new level, the largest Chinaberry wood carved Mako and Hammerhead sharks we've had yet!   Gifts to ourselves:

xmas06-shark-chinaberry.JPG (120462 bytes)  xmas06-hamhd.JPG (37514 bytes)

The plush black bear footstool I bought for Glenn:

blackbear footstool.JPG (37620 bytes)

Our neighbor had a surprising new visitor to their pond, we identified it as a cormorant!

xmas06-cormorant1.JPG (38836 bytes)  xmas06-cormorant2.JPG (39781 bytes)



Bear with us, we have MORE PHOTOS THAN TIME since August.  We will post them as we can!

For Heidi's 52nd birthday, her son sent 10 pints of her favorite KOPP'S FROZEN CUSTARD from Milwaukee Wisconsin, packed in dry ice.  WOW, the perfect gift.  It seems to be a Northern thing, the closest Custard Stand is in Wilmington NC.  

custard1.jpg (38830 bytes)  custard2.jpg (36680 bytes)

But it was the dry ice it was packed in that pressed Glenn's buttons.  Priceless.

dryice6.JPG (37023 bytes)  dryice3.JPG (37912 bytes)  dryice4.JPG (37677 bytes)  dryice5.JPG (37386 bytes)

Two of the five "stray" cats that Glenn nurtures, photo taken through our kitchen window onto the front porch.  We can occasionally touch them when they come to eat.  Guess how much they enjoy the warm sweet milk they get each night?

kitty1.JPG (37651 bytes)  kitty2.JPG (37644 bytes)

and 4 of them in our side woods near the cat food dish, where they like to prowl:

kitty3.JPG (38497 bytes)

and snoozing on the warm blanket on our porch at night:

kitties-5.JPG (38290 bytes)



Our September rose

September-rose1.JPG (36358 bytes)  September-rose2.JPG (37205 bytes)


This is what happens when you drink too much wheat grass juice:

treeface.jpg (64147 bytes)

Photo compliments of our more-than-a-neighbor, Craig, of a tree right outside my office window.  Actually, this is what happens when birdseed-in-mouth meets torrential rainstorms and daily sprinkler.

Speaking of Craig, here he is on our porch with a visiting black bear in the background.  Does he know it's there?  You bet he does.  He's trying not to draw attention to himself, does it show?

bearcraig1.JPG (39894 bytes)  bearcraig2.JPG (38248 bytes)  

and with the sun shining on the bear's coat:

bearcraig3.JPG (40416 bytes)  blackbear8.JPG (38558 bytes)

This is how close Heidi's office is to the two bears that are visiting (we've counted 5 different bears that have visited our yard)...

blackbear7.JPG (40903 bytes)  blackbears-Heidi.JPG (39316 bytes)  blackbear10.JPG (40720 bytes)  blackbear13.JPG (40354 bytes)

blackbear15.JPG (38461 bytes) 

blackbear2.JPG (37423 bytes)  blackbear3.JPG (38714 bytes)  blackbear4.JPG (40696 bytes)  blackbear5.JPG (38673 bytes)

Magnificent, awe inspiring...

blackbear11.JPG (40921 bytes)    blackbear14.JPG (38477 bytes) 

Drinking the water left for the deer

blackbear6.JPG (38645 bytes)   

You can't see me now!

blackbear9.JPG (38532 bytes)

See also June (below) for photos of the BIG papa bear)
Heidi has finally begun photographing the hummingbirds that feed just outside her office window.  This is a juvenile ruby throated hummingbird with a bedhead:

humbird3.JPG (36191 bytes)


JULY 2006
A life-changing trip to Alaska from June 21 through July 8.  Please see the Latest Travels page for details, and more to come.  Below is our living room wall adorned with the fossil whale bone and ivory masks we acquired in Alaska, for a taste of what we experienced..

bluefacewall.jpg (61301 bytes)  

and a photo which includes a display case of some of the ivory and bone carvings we treasure too:

bluewall4.JPG (38942 bytes)

July 15th our dinner plate sized Hibiscus bloom in our yard:

july15-hibiscus.JPG (37853 bytes)

Other beautiful scenes around our yard:

july15-flowers1.JPG (40939 bytes)  july15-flowers2.JPG (40400 bytes)

Our mystery flower that has come up for a 2nd year now, YES we know it LOOKS like marijuana but it's NOT.  Thanks to Nancy here in South Carolina, it is identified as a Texas Rose, a member of the hibiscus family.  Thanks Nancy!

july15-flowers3.JPG (38818 bytes)  july15-flowers4.JPG (39604 bytes)


JUNE 2006

An amazing photo only 10 yards from Heidi's office window, a papa black bear eating the deer's cracked corn.  Wow!  Okay, I admit I took the photo from between the Venetian blinds, yes I am chicken!  A SMART chicken!

Our outdoor mama cat faced off with the bear, as she feared her babies were threatened (they weren't).  One brave soul!

June 1 - Our Lilies (calla and day lilies do very well here)

june1-calla.JPG (36257 bytes)  june1-daylilies.JPG (38057 bytes)

An unexpected turkey crossing through our yard too!

june1-turkey.JPG (38141 bytes)



For those of you following our home decorating, we have now mounted this tree trunk of solid teak on our bedroom wall on a custom made oak book case (thanks to a master craftsman, thanks Bob!!) with a solid wood top to support its weight (NINE FEET long x Two feet high x 5 to 11" thick variation).  It was carved in Thailand with 20 elephants, all still part of the tree trunk.  We estimate its weight at 300 pounds

w182-1.jpg (67072 bytes)  w182-2.jpg (68082 bytes)  w182-3.jpg (66447 bytes)

To accompany the elephant teak log, we purchased this two elephant head carving (also of teak) that even has EYELASHES on it, it is stunning (not for sale):

2elephantheads.jpg (55256 bytes)  2elephlashes1.JPG (37321 bytes)  2elephlashes2.JPG (37827 bytes)

And here are updated photos of our bedroom showing the new bookcase (though at the rate we're buying books, there will be no room for displays soon, only books), the  "elephant hide" microsuede chaise lounge and pole wall hanging, etc. that we have added since Christmas.  The room continues to evolve into an African theme, stay tuned!

bedroom1.JPG (36605 bytes)  bedroom2.JPG (37186 bytes)  bedroom3.JPG (36806 bytes)

and our living "entertainment" room with our infinitely useful new end tables we had custom made, thanks to Bob Johnson, a great woodworker that lives nearby:

endtables.jpg.JPG (36379 bytes)

And Heidi's unique & colorful Rain Forest Bathroom (frogs & lizards & turtles theme) that delights the children who visit, especially, and Heidi every day:

b1.JPG (157252 bytes)  b2.JPG (132804 bytes)  b3.JPG (148933 bytes)  b4.JPG (139057 bytes)

In addition, we had a custom-built 12 x 24 foot storage building delivered just for the cameo inventory that we will be adding soon:

cameobuilding.jpg (38513 bytes)  cameobldg1.JPG (36770 bytes)  cameobldg2.JPG (36263 bytes)

Update 4/17/06 (shelving & bins delivered, Glenn is installing them in the building:

  cameoshelvesbins.JPG (40604 bytes)  cameoshelvingin.JPG (35825 bytes)  cameoshelvingin2.JPG (37521 bytes)

4/30/06  FINISHED!  We'll be bringing home the cameos NEXT WEEK:

cameobldgfinished1.JPG (39032 bytes)


In January, our sport camera with motion detector & flash (Walmart, Sports Department, $98), bungied to a tree, caught photos of a few of the deer herd feeding on the corn we put out, and a large mama black bear in its sights, which is right outside Heidi's office window.  Yikes!

bearcam.jpg (137344 bytes)  deer1.jpg (139407 bytes)  deer2.jpg (146336 bytes)


Here is a recent article about us when we had our store in Boulder City, Nevada from 1999-2001and sponsored the mural on the back wall of our shop with scenes of the Hoover Dam history (in pdf file form):


mural-nevada2006.JPG (99711 bytes)  mural-nevadasignature.jpg (84249 bytes)

Recently the artist brightened the colors and made a few changes, the most significant being that our landlady Bette Porter's family has now taken credit for the mural, evidenced by this addition to the mural.  Sad but true.



We hope you had a peaceful and pleasant holiday season. 

christmastree2005.jpg (78892 bytes)

Here is a road sign near our house that is decorated for the holidays...

smileylane.JPG (40368 bytes)

and this year's Christmas decorations, thanks to Glenn's loving labors.  First is the entrance to our driveway with the Snowman and Santa sentinels, a cable of lights overhead, the fences on both sides lined with lights like an airport runway, ending in a HUGE 7 foot wreath Glenn made:

xmassantaandsnowman06.jpg (57914 bytes)  

xmaswreath06.jpg (64462 bytes)

The front & side house lights, and the Christmas tree of lights from our pine tree "flagpole", the tree this year is made up of 9000 lights.

xmasfronthouselights.jpg (52452 bytes)  xmassidehouselights06.jpg (51871 bytes)

xmastreelights06.jpg (61445 bytes)

And for the first time, our Dinosaurs celebrated Christmas with us:

xmasdinos06.jpg (46790 bytes)  xmasdinos2-06.jpg (43813 bytes)

From our home to yours,

Glenn and Heidi Reed


H-birthday51.jpg (77720 bytes)  For Heidi's 51'st birthday in October, we "went out on the town" to two Las Vegas style shows in Myrtle Beach
Heidi and Glenn are the proud parents of twins - one of Heidi's gifts from Glenn.  These incredibly lifelike babies are lovingly made from resin with hand crocheted clothing, resin egg, mohair hair, limited edition, by Camille Allen, a talented artist in Canada.  Here's her website if you wish to view more:


 twins.JPG (37570 bytes)  twins2.JPG (36039 bytes)  twins3.JPG (36599 bytes)

twins5.JPG (38065 bytes)  twins4.JPG (36739 bytes)

More deer photos from the side yard as seen from Heidi's office window in October.  As you can see, the triplet fawns are growing fast, under Mama's good care...and of course, the corn provided by Glenn, you can see them hock-deep in the feast!

bestdeer1oct.JPG (39573 bytes)  bestdeer7oct.JPG (39130 bytes)  deer8oct.JPG (40294 bytes)

deer9oct.JPG (39836 bytes)  deer10oct.JPG (38811 bytes)

October 5, the mums were beautiful.  Here is Glenn enjoying the view from our swing, along with our "stray" cat Hairball; the flag flying proudly; 

flowerbedglenn10-27-05.jpg (107543 bytes)  glennswing3.jpg (89773 bytes)

flag-october05.JPG (40779 bytes)

and our new family of "stray" cats living under the neighbor's porch, a mama and two babies Glenn has taken under his wing:

kitties-all.JPG (38913 bytes)

and again, Heidi can't resist pictures of the mushrooms:mushroom2.jpg (73344 bytes)  mushroom10-27.JPG (38778 bytes)


kristenpatrickryanglenn.JPG (131595 bytes)  This shows two generations of customers that have continued to visit as customers & friends of Where on Earth.  Third generation grandmom was not here for this particular visit.  Kristen, Patrick and now Ryan have joined the Where on Earth "family"!
We have triplet fawns visiting our salt lick and piles of cracked corn, just 50 feet from Heidi's office window.  Mama has not been seen for 2 weeks, we fear the worst:

fawnbench.JPG (39915 bytes)  fawneatcorn.JPG (40914 bytes)  fawntriplets.JPG (38506 bytes)

We have a black bear visiting our neighbor's corn cob pile put out for the deer, he stands about 4-1/2" feet tall.   We are on the edge of the Heritage Preserve where black bears are living.  This feeding area is about 100 feet behind our dinosaurs, and in clear view of our house.  Two of our neighbors and we have mounted 3 motion cameras to capture his grazing.  Only this morning (Sunday 9/11), Glenn saw the big boy lumbering across our road.

blackbear1.JPG (37957 bytes)

Glenn put his new lawn tractor to good use, mowing both sides of our dirt road first.  Can you tell?

glenndirty.JPG (40926 bytes)  

And the new Lawn Tractor Shrine:

lawntractorshrine.JPG (37416 bytes)


hibiscus July 05.JPG (38767 bytes)  On July 8, this incredible eight inch hibiscus had bloomed overnight, what a sight!  Notice Glenn's arm and hand to appreciate the size.  And in the photo below of Glenn beside it...

hibiscus and glenn.JPG (38623 bytes)


A good year for roses in our back yard...

sherbetrose.JPG (37467 bytes)  sherbetrose2.JPG (37366 bytes)  white_rose.JPG (37125 bytes)

flowerredrose2.JPG (36944 bytes)  flowerredrose3.JPG (37231 bytes)  flowerredrose4.JPG (36778 bytes)

redrose.JPG (36725 bytes)  rosebush_fountain.JPG (38461 bytes)  rosebush.JPG (40144 bytes)

But in early April, the azalea bushes and daffodils excelled too...

azaleas1.JPG (38254 bytes)  azaleas2.JPG (38034 bytes)  daffodils.JPG (37152 bytes)

also the purple irises and lavender calla lilies...

flowerpurpiris.JPG (39526 bytes)  flowerpurplily1.JPG (37746 bytes)  flowerpurplily2.JPG (37371 bytes)

and our South Carolina was just MADE for day lilies:

  flowersliliescloseup.JPG (37409 bytes)  flowerylodaylily.JPG (38092 bytes)  Flowersliliesfence.JPG (39447 bytes)

flowerorangedaylily.JPG (37318 bytes)

floweryloorangedaylilies.JPG (38319 bytes)  flowerorangelilies.JPG (37094 bytes)

THESE blooms are protected by our resident Fountain Gator...

  flowersgator.JPG (38871 bytes)

Canna lilies flourished, though the dahlias are nowhere to be seen this year!

flowersredcanna.JPG (40335 bytes)

Our "island paradise"...

  flowersisland.JPG (38250 bytes)  View_sideyard.JPG (39628 bytes)

Lovely floral arrangement?  Real?  NOT!  We slipped these silk flowers in to keep color in the yard, fun to fool the neighbors too!

flowerssilk.JPG (39721 bytes)


Our spring flowers are bursting at the seams.  Glenn has planted hundreds of bulbs, even he doesn't remember where they would all turn up... crocuses

Flowers crocus 1.JPG (39146 bytes)  Flowers crocus 2.JPG (37905 bytes)

Grape Hyacinths...

Flowers hyacinth 1.JPG (39466 bytes)  Flowers hyacinth 2.JPG (40306 bytes)

Flowers hyacinths 6.JPG (40195 bytes)  

Flowers hyacinth 3.JPG (37611 bytes)  Flowers hyacinth 4.JPG (39432 bytes)

Daffodils in cheerful yellows...

Flowers daffodils 1.JPG (40403 bytes)  Flowers daffodils 2.JPG (40217 bytes)

Even irises...

Flowers iris 1.JPG (39508 bytes)  Flowers iris 2.JPG (37750 bytes)

Pink tulips ...

Flowers tulip pink.JPG (38486 bytes)  Flowers pink.JPG (37623 bytes)


Flowers Azaleas 2.JPG (40600 bytes)  Flowers Azaleas.JPG (37398 bytes)

Another form of hyacinth, I believe:

Flowers bell  yellow.JPG (39979 bytes)  Flowers bell pale yellow.JPG (39462 bytes)

We hope these bring the beauty of our South Carolina Spring to you in a special way.

Enter the flower children (or Children of the Corn?)..neighbors Craig and Lisa's children decided to pick flowers for Daddy...SO many to choose from, they had their hands full by the time we found them...

Flower children.JPG (40748 bytes)

And a common sight for us is the Red Bellied Woodpecker...

Red bellied woodpecker.JPG (40313 bytes)

And here are new flower arrangements of our own making, in silk:

Flowers 3 pansy pots.JPG (37193 bytes)  Flowers in bear vine basket.JPG (38352 bytes)

and in glass:

Flowers glass.JPG (38081 bytes)


Friends visiting from Virginia found our fossil pile in our back yard a real treasure hunt.  Glenn was upset every time the boys took one of "his" teeth from the pile:

Dixon Glenn tooth.JPG (40202 bytes)  Dixon Josh tooth.JPG (39369 bytes)

and the dinosaurs never fail to entertain our young visitors Josh and Noah:

Dixon-dinos 1.JPG (40395 bytes)  Dixon dinos 2.JPG (39982 bytes)  Dixon dinos 3.JPG (38381 bytes)

even sitting on his arms:

Dixon dinos 4.JPG (40527 bytes)  Dixon dinos 6.JPG (40000 bytes)

and even the rhino in our neighbor's yard didn't mind a little giddi-yup:

Dixon rhino 1.JPG (40438 bytes)

Friends from Oregon came to visit too, and ended up with a strange Pumpkin car from National Car Rental, they took plenty of ribbing from us about it:

Bill, Linda and pumpkin car 1.JPG (39602 bytes)

And a current chilly photo of Glenn and Heidi that same evening...

Heidi and Glenn March 05.JPG (37194 bytes)

And our guests also enjoyed our new Christmas present to ourselves, a 60" Sony television:

TV & Glenn Best.JPG (37393 bytes)



Glenn has managed to lure a family of turkeys (1 tom, 4 hens) to eat the cracked corn in our yard on a regular basis, you see Heidi's view from her seat at her computer:MVC-719S.JPG (38683 bytes)  Turkey tom.JPG (40576 bytes)  

Turkeys four.JPG (38944 bytes)  3 turkeys.JPG (38397 bytes)

And of course, evidence every night of the possum visits to eat the rest of our "stray" cat's food on our porch:

Possum footprints.JPG (39713 bytes)

we'll get a good picture of him, we just have to have the camera ready!

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