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Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, Myrtle Beach, SC - Here's a "virtual tour" of the Ripley's Museum, photos taken by me August 1, 2002.  I chose the weirdest things on the tour - have fun!

MVC-893S.jpg (36740 bytes)

A Four legged chicken.

MVC-894S.jpg (37190 bytes)

A calf with an extra leg growing on his back.

MVC-896S.jpg (37291 bytes)

A rhinoceros made of chrome bumpers from cars.

MVC-897S.jpg (37658 bytes)

A two headed baby skeleton.

mvc-898s.jpg (66796 bytes)

The tallest man!  Our Brenda sure looks short, doesn't she?

MVC-900S.jpg (39745 bytes)

A man with a horn growing from his head - this is a wax model of the real guy.

MVC-901S.jpg (38827 bytes)

A two headed calf - the skull was preserved.

MVC-903S.jpg (37938 bytes)

A badly deformed goat skull.

MVC-904S.jpg (38125 bytes)

Large walrus teeth used as money.

MVC-905S.jpg (37582 bytes)

A five legged pig.

MVC-906S.jpg (38066 bytes)

A ram skull showing deformities - the plaque says one horn continued to grow inward until it pierced his brain and caused his death.

MVC-907S.jpg (39476 bytes)

Cat armor!  How much do you love your cat?

MVC-908S.jpg (38438 bytes)

A television made of toast!  Gee, you can watch TV and snack at the same time!  for awhile anyway.

MVC-909S.jpg (38680 bytes)

A lovely bust made of paper bags.

mvc-910s.jpg (55434 bytes)

This is a cane made of shark vertebrae that was purchased from my husband, Glenn Reed, for the museum.  (he bought another for his own collection)

mvc-911s.jpg (79684 bytes)

A Van Gogh made of jelly beans - mmm not bad!

Ripleyshead.jpg (259909 bytes)

A shrunken head -  Ripley's does have an impressive collection of genuine shrunken heads -  I'll try to get a flash photo next time, folks!  

For more photos of real Shrunken Heads, here's a link to Shrunken Heads page 1.

MVC-913S.jpg (38936 bytes)

In the same display, here's a warrior with a club lined with shark teeth - quite a weapon!

MVC-914S.jpg (37580 bytes)

On the humorous side, a bit of gallows humor for the dentist in your life!  This was a replica of a real one.

MVC-917S.jpg (38068 bytes)

And another last bit of humor - this tombstone says "This Is On Me".    Hope you had a fun tour, and it cost you nothing!  Those are the best - feel free to visit the museum, as there were many other exhibits - we sure had fun!



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