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Contents:  Mammoth - SOUTH CAROLINA, FLORIDA, SOUTH DAKOTA: Tusk specimens, leg pieces, teeth pieces; Photo Gallery South Dakota; Mastodon ivory, teeth (South Carolina); Mammoth leg bones (Florida); Fossil Gomphotherium elephant tooth (South Carolina)


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wm220-1_1.jpg (147175 bytes)  wm220-1_2.jpg (143145 bytes)  wm220-1_3.jpg (152467 bytes)  wm220-1_4.jpg (146395 bytes)  wm220-1_5.jpg (147703 bytes)


Partial fossil tusk (fully fossilized) from a Columbian Mammoth, found by diving in the Cooper River near Charleston SC

Measures 15-1/4" long x 3-3/4" diameter at end.  Has been repaired where it broke through the middle (was damaged in transit to us)

Weight:  6 pounds

$525  SOLD



FULLY FOSSILIZED WOOLLY MAMMOTH TUSK PIECES found in the St. Mary's River, South Carolina
f230-14a.jpg (144481 bytes) f230-14b.jpg (145275 bytes)

#WM-230-14  2-1/4" long x 1-7/8" wide x 15/16" thick  $12

 f230-19a.jpg (150776 bytes)

f230-19b.jpg (145387 bytes)

#WM-230-19  flat on both sides, 1-3/4" long x 1-3/8' wide x 7/8" thick  $10


#WM-230-20  smooth top, 2-3/8" long x 1" wide x 3/4" thick  $8

 f230-22a.jpg (144539 bytes)

f230-22b.jpg (154305 bytes)

#WM-230-22  smooth top, 2" long x 7/8" wide x 3/8" thick  $8

 f230-23a.jpg (143330 bytes)

f230-23b.jpg (140931 bytes)

#WM-230-23  flat  and polished on two sides, 1" long x 1/2" wide x 3/4" thick  $6

f230-27a.jpg (151239 bytes)

f230-27b.jpg (150366 bytes)

#WM-230-27  3-1/8" long x 3-1/8" wide x 1-5/8" thick  $30

 f230-31a.jpg (153840 bytes)

f230-31b.jpg (154617 bytes)

#WM-230-31  6-1/8" long x 3" wide x 2-1/4" thick  $65

 f230-32a.jpg (154614 bytes)

f230-32b.jpg (152333 bytes)

#WM-230-32  6" long x 2-3/8" wide x 1-1/4" thick  $50

 f230-33a.jpg (151998 bytes)

f230-33b.jpg (155134 bytes)

#WM-230-33  5-3/8" long x 3-1/4" wide x 1-1/4" thick $45


Bone found in the St. Mary's River, South Carolina

f231-1a.jpg (153884 bytes) f231-1b.jpg (148881 bytes) f231-1c.jpg (153565 bytes) f231-1d.jpg (153228 bytes)


6" long x 3-1/2" wide x 2-1/2" deep, 1 pound 15 ounces


f231-2a.jpg (154502 bytes) f231-2b.jpg (152436 bytes) f231-2c.jpg (152077 bytes) f231-2d.jpg (157186 bytes)


12-3/4" long x 4" at widest point x 2-3/4" deep, 4 pounds, 8 ounces


f231-3a.jpg (148166 bytes) f231-3b.jpg (144718 bytes) f231-3c.jpg (156334 bytes) f231-3d.jpg (152306 bytes)

#WM-231-3  Scapula, 10" long x 5" wide x 5" deep, 3 pounds 13 ounces



Partial & Complete



wm-235-3_1.jpg (150359 bytes)  wm-235-3_2.jpg (138336 bytes)  wm-235-3_3.jpg (148989 bytes)  wm-235-3_4.jpg (149936 bytes)


Partial baby mammoth tooth (almost whole)

Measures 4-1/2" long x 3-1/2" tall x 2" wide.

Weight: 1 pound 6 oz.


 f205-4a.jpg (152048 bytes) f205-4b.jpg (154926 bytes)

#WM-235-4  5-5/8" long x 3-1/4" wide x 2-1/2" thick


f205-10a.jpg (148287 bytes)  f205-10b.jpg (151057 bytes) f205-10c.jpg (149096 bytes)

#WM-235-10  Woolly mammoth partial tooth is 7-1/8" long c 5-1/4" wide x 1-1/4" thick.




Mammoth 2 Columbia SC museum.jpg (37386 bytes)  Mammoth 1 Columbia SC museum.jpg (37999 bytes)

Woolly mammoth display at the State Museum in Columbia SC


Picture of "Sinbad", a  life-size model of a Columbian Mammoth found at Mammoth Site, Hot Springs, South Dakota! (picture credits to them, the great photography is much appreciated).



MASTODON fossil IVORY pieces 

found on South Carolina shores 

  f209f.jpg (37649 bytes)

#WM-269-F  $10

f209i.jpg (37580 bytes)

#WM-269-I  $10

f209k.jpg (37459 bytes)

#WM-269-K  $10

f209l.jpg (38239 bytes)

#WM-269-L  $10

f209m.jpg (37997 bytes)

#WM-269-M  $10

f209n.jpg (37904 bytes)

#WM-269-N  $10

f209p.jpg (37549 bytes)

#WM-269-P  $10



American mastodon (scientific name Mammut americanum) and all its sub-species, including the Cuvieronius sp., roamed North America from at least 3.75 million to 10,000 years ago. 

Mastodons, along with mammoths and modern elephants, are members of the order Proboscidea. As adults they stood 8-10 feet at the shoulder and weighed between 4-6 tons. Their teeth had blunt cones. Mastodons used these teeth to browse on herbs, shrubs, and trees.

f209-6a.jpg (153887 bytes) f209-6b.jpg (145041 bytes)


2-3/8" long x 2" wide x 1-5/8" thick


f209-7a.jpg (147993 bytes) f209-7b.jpg (150606 bytes)


1-5/8" long x 2-1/2" wide x 1-3/4' thick 


f209-10a.jpg (143436 bytes) f209-10b.jpg (143855 bytes)


2-5/8" long x 1-7/8" wide x 1-3/8" thick


f209-12a.jpg (143131 bytes) f209-12b.jpg (137797 bytes)


1-1/4 x 3/4 x 7/8", end polished




Ball joints, Mastodon

f215a.jpg (37987 bytes)

#WM-275-A  Ball joint, head of femur leg bone of mammal (most likely mastodon) is 4" diameter by 3" tall; Pleistocene; Peace River, FL





(extinct elephant species with 4 tusks)

tooth found in South Carolina, 4-5 million years old

Gomphotherium (pronunciation: gom-fo-THEER-ee-um) ("Welded Beast") is an extinct genus of proboscid, which lived during the Early Miocene & Pliocene Eras of Europe (France, Germany, Austria), North America (Kansas), Asia (Pakistan) and Africa (Kenya).

The10 ft tall creature, also known as Trilophodon or Tetrabelodon, resembled a modern elephant but had FOUR tusks instead of two: two on the upper jaw and two on the elongated lower jaw. The lower ones are parallel and shaped like a shovel and were probably used as such. 

Unlike modern elephants, the upper tusks were covered by a layer of enamel. Compared to elephants, the skull was more elongated and low. These animals probably lived in swamps or near lakes, using their tusks to dig or scrape up aquatic vegetation. 

In comparison to earlier proboscids, Gomphotherium had far fewer molars; the remaining ones had high ridges to expand their grinding surface. A complete skeleton of Gomphotherium has been found a Muhldorf, Germany, in 1971

mvc-212s.jpg (84550 bytes)  gompho-tooth.jpg (99780 bytes)

Artist's rendition of two living Gomphotherium:

gompho2.jpg (18037 bytes)


    P1950728.jpg (158603 bytes)  P1950733.jpg (159820 bytes)

Side & ends

P1950729.jpg (157075 bytes)  P1950731.jpg (151147 bytes)  P1950732.jpg (158174 bytes)

P1950730.jpg (160046 bytes)

    #WM-299 Found in the Cooper River, South Carolina by a diver.

Dimensions 7-1/4" long x 4-3/8" wide x 3-3/4" tall.

Weight: 3.6 pounds

Superb specimen we have been proud to own. 




FULL MAMMOTH TOOTH, North Sea, Holland

mvc-666s.jpg (71391 bytes)  mvc-667s.jpg (72401 bytes)

Genuine woolly mammoth tooth, excavated from North Sea off Holland, 12" long x 3" wide x 7" high - a single tooth fills the whole back jaw,  25,000 years old.  

$550.00 SOLD


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