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Contents:  Roswell Museum virtual tour



Its my way, or the highway....

Space craft parking only, all others will be obliterated.UFO Museum doorHeidi in front of the UFO MuseumHeidi in front of UFO museum

Here we are in Roswell New Mexico, near the 1947 alleged crash site of more than one flying saucer, the debris and bodies from which crash was transported to the Area 51 Test Site for research.  This is the UFO Museum downtown.

Model of 1947 crash Alien having Rhinoplasty. Larry Roswell crash diorama.jpg (145314 bytes)

 (diorama of crash by Larry Hunt, Nevada)

  Mini model of one of the 1947 crash sites and the Alien Autopsy room.

U.S. Map of alien sightings.

A U.S. map of alien UFO sightings.

Newspaper detailing the crash.

The newspaper article detailing the crashes.

Golden saucer

A golden sequin version (quite large!) of a flying saucer in the museum.

Hangar 84Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

 The Hangar 84 where the crash debris was taken, and a photo of the "Cammo Dudes" that represent the  high security in Area 51.

Heidi with Glenn Dennis

The UFO Museum is a wonderfully informative place, thanks to the founder, Glenn Dennis  (who happened to be there that day - you see him next to me).  The whole town has many references to aliens within the store fronts and signage, which is a real hoot.  Glenn Dennis also wrote a booklet about his experience as a funeral director back in 1947 when the government asked for child size caskets after the crash...and more!

Crop circlesCrop circlesCrop circles

A sampling of actual photos of crop circles from around the world.  Alien work?

Painting by our customer Bruce

And here's a painting sent in by customer Bruce that looks like it BELONGS in the UFO Roswell Museum!

Metal from crash...

Here is a piece of metal from the crash that does not match any known earth materials.

CRASH!!! There's something out there.... Beam me up Scotty! Alien art poster aliens 5 aliens in lineup.jpg (36699 bytes)

Original art donated or on loan to the museum.


Have a Coke and a ray gunNeon Alien signstar childGotta light?

Alien Printing PressIf your happy and you know it clap your hands!!! CLAP CLAP!!!Welcome to Wally World Earthlings.....

Sights around town in Roswell, NM - Coke machines, neon, store fronts, lamp posts, murals (the newspaper building), an Ice Cream Truck, and finally even a Wal Mart have succumbed to alien invasion!

Roswell news article.jpg (36760 bytes)

News article about a UFO vehicle that is NOT roadworthy, pity!

Here is a link to the information about the Fourth of July ROSWELL UFO FESTIVAL  held in Roswell, New Mexico every year.  We recommend it to any who may be in the area that time of year, the stores beef up their inventory of alien items, and the costumes and floats in the parade are a real experience!  Plus, you never know who you may MEET there!


Beam me up!!!

Beam me up!

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