Weird and Dead Stuff


Weird and Dead Stuff


Weird and Dead Stuff

Above is our well-known huge dragon turtle carving ("Mr. Turtle") from China, carved within a single boulder and still attached (with Heidi beside it to show his size).  The carving is 650 pounds, and is the first thing people see when they step inside our door.  

More about Mr. Turtle on the Weirdest page 1

You are about to embark on a 318 page shopping journey of weird, lovely and dead stuff, from cameos to woolly mammoth hair, ivory, teeth & bones, from shark & alligator teeth, gator feet & backscratchers to opals, Eskimo ivory carvings & artifacts to Maori fish hook necklaces, music instrument jewelry, dichroic glass, fairy stone crosses, titanium and amber jewelry, from alien stuff to rocks & meteorites, from prehistoric doo-doo to snake bite boxes, to hundreds of carvings of animals & gemstone skulls; fossils galore...fasten your seat belt, and prepare for a journey to all continents and eras...



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We believe we have created a WEBSITE WITH A HEART.  Any questions or problems whatsoever, pick up the phone & call us at: 864-541-8448, or email us:  whatnext1020@gmail.com 

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We answer EVERY SINGLE INQUIRY we receive via email, usually within 48 hours.  So if you have not received a response, check your Deleted file where your Spam Blocker may have put our response.  Or phone us or email us again, as your email may have been lost in cyberspace.



This IS our online CATALOG - our inventory is too unique for print!  Inventory updated daily!


In these frustrating times, we all get more easily ANGERED when we get CRUMMY CUSTOMER SERVICE or products! 

So, why do we have such a loyal customer base?

Four words:


What does that mean?

~When you call us, you don't get a know-nothing clerk on the phone - you get Heidi or Glenn - OWNERS of the business - right here in the USA. We can answer any of your questions about the products.

Heidi or Glenn takes your order, Heidi ships it. No one else. Are we flat-out busy? Yes! We are huge where it counts - in inventory - and personal where it counts - in dealing with you.

~We ship within 48 hours of payment - more often within 24 hours, some even same day!

~You get what you see in the photo - no surprises. Most items are individually photographed, removed from the site or marked Sold when bought. Stock items showing a single photo are clearly marked.

~We own the stuff, it is right here, so we can physically look at it to answer your questions. No drop-shipping from a remote location.

~The inventory is current, updated every 24 hours.

~Buyer's Bill of Rights - Shipping 100-300 packages a week, mistakes will happen. So when we error, we will make it right, whatever it takes.

~Security - We don't use your address or email address for ANYTHING except to ship your order & notify you. No spam emails or unsolicited mail. Ever.

Returns - Our Golden Rule is: 100% satisfaction on all your purchases. No excuse is needed to return the item within 7 days of purchase. Insured returns suggested. All we ask is that you notify us that you are sending it back, and do so within the timeframe mentioned.